The b’birds voted best blog of Missoula by Indy readers

by Jay Stevens

Congratulations to the gang here at the b’birds for winning the Missoula Independent‘s readers’ award for best blog of Missoula:

Rabble, rabble, rabble. Missoulians tend to be about the most issue-minded people in Montana, and 4&20 blackbirds serves as the favorite online meeting place to rake environmental injustice, political skullduggery or whatever else is happening over the liberal coals. Various different contributors-including the anonymous “jhwygirl,” “JC” and “problembear,” as well as Pete Talbot-help churn through a myriad of issues each day. The addition this year of local blogger “Carfreestupidity,” who specializes in alternative transportation and urban design, brought yet another take to the site. The best part of 4&20 may be that a post from one of these writers only serves as a starting point for a spirited discussion in the comments section.

Write on!

If any of you posters are down by Caras Park tonight, I believe the Indy has drink tickets for you…

  1. reveal my id for free beer? it sounds tempting but bears hate crowds.

    i’ll wait until 3am and scrounge through the dumpsters later.

    thanks jay. you started it. we owe ya.

  2. It’s all your fault, brother.

    I didn’t know there were free drinks. Kinda funny that we’re all anonymous. I’m laughing at the image of Skylar Browning standing down there with 50 people all standing there claiming to be problembear or JC or carfreestupidity or me.

    Quite the predicament we put him in, huh?


  3. Big Swede

    Congrats 4 and 20, tell the Indy it’s conservative comments and that keep bringing readers back for more.

    • Thanks Big Swede – and you are definitely right (no pun intended) – the commentators absolutely earned it too.

      Cheers to everyone!

    • yes swede- i couldn’t find it to quote but one of my favorite people wrote something that sounds like what you are getting at. ken kesey wrote a passage in demon box that talks about how wrestlers must have opposition or they will fall down. you keep me on my toes bs. thanks for that.

      he also wrote one of my favorite quotes…..

      “To hell with facts! We need stories!”
      — Ken Kesey

      • goof houlihan

        Ken Kesey quotes in a thread? That calls for goof houlihan!

        Congrats to jhwygirl for her interesting blogging of local issues. Stepping outside of the usual “obama-good, bush-bad” cookie cutter liberal blog, she’s managed to combine content and conversation. You deserve this recognition and you have my sincere congratulations…not just for your commenters and friends, but your ability to discern the reality of the poseurs on the political and blogging Montana landscape.

        “The job of the writer is to kiss no ass, no matter how big and holy and white and tempting and powerful.” Ken Kesey

        • Lizard

          goof! well said. and more kesey?

          with all this kesey i had to grab a copy of cuckoo off the shelf and thumb through. then i reread the end. and shivered:

          I might go to Canada eventually, but I think I’ll stop along the Columbia on the way. I’d like to check around Portland and Hood River and The Dalles to see if there’s any of the guys I used to know back in the village who haven’t drunk themselves goofy. I’d like to see what they’ve been doing since the government tried to buy their right to be Indians. I’ve even heard that some of the tribe have took to building their old ramshackle wood scaffolding all over that big million-dollar hydroelectric damn, and are spearing salmon in the spillway. I’d give something to see that. Mostly, I’d just like to look over the country around the gorge again, just to bring some of it clear in my mind again.

          I been away a long time.

  4. Lizard

    congrats y’all. i know first hand how difficult providing consistently engaging “content” can be. not only that, but then to have a dynamic forum where your words and anonymous persona can be attacked has to get a little fatiguing.

    pbear: quoting kesey! we really should throw back a few (or ten) one of these days. i even think we know a few mutual peeps.

  5. thanks liz- i would like that some day. you have brought a good deal of depth to our issues yourself. commenters are the real power of blogs. (such as it is)

  6. petetalbot

    Thanks for the kudos, Jay. We wouldn’t be here if not for you.

    Thanks, too, to the writers: our mainstay, jhwygirl; problembear; JC and carfreestupidity (where you guys at, lately?) and past writers Jamee and Rebecca.

    And kudos to our commenters, from both sides of the aisle. Y’all keep it civil, most of the time, and it’s appreciated.

    Jay says free drink tickets tonight for Indy winners. Damn sorry I didn’t check our site before 11 p.m.

    • petetalbot

      P.S. Just looked at this post’s headline again and founding father Jay Stevens wrote, “The b’birds voted best bog of Missoula by Indy readers.” Maybe he really meant “bog” and not “blog.” Anyway, I changed it to blog … because I can. Hahaha.

    • carfreestupidity

      Thanks for the nod Missoula. Many people have spent countless hours building this little eccentric community and I’m glad to be a small inconsequential part.

      Sorry, Pete… But it’s summer so I’m in to good of a mood to get my blood pressure high enough to write anything worthwhile.

  7. JC

    Wow! And I didn’t even get a chance to stuff the ballot box. Going to have to fire up the old thinking cap now that I’ve got internet again up here in the hinterlands of western Montana, and write some more.

    Thanks to everybody for all their contributions to 4&20! And special thanks to jhwygirl for providing the glue that holds this flock of B’birds together!!

    • JC

      Oh, and I kind of liked being referred to as the “best bog.” I feel like we get bogged down often enough here that it takes a couple of 4×4’s (wood, metal, gas powered–take your pick) to wrest us out of our trenches.

  8. WooHoo!

    Congratulations to each and every one of you!

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