Gernant’s Grassroots Showing

by jhwygirl

I love it.

  1. ayn rand

    and it the election were held on left in the dirt blog,Tyler would get, what 31 votes? Obama didn’t carry Montana and neither will your golden idol. Tyler is gunna need more than the bloggers’ votes.

  2. Uh, I think you mean, “Left in the Dirty F*cking Hippie” blog!

    • ayn rand

      you would know more about titles than I would, I’m just a member of the mob. You know grasping my gun and religion.

  3. mick

    Barkus ,Barkus, Barkus.

  4. Big Swede

    If the ads are on Ophra the Weasel is going down.

  5. Tobie

    Most pointless video ever….

    I guess I have to vote for him because he tweets!

  6. Big Swede


    Weasel 39%
    Pencil Neck 24%
    Gopher 21%
    Rank-less 16%

    Don’t see him pulling away quite yet.

    Oh, Denny at 77%.

    What did I say about fractionation?

  7. Montana Cowgirl

    I think that Firehammer made a mistake with this add. It ended up making both candidates appear insignificant. Gernant’s campaign had another blogger that was fantastic. Hope he taps this person for CD for his next race.

  8. Alice

    I was getting so sick of jhwygirl thinking she could just shove this guy down our throat.

  9. well, it is mcdonald. sure glad i am independent.

    on a positive note; congrats to tom facey and ellie hill.
    good reps for the people.

  10. Melinda Gopher

    We are doing our post mortems today on this campaign….it was a great experience; there are never regrets when it comes to making an attempt to be part of our state and nation’s political life.

    We the leaders of the native vote would like to be made aware of Tyler’s plans as soon as possible. We feel burned by Tester’s former manager not coming in to pay back the generosity native people showed her. Jon didn’t do all he could have done for us; and he will pay a price. As a result, I personally will back Tyler to mount a challenge to Tester in 2012; with the newfound political capital I have gathered. There will be a Gopher (not me) in the 2012 Governors race; there is ticket formation coming out of Cascade County—this is all that will be made known at the moment.

    • Big Swede

      No congrats to the winner? No speech about coming together? “Getting even” the coveted prize?

      Speaks volumes about what your campaign and character.

      I’ve been following MT politics for about 20 years and never have seen such a fractured Dem primary were selfishness rules the day.

    • Montana Cowgirl

      Melinda – you are so awesome. I hope you will run for the Montana legislature. it is full of duds and we need a good shakeup. you would be great. and we all know that the MT legislature has more power to impact the lives of everyday Montanans than a do-nothing congress.

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