Willis Curdy, Candidate for HD100 Needs Your Help

by jhwygirl

Now that summer is on the downhill side (sorry), thoughts turn to elections for many. This years election in the House and Senate gives many choices, but what is important to remember is that many serious and important issues face citizens in Montana.

Legislative sessions are tumultuous, the last two all the more so because of the precarious balance – the state house split 50-50, and the senate with a clear conservative majority.

The legislature is promising to rehash many issues, and with money short and revenues down, the budget is certain to be the big war. Funding for education and health and human services are already being cut, and certain to come – but along with that we’ve got Republicans proposing tax cuts directed towards Flathead lakefront properties.

Who’s in support and lobbying hard? The real estate industry. The very people who profited immensely for driving real estate prices up and up for the last 6 years, playing an immense part (along with bankers) in the bubble that is the housing implosion.

One of several legislative seats that Democrats have a chance of picking up is House District 100. Willis Curdy, a Grass Valley resident is repeating his candidacy this year, with Bill Nooney, the would-be incumbent having decided not to run after Curdy nearly defeated him in 2008.

4&20 was fans of Curdy last time around, and I continue to believe that he is the better candidate for the seat. An educator, a smokejumper, a trustee on the Missoula Rural Fire District….the list goes on, but his resume speaks leadership and good-as-gold common sense.

Sadly, It takes money to win an election. There’s no other way to say it. Curdy is a hard worker – knocking doors in a huge district that runs from Fish Creek to the Idaho State line and the Ravalli County line. But again – it’s gonna take cash.

Not only that – Champ Edmunds, Will Curdy’s Republican challenger, is all to happy to enjoy and cash campaign checks made out to failed GOP Missoula County Commissioner candidate Jim Edwards. As ya’all might remember, I like to listen to conservative talk radio in the morning to get my blood flowing in the morning, and a few short weeks ago I heard him bragging that he was getting campaign donations made out to Jim Edwards due to people confusing him with the former candidate. When asked what he did with them, he said – proudly – that he was “of course” cashing them, and he and the host had a nice laugh.

Lovely, huh?

Obviously, if Edmunds isn’t honest enough to at least contact the check writer and let them know that they were confused by his name before he cashed the donation, he isn’t honest or trustworthy enough to serve the very citizens he’s taking the money from.

You can donate to Willis Curdy by hitting this link, snail-mailing him a check, made out to Curdy for HD100, to 11280 Kona Ranch Rd. Missoula, MT 59804

In local elections, even a $5 or $10 donation adds up. It’s getting to be the time where signs need ordered, radio spots need to be planned, and newspaper and mailings prepared.

Let’s not let HD100 go to a dishonest man. Again.

  1. Pogo Possum

    Are you certain you heard the radio program correctly jhwyGirl?

    I think I know the talk show you mentioned and while I don’t listen to every show for the full length, I never heard Champ Edmunds say he received checks made out to “Jim Edwards”. I called several of my friends who listen to every minute of the show every day and they had the same comment.

    I called Champ Edmunds and asked him about this and he doesn’t know what you are talking about.

    He said he has mentioned on severaly occasions that he occassionaly receives a check with his name misspelled as “Champ Edwards” instead of “Champ Edmunds” or various mispellings of “Edmunds” but has never received one made out to “Jim Edwards”. Receiving contribution checks with multiple variations in name spellings is common for almost all candidates.

    How anyone could mistake “Champ Edmunds” for “Jim Edwards” is beyond me and seems more of a political spin story than reality. Have you ever meet or seen Champ Edmunds?

    First off, Edmonds has a noticable facial mark on the right side of his face that was caused by an injury when he was born. Second, Edmunds out weighs the food store Edwards by at least 50 to 75 pounds. Third, while Champ has heard of Jim Edwards they don’t know each other and don’t associate with each other.

    Sounds like you heard what you wanted to hear or, as the old timers used to say, “didn’t want to let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

    • Pogo – and I want to be clear here in saying that I am saying this nicely – I am not letting “the facts get in the way of a good story.”

      I know what I heard. Edmunds specifically said that he was getting checks from people that were confusing him with Jim Edwards. I specifically remember the host asking him if he cashed them and I specifically remember Edmunds saying “of course” and the both of them laughing. It was a short chuckle.

      I know that people get checks that are misspelled, of that I have no doubt but these guys wouldn’t have been talking about it if that were the situation.

