Citizens/MCPS Teachers to Protest Superintendent Apostle’s 20% Pay Raise Tuesday Evening

by jhwygirl

I used an old article for the 6-4 vote…and I can’t find what the vote was in the Missoulian. When I can clarify that, I will. It appears there are several versions of what the final vote was on Apostle’s raise.

Missoula citizens and Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) teachers alike aren’t too pleased with the Missoula County School Board’s recent 6 to 4 vote to approve what amounts to a 20% pay hike to Superintendent Alex Apostle’s compensation.

Apostle will now make $155,000 a year – he’ll get an annual automobile reimbursement of $12,000 and an annual contribution to his tax-sheltered annuity to $9,996.

Sweet, huh? In this economy? In a county where the median household income is about $35,000?

Let’s give some credit where credit is due, too – trustees Rick Johns, Kelley Hirning, Drake Lemm and Adam Duerk opposed the pay hike.

Yeah, yeah – that’s right….j-girl is agreeing with something Drake Lemm did.

Citizens and teachers alike will be on hand tomorrow, starting sometime before 5 p.m. to let the school board members know what they think of their 6 to 4 vote for a 20% hike in Apostle’s compensation. 5 p.m. is the public meeting for the budget hearings and there is no agenda set. At 6 p.m. is the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees, and the agenda for that meeting can be found here.

The meeting is at 915 South Avenue.

In related news:

Nancy Pickhardt? Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya Where the Good Goddess Split Ya

Nancy Pickhardt is a school board trustee. An elected official. She has a potty mouth, and no respect for the people that elected her.

No only that, she isn’t very smart.

A deadly combination of attributes to have, IMNSHO.

I have no doubt that elected officials get mad and frustrated. But leaving a message on a phone messaging system – whether you know them or not – and telling them to “Go #!&$ yourself!” is a whole bunch of messed up arrogant stupidity.

It’s one thing to think it….it’s one thing even to say it out loud – but to hear the beep of a messaging system and to actually leave that kind of message? Seriously?

Makes you wanna see her emails, doesn’t it.

Time for Nancy Pickhardt to go. Her arrogance for the voters is dangerous. Can we recall her? Someone should look into it, because I get the sense that she doesn’t give a you-know-what what the voters think of her and her representation on the Board of Trustees.

  1. Some things never change, so don’t hold your breath. Maybe the administration is burning midnight oil trying to work on Hoffman’s, or one of their other proteges, porn for public schools project, or maybe extra tough duty covering up another child sexual assault, but my guess is that the supe is gearing up for another tour of the city’s smorgasboards. Or maybe they need more money for training on software that is supposed to confirm that people are doing their jobs, but instead it just creates another job making it look like someone is doing something. And what kind of education do these administrators really have? Liberal arts brainwash, how to make a small town hair on a fascist regime look pretty, an A if you write a good term paper, an A+ if you buy the prof a beer and make yourself fool drunk. Meanwhile, good teachers who actually know something can expect another black mark on their personnel file.

  2. mr benson

    Hard to imagine an elected official acting that way…not. Seems to be a Montana tradition.

  3. RuthieLMM

    J-girl writes: “Let’s give some credit where credit is due, too – trustees Rick Johns, Kelley Hirning, Drake Lemm and Adam Duerk opposed the pay hike. Yeah, yeah – that’s right….j-girl is agreeing with something Drake Lemm did.”
    But, a Guest Column in Missoulian opinion section Tues Aug 10
    ( ) from MCPS Trustees calls the vote “unanimous.”
    Was is a secret meeting or can the true vote be verified?
    I’m confused and thinking ahead to the next school board election !

  4. this kind of behavior in an individual is symptomatic of some disturbing mental problems. i sincerely hope that mrs pickardt looks into some counseling. i have met her and she is a very nice person – not at all like this normally.

