take courage and imagine….

by problembear

many are troubled by the slow progress of change. many listen to the yammering of the few and lose heart…..


the future is progressive by definition. take heart and do not become disconsolate over transitory and minor setbacks.

this too shall pass.

we are water. they are stone.

have a good weekend, montana.

  1. Big Swede

    The stones are kicking butt.

  2. Big Swede

    Have a great weekend. Here’s a classic.

  3. Lizard

    i appreciate this, pbear, but it’s difficult to share your belief that things will get better.

    i’ve been slugging it out at the missoulian lately whenever the issue of homelessness pops up, which is quite often. there are some really terrible people who say awful things on a regular basis over there, and trying to respond to them gets me so infuriated i have to check myself before i fly off the handle.

    even the missoulian itself has fed the flames by including in the hard copy comments that refer to transients as “the human rodent problem.”

    it’s really discouraging to see how ignorant and hateful people can be.

    • try to keep in mind that 80% of missoula supports the mission of helping the homeless.

      don’t wallow in the tiny minority who hate themselves enough to dis the helpless in our society. they are their own worst enemies anyway liz. any responsible reader will be repelled by their hatred and probably be more disposed to help the poverello in their enormous and necessary mission.

      lashing out at the haters will not help anything except fuel their own self loathing. i used to take my weapons over there and attempt to annihilate the haters but i stay away from those threads anymore.

      if we withdraw from the mud-wrestling match then those who attack will simply fall in the mud where they belong.

      • Pronghorn

        I agree entirely. Engaging them is a waste of precious life and time. Any attempt to educate them or change their opinion will fail, and the only one hurt in the process is the good-hearted, compassionate person who has wasted time and energy on hateful boors. Perhaps that’s their intent all along–if we so predictably respond to their hate-spewing, our time and energy and mental health are taken away from addressing the real issue. Or we address it with a bit less vigor, worn out from the online sparring. In other words, I don’t dignify or legitimize their moronic rants with a response, reasoned or otherwise. Lizard, imagine being an animal rights activist (for all I know, you could be…) and wondering if, when, and how speciesism will ever end? Man, talk about feeling hopeless…

        • Lizard

          i don’t engage to change the minds of the hateful commentators, i put my comments in that vile stream because lots of people do read those threads, and there has to be someone with a little experience countering the ignorance.

  4. Big Swede

    Things will get better.

    And it starts with products like these.

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