      I’m positive of what I heard – I almost blogged it at the time, but I also realize at some level that any press is good press and so I left it alone…but it stuck in my craw at the time because of the audacity to “brag” about something like that on a radio show going out to thousands of people.

      A radio show – you might recall – that has had the audacity in the past to say things that they wish they hadn’t said.

      As for how the two of them couldn’t be mistaken for each other in a physical sense? I don’t think that people are visualizing candidates when they are writing checks. Some people never even meet the candidate, and are donating based on the “Republican” or “Democratic” label on them.

      Sorry. I stand by my “good story.” – Maybe the radio station has it on tape…I’d love to hear it aired again.

  2. Pronghorn

    It’s time for HD100 to get some REAL representation–something we haven’t had for, what, two Nooney terms and before that a complete joke of someone named Balyeat, and that’s as far as memory serves. But that’s long enough without serious representation by a legislator with actual experience that goes beyond church and NRA memberships. Frankly, I don’t have the greatest confidence in the voters of HD100, but certainly they can see by now that we haven’t been well-served by the boilerplate Republican candidate.

    Curdy has already knocked on my rural door prior to the primary, a contest for which he had no challenger. Curdy will get my vote–again. He’s the best-qualified candidate.

  3. Pogo Possum

    Was the show Talk Back on KGVO with Pete Denault and Peter Christian? Do you rember the day of the show? I will call Pete and ask him.

    • I’m virtually positive it was AM 1290, Pogo.

      I don’t remember the day of the show…as I said, it was several weeks ago.

      Let me know…I’m pretty sure they tape those shows. And Champ should remember when he was on – even if it were multiple times, that should narrow it down.

  4. Pogo Possum

    Thanks. I will check it out.

  5. Pogo Possum

    I just spoke with Pete Denault who hosts KGVO’s 1290 Talk Back – the conservative talk show on 1290. He said with no hesitation he has not had Champ Edmunds on his show and said there has been no discussion about Champ Edmunds receiving checks from donors with Jim Edwards name on them on his talk show.

  6. Pogo Possum

    I will make some more calls and see if I can find out anything else.

  7. Pogo Possum

    There is only one other talk show on 1290 KGVO that I can think of that may fit your comments and it is hosted by Mark Ward. I just spoke to him. He said emphatically that he doesn’t know what you are talking about and does not remember Champ Edmunds making any remarks about accepting contribution checks with Jim Edward’s name on them.

    When I asked for copies of tapes of past shows he said the station doesn’t keep tapes of his show. I checked around with a few of my media friends who told me lots of radio stations don’t maintain tapes of old shows.

    Unless you can come up with something more concrete, I am going to chock this rumor up to False “political urban legend.”

  8. ayn rand

    the sign nazi strikes again.

  9. Pogo Possum

    “I don’t remember the day of the show…as I said, it was several weeks ago.” jhwyGirl

    The facts are not matching up with what you think you heard jhwyGirl. Champ was out of the country or off the air for three weeks during your stated time period.

    Champ just told me the only talk show he calls into is KGVO’s fishing program with Mark Ward (Catchin the Big Ones) that only airs on Fridays. Champ said he was out of the country in Guatamala helping build houses for homeless people between Thursday July 29th and Sunday, Aug 8th. Again, these shows are only on Fridays. He did call into the show on Aug 13th but that was 3 days ago so that doesn’t fit into the time frame.

    In fairness, you may have heard some caller on a radio show a two weeks ago crack a joke about a similarity of names in this race (Edmunds / Edwards) but the time frame doesn’t fit for it to be Champ unless Willis Curdy had one of his supporters calling into talk shows masquerading as Champ while Champ was out of the country.

    Let’s just toss this untrue rumor into the garbage can where it belongs

    • What “facts”? I said several weeks.

      Seriously Pogo, how and why in the hell would I make this up? It’d be quite an elaborate inventive piece of fiction…I mean, if I were trying to do some damage, I’m sure I could come up with something more.

      Hell – I coulda just called him a Wells Fargo banker. That might be enough around these parts, considering the number of foreclosures in the area.

      I see from Champs’ website that he is a regular on the fishing show. You can’t think that there is a possibility that while yammering on a regular basis on the radio with a familiar host that he didn’t slip and admit this?

