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by problembear

i was asked by john adams of the Great Falls Tribune (who has done tremendous work on this issue by the way) to remove the photo of jon tester earlier today and i have complied….

in it’s place please enjoy…..jon tester on his first day in the senate learning political chicanery at the feet of a master….

(update: approximately 15 minutes after posting this, suddenly both links now work at the left in the west link provided below)

waddayaknow. somebody is listening over there after all.

now first, i want to tell everyone that i volunteered to help jon tester win his senate seat in 2006. i supported him and i believed him when he said he would make government open to the public and more transparent. i voted for him and by less than the margin of victory of the A section of Grizzly Stadium he defeated conrad burns. i expected him to be open and honest as he said he would.

check out this post put out by jon tester’s staff today in touting their new improved open policy by providing (sic) a link to the latest version of his version of a draft of the forest bill now being written in committee.

note that this post (which has two links that do not work did not work until after this post was read by someone who was embarrassed) goes nowhere. pathetic and sad.

i was anxious to read tester’s new version tonight but i guess i will have to wait for some enterprising reporter to fight through the gauze and the opaque lens of tester’s new open transparency to find out just how he intends to answer a very skeptical senate committee that is looking askance at tester’s unprecedented insistence on mandated logging of 100,000 acres  of timberland during a time when there appears to be little or no market for any of this force-logged lumber…..

if mandated logging during a recession is not enough to trigger a WTF logic alarm then consider this: this bill was originally envisioned by conrad burns as a collaboration between environmentalists and the logging industry in 2002. it is simply recycled.

this secretively written, poorly handled bill filled with stumbling language has been met with nothing but derision by wilderness supporters accross the nation and the majority of the senate committee working on it. you don’t have to take my word for it though….

nobody pays me the big bucks but at least i can get my links to work.

just like the links that tester’s staff provided, this bill deserves to go nowhere.

for those who are as curious about this as i am here is a working link to the newest version of the working draft ……

i like this idea

by problembear

now lets get er done….

for those of you who could use a good laugh try this….

by the way- i am still as angry as mr black is about our stupid health care bill in this country. i don’t know about the rest of you, but my health insurance costs more and still won’t pay the bills. what a racket. collect bushels of money from people to insure our health and then deny the claims. thanks mr baucus for protecting the health insurance companies for us.

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