denny should practice what he preaches

by problembear

@DennyRehberg likes to tell us that denny rehberg is just one of the little people, but with 11 million dollars, denny is quite wealthy compared to his fellow 435 members. he is 27th in Roll Call’s list of 50 of the richest members of congress.

his latest decision to sue the volunteer fire fighters and the city of billings fire department for not saving his tumble weed strewn subdivision in 2008 from a wild fire scorching seems like complete insanity, stupidity and a lot of hypocrisy considering that denny has for many years pushed for tort reform- legislation which would make it much harder for the rest of us little people to seek redress in the court.

denny rehberg’s willingness to take away citizen’s right to sue wealthy  corporations apparently does not mean he is not above doing the same to cash-strapped city budgets in order to benefit his own corporation.

this local billings lady sure seems worked up about the insanity of this latest gargantuan bonehead move by denny.

denny has made the national news too!

  1. Pilot

    Oh, rats.

    I was just about to post a similar comment.

    Great minds indeed work alike.

  2. The comments on the original article, at the Billings Gazette, are up to 139 as I write this – and very very few defending his lawsuit.

    Even at the Flathead Beacon (where there are only 2 comments) he doesn’t rate a positive comment.

    He’s currently defending his position. Anyone want to take bets how long it is before he puts his wife Jan (quite a firecracker, that woman) out front on this?

    This guy would vote for tort reform at the drop of a hat, yet thinks nothing of suing the very citizens that pay his salary.

    Socialism – SOCIALISM – with all caps.


  3. Boy – I’d love to hear what Big Swede has to say about this one..

  4. well, j-girl…. i know big swede likes videos so here goes….

  5. Big Swede

    Timing is everything.

    So what do you guys think? Why did Denny/Jan file this thing before a fall election?

    Three reasons.

    Summer dead time, less intrusive on the future Tester challenge, monster internal poll numbers.

    • petetalbot

      Hate to say it but Big Swede hit the nail on the head. If doing nothing in Congress or drunken boating don’t cost him an election, why would suing Billings firefighters?

      I love Montanans but they’re f*cking idiots for electing this guy over-and-over. They deserve this jerk of a congressman.

    • Pronghorn

      According to the Missoulian article, it was filed now because of a two-year statute of limitations deadline.

      • petetalbot

        Thanks for the update, Pronghorn. I got a little carried away in my comment above.

      • Big Swede

        He still didn’t have to file if it meant putting his job in jeopardy.

        Think about it, risking it all on this lawsuit means exactly what I stated above and the case weighs heavily in his favor.

        Wins both…..double or nothing?

        • petetalbot

          I think I already have a bet going with you, Swede, so I’m all in. However and unfortunately, I imagine that Billings will settle with Rehberg and we’ll never know the details. That’s what cities do.

          • not too sure about that nondisclosure thing pete. billings has to account for any money they pay out publicly so i wouldn’t think that would be easy to cover up.

            also, from what i have heard the city is in no mood to settle anything on this.

            • my guess is now that the fireworks have started denny’s lawyer is laying low and digging a trench to stay away from the schrapnel.

              if he ties a white flag to his bayonet and walks over to surrender i doubt if he’s going to find a very sympathetic ear to listen to him.

              settling would set a very dangerous precedent all accross the state for any fire suppression efforts. if rehberg doesn’t pull the suit, i think the governor or the supreme court would have to step in and take care of it.

              at this point i see mr rehberg sucking his thumb in the corner and whining about a happy place.

              • i mean, ferrkrisakes, they saved everyone’s lives and all the structures. not an easy thing to do in a wind driven wild fire in dry scrubland with 18% humidity!

                settling? for what cause?

  6. gary

    Montana is in a very difficult situation with its elected officials. They are both idiots and very corrupt. If you like to read a funny article about our Montana senators, take a look at this blog entry:

    you will truly LOL

    • petetalbot

      Gary is a troll. He posts the same crap every time, directing people to one of the lamest sites I’ve ever laid eyes on. Be forewarned.

      • Alas, Pete, I didn’t read your warning until it was too late. But let me add to your warning, and point out that unless you like being met with dreadful photoshops and pictures of poo, you might want to give a pass to Gary’s ‘efforts’.

        Still, it’s nice to know that one of the remedial kids is keeping himself busy grappling with words he obviously doesn’t understand. It’s also amusing to compare Gary’s weak web-product with Montana Cowgirl’s new website, which is really rather sterling right out of the box.

    • Not one LOL. I want my money back.

  7. klemz

    I’m torn between being incensed by the content of that video and morbidly curious how the Democrats will manage to have it all blow up in their face (or at least fail to capitalize).

  8. I is a requirement of politics west of Kansas and east of the Rockies to wear cowboy hats. They all do it. (Usually you can see them in plaid Cabela’s with a hunting rifle too.) The problem is that there are may a hundred real cowboys in the state. Conrad Burns used to wear a white cowboy had along with a suit and tie. He was out of place in either, but it made for a great cognitive dissonance photo.

    Anyway, Denny is going to skate in November, and so doesn’t really care what he does. If he does indeed take on Tester, it will be a good thing, as he is a little easier to organize against.

  9. gonna differ with you on this a little bit pete. the realty lady in billings that i linked to above…..

    sounds like she’s pretty p.o.’d about this lawsuit and she doesn’t strike me as very liberal sounding either. i think rehberg has stepped in some deep meadow mud here and i could be wrong but i don’t think the boot heals are touching solid rock yet with this. i see some of it spilling into those tony lamas. it might leave a scent that lingers long into the election.

    the boat accident doesn’t effect denny because he wasn’t driving and it makes him look like a good old boy who enjoys his fun. this is ok with most of his supporters.

    suing billings like a spoiled rich brat is not.

    i think he just made himself much more vulnerable.
    read the comments. these are not political junkies talking like this blog. these are real folks who don’t appreciate rich guys with expensive lawyers suing their city when their firefighters saved all the lives and all the real property in this wild fire. big swede couldn’t hit a nail on the head with a pneumatic punch.

    • petetalbot

      I can only hope you’re right and I’m wrong, pb.

    • Montana Cowgirl

      I think problembear is right. Firefighters are heroes to folks. Plus, perhaps people are now starting to see that there is a pattern here. Sort of like what happened to Burns, but not exactly.

  10. Chuck

    Some opposition researcher should check out Regberg’s wife’s client list. The DEQ may be a place to start with a FOIA request for any correspondence from her on behalf of the polluters.

    • Montana Cowgirl

      Which would only take a phone call right, because of Montana’s open records law?

      • JC

        If they’re nice, you can walk in and look through files. If they’re a little uptight, you have to send a letter first, and request a visit. If they’re really uptight, they have to consult the boss, and redact a bunch of files, and delay you for a few months. If they’re corrupt, they’ll deny you access, and hide/destroy files, and you’ll have to get a lawyer. And when the judge lets you in, you’ll have an armed guard looking over your shoulder, as you rummage through a few boxes of garbage in a back room in a dank basement they’ve prepared specially for you.

        Been through all those hoops, including having to go to court several times. It gets expensive after a while. Which is why they make you go through the trouble, hoping you’ll go broke and go away.

  11. Montana Cowgirl

    Also, thank you kind people of 4&20 Blackbirds for the link to my new blog!

  1. 1 Tweets that mention denny should practice what he preaches « 4&20 blackbirds --

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by problembear, problembear. problembear said: @DennyRehberg practice what you preach […]

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