      I know what I heard. I now wish I’da blogged it when it happened. Honestly – when I heard it, I said to myself “WTH?!”

      I stand by the post.

      • Pogo Possum

        CHAMP WASN’T IN THE UNITED STATE IN YOUR TIME FRAME. He was in the slums of Guatamala helping homeless people.

        Call Pete Denault or Mark Ward at KGVO 1290 and ask them yourself about their comments on the issue.

        Heck,,,,,,call Champ and ask him.

        I am not saying you made it up. I am just saying you may have made an error or missheard it.

        • HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN I HEARD HIM WHEN I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT WEEK? I said several weeks – I honestly don’t know how many weeks ago. It could have been 4 weeks, it could hav been 6.

          I see friends who have babies, and the babies are now 2 years old. “Several weeks” is quite relative at my age.

          Good Lord – I’m not senile (yet) and I know what I heard. It WAS Champ Edmunds and he DID say he was getting checks from people who thought they were donating to Jim Edwards.

          This isn’t something that dawned on me as I was writing this post. I distinctly remember hearing it and thinking “WTH?!” at the time.

          You are entitled to write this off as fiction. Feel free – but don’t say “the facts are not matching up with what you think you heard.”

          I know what I heard, and you’ve offered no facts. Frankly, I have a pretty uncanny memory.

          I really don’t want to fight with you, Pogo.

          I accept that you don’t believe me. I have no problem with that. It is what it is.


      • Truth Lover

        I am blown away and confused as to why POGO would think “Champ” would admit to saying that? Seriously? How dumb do they think we are??

        The truth about “Champ”, is that he lies with ease. Utter ease. To mention his facial paralysis out of the starting gate, is to reveal his main tool to throw people off as he sets into his con mode. I’ve watched it happen and its scary.

        Jhwygirl.. you are not crazy. Let them talk themselves into oblivion, but the truth is the truth.
        Don’t even stress about it.

  10. you mean this champ:

    who works for these chumps?

    no thanks. i’ll vote for and send some money to mr curdy.

    who would ever question a banker when it comes to honesty???….

  11. Pogo Possum

    Yeah PBear. You certainly don’t want a guy like Champ Edmunds who is a Navy Veteran with a UM degree in accounting and finance who is an advocate of multi sector job growth and reduced property taxes.

    I deduce then, by your comments, that Willis Curdy must therefore oppose multi sector job growth and wants higher property taxes for Missoula County.

    Your other two links just show you are acting immaturely.

    • your assumptions are wrong:

      taken from willis’s website:

      “I am running for the Representative for House District 100 because I believe that we need to work hard to grow and retain good paying jobs with benefits. As a twenty-seven year resident of HD 100, I understand the importance of good paying jobs and what it means to our local economy, local communities, and families. As your state representative, I will also work hard for our schools, quality, affordable health care, and protecting homeowners from unwarranted tax increases.
      It’s time to Move Montana Families Forward.”


  12. no pogo. they show that i am skeptical about a banker from wells fargo.

  13. Pogo Possum

    Are you freekin kidding me. You think a local Montana business employee is responsible for decisions that are made in New York? That isn’t immature thinking that is just plain foolishness.

  14. Call me foolish then. But not foolish enough to open an account at wells fargo. Or vote for anyone who would work for those wood rats.

  15. MCLU

    Dear 4&20:

    A revered member of your species, Martin Luther King, once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” With this in mind, and given your history of maligning weasels by comparing us to unethical humans, I must yet again protest your use of an animal species as a pejorative for human misdeeds. While the woodrat (also known as pack rat) (Neotoma cinerea) is not a weasel, we at the Mustelid Civil Liberties Union recognize that injustice to one animal species is injustice to all.

    Woodrats fill their ecological niche by serving as a prey species for predators, including…(ahem) (full disclosure)…weasels. They serve as a major food source for the Spotted Owl. Furthermore, through the centuries, woodrat droppings and urine, metamorphosed into a rock-like substance, has allowed scientist to track environmental changes through analysis of the natural items–leaves, pollen, bones, etc.–trapped in these formations.

    As an aside, calling a human hoarder a pack rat is not necessarily objectionable, as the comparison of behaviors is obvious. However, I demand that you cease and desist from assigning human character flaws to members of the Animal Kingdom for the convenience of an epithet.

