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by problembear

i come into contact with lots of people of all political persuasions- some are independent like me, some republicans, some democrats…..

they all ask the same question when it is time to vote- invariably for either a democrat or a republican…

what’s the difference?

it seems like all politicians are beholden to those who support their campaigns and to those who donate to their political re-election war chests. it is confusing to most people and it makes them angry to be taken for granted by either party. so who is listening to the needs of the people who elect them?

Health Care Reform:

the people want affordable health care with choices. democrats gave them more of the same old thing only worse- under a weak reform written by health insurers, the health insurers are raising rates and decreasing our choices.  republicans would have trusted the health insurers to do everything right with no regulation. so what’s the difference?

we still end up with health insurance premiums spiralling out of control and we still have health insurers between us and our doctors.

so, to the american people gathered around their dining room table trying to balance a budget for the month both parties get an F-


bush presided over this country when the economy crashed, so it has to be his fault for driving us into the ditch but obama and a democrat majority congress seem to have kept most of the rich people and their banks solvent but very little help is trickling down to help beleaguered workers and their families.  both parties get a D-


bush started a needless war in iraq and a senseless one in afghanistan. democrats told us that if we elected them, we would bring our troops home and stop hemorrhaging money in two countries that don’t seem to want anything to do with democracy or us. republicans get an F- for involving us in the first place. democrats get an F- for failing to make good on a promise to get us out of there.


the stimulus plan was too small to get the job done. republicans who seem bent on keeping our country in a depression so they can unseat obama in 2012 have been intransigent when it comes to spending enough to get unemployment down. democrats have been less than brave in their opposition to this intransigence because they fear the far right’s increasingly effective propoganda about the deficit. while feigning a sincere desire to stop deficit spending (something they failed to do under 8 years of bush) it is apparent that republicans are cynically turning up the volume in order to stop progress in creating jobs, to further their political agenda. democrats get an F- for looking like cowards. republicans get an F- for callously manipulating the suffering of workers in order to regain power.

so what is the difference for me? i see in the far right a dangerous fascist malevolence which threatens the very freedoms that we espouse as a people. i see a greedy mean-spiritedness that appalls me. i see hatred and racism. i see a conservative movement that wants to set women’s rights back a hundred years. i see  conservatives defending torture. i see the far right telling us that payday lenders are mere businesses instead of loan sharks. i see conservatives saying that people who cannot afford decent health care should die because they did not plan ahead. i see mean-spirited wing nuts saying that people who are unemployed like it.

that is why i continue to fight the good fight. many republicans as well as democrats are as appalled as i am by the far right. it is a hateful movement which has no business in the halls of a decent government. i intend to keep them out by whatever means i can muster. as disappointed as i am by the democratic failures, i do not see a similar evil smell emanating from the far left. rather, i see a lot of insider wonks and policy makers insulated from the real needs of people acting arrogantly and fearfully in timidly facing the far right.

i hope to provide an occasional alka seltzer here for those of you who, like me, are bored to death and getting sour stomachs watching democrats cave every time a right winger barks. it is time to demand some spine from our elected representatives and our candidates. it is time to stand up to the right wing intimidation with courageous stands rather than mealy-mouthed policy drivel.

we want our leaders to show us the difference.

by problembear

this is recommended reading for anyone tired of the audacity of rep. rehberg’s lawsuit against the city of Billings, MT. his own home town….ferkrisakes!

below is an excerpt of the above linked article:

“The fire report states that the fire rekindled after a lightning strike, but Rehberg’s lawsuit alleges that firefighters abandoned the fire on July 3, allowing it to restart on July 4. While avoiding specifics because of the pending lawsuit, Fire Chief Paul Dextras said his department sticks to its priorities in each fire it fights and did so in the Rehberg fire, too. “The priority that we have is protecting life. Protecting property is second, protecting open space is third,” Dextras said recently. “That’s where most of the resources were allocated when fighting that fire. Crews did an outstanding job of being prepared if the fire were to go into the developed area.” Cliff Edwards, the attorney representing the Rehbergs, said the Rehbergs have the facts on their side, even if city officials choose to fight things out in the media. “I’m tired of this being played out in the newspaper. We filed a suit because they forced us to file a suit,” Edwards said. “We’re paying for this fire chief and city administrator to make all of these outrageous statements. It ain’t gonna be tried in the newspaper. They’re going to face under-oath depositions. We have the facts behind us. “They trash their own firefighters and they lose millions of dollars. They trash their own police officers and they lose millions of dollars. We’re going to prove our case; that’s our obligation. I’m tired of this fire chief and this city administrator going to the press and spewing their stuff. Just take a look at their history with litigation in the past few years.”

i am sure that rehberg’s lawyer is tired of this being reported in the press. he would prefer that it be carried out behind closed doors. just one thing denny should keep in mind though while he is twisting slowly in the wind over a barbecue of his own making….

it was your decision to sue your own hometown. so deal with it.

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