  5. Lizard

    caught the public comments on mcat tonight, and finally got around to reading the op-ed. tone deaf seems like a pretty fair assessment of the board and their super-transformer man alex 100%GRADUATION-RATE apostle.

    my mom has been a teacher for three decades now, mostly in kansas city, but recently at a local missoula montessori. she doesn’t even blink at the perpetually under-funded nature of education in this country. she’s been buying her own supplies since the beginning, while administrators like apostle pocket a grand a month for driving his own car. it’s disgusting.

    in watching the comments tonight, what amazed me the most were the cutaways to apostle just sitting there, taking it. i stared at that man’s face, searched it. i was looking for something i will never see, what exists behind a face that can just stare out at all these people as they speak in so many powerful ways about the hurt and deep discouragement one has to feel in the face of everything that has transpired.

    what i saw tonight is a microcosm of the macro problem that’s everywhere in this country. budgets are in fiscal drought while top administrators assume the hypocrisy of asking for sacrifice while receiving enrichment won’t cause anger and pain. did they not see this coming? it’s hard to believe, but the alternative is worse: they didn’t care.

    when are the next school board elections?

  6. all those people spoke up tonight bravely and many of the speakers seemed to be expecting to see some sign of contrition on the part of dr apostle and his obedient board of trustees. all they got in return was the stony stare of a sociopathic control freak.

    the meeting was like watching a bunch of penguins squawk at a lounging leopard seal as he is sunning himself on a rock…

    you can see the predator in dr apostle’s face as he stares at those who dare to criticize him. soon, it will be class time again and dr apostle will be waiting under the ice to sink his teeth into those who spoke up. mark my words.

    a leopard seal doesn’t change his stripes.

    i can see how dr apostle was able to forge such a great partnership with dr dennison at u of m for his district. they are two of a kind.

  7. Pogo Possum

    “budgets are in fiscal drought while top administrators assume the hypocrisy of asking for sacrifice while receiving enrichment won’t cause anger and pain.”

    Well said Lizard.

    At least the Trustees were smart enough not to send Apostle on a vacation to a luxury resort in Spain:

    • mr benson

      Laugh out loud funny, Pogo.

      Let the rabble do staycations! We need to save up to pay those tax increases that Candidate Obama said weren’t going to happen.

  8. Including $, car allowance and that nice tax-free 10K, it totals out to near 20%.

    • Alan Jakes

      apples and oranges.

      a salary raise is different from that other stuff–cars, bunuses, etc. A salary raise is just that–a salary raise.

      slow down and take a breath before inventing figures like that to help villify someone you clearly do not like–apostle.

      • You clearly {heart} Apostle, to the point of ignoring what is actually written.

        If I vilified anyone, it was the board members who voted for the raise.

        Nancy Pickhardt? She did that entirely on her own.

        • if exposing bad behavior is labeled as vilifying, then i sincerely hope there is more of it if for no other reason than the fact we the people need to start paying more attention to what our local school boards, and all other government entities are doing with our tax dollars.

          kudos to the missoulian for jamie kelly’s article and for keila’s article bringing this to our attention in the first place. what would we do without our slow news sources to alert us to what is important locally.

          it is pretty obvious that the school board is a rubber stamp board. i have served on a board of a statewide resource organization. anyone who has served on a board knows what i am talking about; the executive director, school supervisor, ceo etc always sets the tone and drives the agenda. to say that mr apostle was blindsided with this is naivete of extreme proportions. mr apostle orchestrated this all the way and thankfully keila alerted it to us by exposing it. mrs pickhardt also helped by telling two citizens and hence all tax-payers to “go fuck ourselves”

          if anyone is being vilified here it is the taxpayers.

      • this letter to the editor in the sunday missoulian says it all:

        now i will sit back and watch your spin on that mr alan jakes. it never ceases to amaze me that when some aristocrat gets in trouble by helping himself to the public trough there are always some deluded toady’s, kiss-asses and brown-nosers willing to fight their battles for them.

        the plain fact is we have a severe recession going on right now. no raise is necessary to keep anyone on their job. most of us are just lucky to have a job. mr apostle should do the right thing here and donate his raise back to the school budget so some janitors or cafeteria workers can stay on their meager job.

        the amount of arrogance it takes to even suggest a raise of any amount during this economic climate when you are already making over 100,000 dollars is unbelievable. spin the numbers any way you want alan. your argument and mr apostle’s standing in this community still comes up a big fat zero in this bear’s estimation.

  9. Nancy piquardt just resigned her post on the school board today.

    just found out about it ten seconds ago via tweet at

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