    Yours for justice,
    Mustelid Civil Liberties Union

    • Dear Mustelid:
      i understand your concerns and hereby ammend my comment as follows ………….
      …”Call me foolish then. But not foolish enough to open an account at wells fargo. Or vote for anyone who would work for those parasitic heart worms.”

  16. Pogo Possum

    Sorry to hear you have such low regard and childish name calling hate for local Missoula residens who happen to work in Missoula area bank and mortgage branches, PBear.

    I recognized a number of names listed as donors to the (erased by problembear) who either work for local neighborhood Wells Fargo bank branches or other Missoula area banks. I will be happy to let them know about the low esteem and derogatory names you have for them. I am certain they can find other Missoula non profits with a more mature and appreciative attitude for local people working in the financial sector who want to help others.

    Some of these folks are also voters in HD 100. They and their voting relatives will be interested to hear how Democrats and Willis Curdy are declaring war on people who work in low level banking positions in Missoula.

  17. i speak for myself here pogo. i do not speak for any organization. if you want to try to quash my constitutional right to speak my mind here, i suggest you rethink that strategy….

    i take my right to speak my opinions for myself very seriously.

    • and for the record pogo- i consider that last comment of yours both childish and a brazen act of cowardice. signed
      william c fleischman

      now let’s see you disclose your true identity hiding behind the nom de plume of pogo possum ……. unless you are the coward i believe you are.

    • Pogo Possum

      Oh grow up. No one is talking about taking away your constitutional rights. This is about you living with the consequences of what you say.

      • and what consequences are those pogo?

        i am curious about that…

        as far as i understand it, as a citizen of the united states, i have the right to speak my opinions just as you do. you have the right to differ with them. other than that, any consequences you are talking about are illegal and infringe on my constitutional right to speak, write or otherwise express my own individual opinion.

        dragging other innocent people or organizations into our differences is both cowardly and sounds like retribution, which would be actionable.

  18. why don’t you disclose your identity pogo. what have you got to hide?

  19. Pogo Possum

    I have known your name for a long time just as I know the names of some of the others on this blog. You talk about (erased by problembear) regularly here so your association is no secret. Notice I honor anonymity here to anyone who chooses to seek it. I have never used your name.

    • “I have never used your name.”

      no pogo you just tried to make sure i suffer some consequences. i will be happy to cash in on those consequences should anyone have the temerity to attempt to keep me from expressing my opinions.

      for the record, i am aware that certain right wing fanatics are more than happy to try to quash opinions other than theirs by any means necessary. your comment was a direct threat to me personally and a slap in the face toward an organization which does much good for this community.

      as i said before, i speak for myself here, pogo. if you cannot parry my verbal thrusts without resorting to blatant retaliation which harms innocent people and organizations, then it appears that you are as dishonest and cowardly as i believe you are.

  20. notice: attempts to harm innocent persons or organizations not affiliated in any way with this forum will be erased and if further attempts are made, the commenter will be banned.

    • Pogo Possum

      I suggest you live by your own rules then PBear. You implied innocent Missoula people who work for bank are dishonest:
      “. . .who would ever question a banker when it comes to honesty???….”

      You encouraged people to not do business with local Missoula bank branches because you don’t like the decision some executives made in New York thus trying to harm those businesses and the innocent local Missoula folks who work for them.

      You implied Champ Edmunds is dishonest and people shouldn’t vote for him because he works in a local branch of a multinational company that you don’t like.

      You discuss your organization repeatedly on this blog and attack innocent people who work for businesses and agencies you dislike.

      Playing by your own stated rules you should ban yourself. Oppps ….almost forgot……you were banned from this blog in the past. Ironically, I was one of the few who stepped in and defended you and argued for your return.

  21. as i said pogo. stand up and be recognized. i consider you a coward until you do. i don’t argue with cowards.

    i said innocent organizations. like that judge in california, i consider wells fargo far from innocent. as for champ- i do owe him and his fellow employees an apology. i agree with your statement there. many many good people work there.

    i did own my own business years ago. had an account with two rivers bank which i must say was very satisfactory. then i moved to wells fargo. big mistake. big difference both in customer service and in what i considered to be egregious fees and predatory practices.

    i quickly moved my business account to first security bank and have been satisfied with them for the last 15 years.

    i would never recommend wells fargo bank to anyone. but i would agree that many good people do work there.

    btw: i took myself off this blog. no one banned me.

  22. wells fargo would love to quash this news:

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