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by jhwygirl

Via The Clark Fork Chronicle comes news that Montana’s lone congressional representative Dennis Rehberg is in Montana holding seven listening sessions around the state.

His last stop is Missoula – tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the Continuing Education Center over at the University of Montana.

With so much going, I’m sure Montanans have a lot on their minds that Rehberg needs to listen too.

Me? He’s all over the deficit, but I’m wondering where he’s been for the last 10 years? Sleeping on a couch?

What about the state GOP’s platform which seems to have a problem with both the U.S. Constitution and the Montana Constitution? That sounds pretty unpatriotic to me…

Has he changed his position on tort reform? I’m thinking he might have….but maybe someone should ask.

How about some real regulation of the oil industry? Does he support some changes there? How’s about making them responsible for the clean-up and the jobs lost?

Just a few of the things off the top of my head.

So beat the heat – head on over to the U. (plenty of parking AND there’s a convenient bus stop less than 100 feet from the front door) and let Rehberg know what is on your mind.

by jhwygirl

On behalf of all b’birders, I want to thank everyone that took the time to vote 4&20 blackbirds Best Local Blog in the Missoula Independent’s 16th annual Best of Missoula.

Left in the West got the silver, with NewWest bringing in the bronze. That’s some pretty impressive company.

Speaking for me, at least, I have to give a HUGE thanks to both Matt Singer and Jay Stevens. Without them laying the tracks, I don’t know that I’d be blogging. It was Matt who gave me my first ‘kick in the ass’, and without Jay’s continual prodding (and inviting me into his living room), I might of just taken up crocheting instead.

So blame it on them.

As for Pete, problembear, JC and carfreestupidity – all more than deserve the kudos in their own right that The Indy and its readers put out there today.

ALSO RECOGNIZED in The Best of Missoula 2010 issue – and I adore admire and love on each one of these awesome wonderful selfless super-smart people equally are Missoula’s Best Activists Ellie Hill, Jamee Greer and Matt Singer.

IMNSHO, they are the Best Activists In Montana. Just sayin’.

I won’t ruin the rest of it for everyone who hasn’t read it yet – but one more thank you has to go out to the Best Nonprofit Organizations. All of ’em – and problembear put together a wonderful list of those here in Montana and MissoulaThe Poverello Center, the Missoula Food Bank, the Clark Fork Coalition and Animeals were all recognized for their tireless work for Missoula. All deserve that thank you and the recognition.

fanning the flames

by problembear

one billings gazette commenter chimes in with this: “….This leaves an incredibly bitter taste in my mouth that will stick with me through the next election.”


uh oh, it looks like this denny rehberg smolder might just be a full blown 4 alarm fire by this november from the tone of these comments….

BE SURE AND CLICK THE LINK TO THE ABOVE ARTICLE AND READ THE COMMENTS. denny is getting blackened cajun style by billings readers!

i especially liked this one….(Flare-ups happen and can happen several days after fires are thought to be fully contained. I find this lawsuit offensive as a wildland fire fighter b/c there was no loss of dwelling and no one was hurt. so some little out-structure was burned, that happens. In all honesty, residents are responsible for taking precautions that prevent the threat of a wildland fire destroying their property, such as clearing away fuels w/in a hundred yards in all direction from ones house. like I said, I’m upset there’s a suit at all b/c there was no real damage done. Trees and sage can be replanted; burned ground is actually quite fertile for a while.”)

and this comment from the above linked article is pregnant with meaning….

(The nice thing about voting for representatives is the two year term.)

more comments too delicious to pass up….

How does a city go about “un-annexing” a parcel? Unannex Rehberg Ranch and let the homeowners sue Denny until he figures out how to PAY for fire protection. It is interesting that Cliff Edwards is representing Rehberg…keep that in mind the next time Edwards Jet Center wants a special favor from the city.

more excerpts from article in above link

At least one council member jumped into the fray as well.

“Sounds to me like another lawyer looking for a payday,” Councilman Rich McFadden e-mailed other council members on Saturday. “Maybe we need a rule to require Rehberg Ranch LLC to keep the brush cut down.”

and according to this city official….

“I think that the Fire Department did a good job of defending the property,” said Billings City Administrator Tina Volek.

thanks to this blog for the link. (dave doesn’t sound too pleased either….)

by Jay Stevens

Congratulations to the gang here at the b’birds for winning the Missoula Independent‘s readers’ award for best blog of Missoula:

Rabble, rabble, rabble. Missoulians tend to be about the most issue-minded people in Montana, and 4&20 blackbirds serves as the favorite online meeting place to rake environmental injustice, political skullduggery or whatever else is happening over the liberal coals. Various different contributors-including the anonymous “jhwygirl,” “JC” and “problembear,” as well as Pete Talbot-help churn through a myriad of issues each day. The addition this year of local blogger “Carfreestupidity,” who specializes in alternative transportation and urban design, brought yet another take to the site. The best part of 4&20 may be that a post from one of these writers only serves as a starting point for a spirited discussion in the comments section.

Write on!

If any of you posters are down by Caras Park tonight, I believe the Indy has drink tickets for you…

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