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by jhwygirl

Setting a fine example and a tone for the season, Coach Pflugrad allowed hoodlum Jimmy Wilson back to practice today after a one week suspension since his “not guilty” plea to biting a woman on the leg.

Wilson has been sitting in prison in California for the last two years awaiting a second trial on murder charges because the first one ended in a hung jury. The second trial acquitted him.

But why was Jimmy Wilson suspended? It was because of pending citations from the city for a late night incident August 5th. This, from the Missoulian’s fine court and crime reporter Tristan Scott:

According to court records obtained by the Missoulian, the alleged offense occurred on Aug. 6 at 2:15 a.m. near the intersection of Park Street and Southwest Higgins Avenue. The ticket alleges Wilson committed “assault by biting (name redacted) on the right leg, causing pain and visible injury.”

Ryan said the alleged offense occurred inside a vehicle occupied by Wilson and five other individuals, including the alleged victim. The woman did not report the incident to police until later.

“There were six people in the car and nobody else saw what happened. What occurred was either unintentional or it was playful,” Ryan said. “He’s pleaded not guilty, and he deserves a fair shake until all the facts are compiled and the investigation is completed. It’s a strange allegation.”

So Jimmy’s back in town, dancing and having fun on the field as I saw from KECI’s clips on tonight’s evening news.

Pflugrad, for his part, justified putting Wilson back on the field saying “we’ll let the legal system play out.”

I’m sure he’s just a misunderstood youth, just looking for a break…and all of these incidents are just a bunch of mistakes. All of ’em.

It’s a great discipline message sent to the gang of Grizzlies, no?

Coach Pflugrad is setting quite the tone there in his new haunts. City residents better buckle-up – this is just the beginning.

Wh00t! Wh00t!

by jhwygirl

This Montanan thinks ya’all are awesome.

I also think the Nez Pierce rock, too.

Montanans? We need to get after it.

“Government is the means by which citizens are forced to do that which they would not do voluntarily”

by JC

And with these words, DIck Armey declared that tea baggers will rise up to take over the republican party:

“Let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it.”

While Armey in one breath declares the tea party leaderless:

“The tea party movement has blossomed into a powerful social phenomenon because it is leaderless—not directed by any one mind, political party or parochial agenda.”

In the next he lays out the ground rules for membership:

“The criteria for membership are straightforward: Stay true to principle even when it proves inconvenient, be assertive but respectful, add value and don’t taking credit for other people’s work.”

Not to mention he also is the CEO of Freedomworks, the group that is heavily invested in funding tea bagger events and groups, his role in Freedomworks is in direct conflict with his words:

“Decentralization, not top-down hierarchy, is the best way to maximize the contributions of people and their personal knowledge.”

Armey wishes to build an army of tea bagger compatriots to do his and his conservative funders’ agenda. The Democratic party would do well to see the train wreck that is coming down the track at them, if they think that the GOP is a party to whom they can work with in Congress. Dems, if they truly believe themselves to be a different animal than middle-of-the-road republicans, need to shift gears and change strategy.

The Baucusonian strategy of compromising with republicans led to the sham that was health care reform last year. Yet we hear no mea culpa for his role in playing into the GOP’s hands. A GOP that already was in the grip of the tea party and its crusade of ignorance directed at republicans.

So while democrats debate the wisdom of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs taking pot-shots at the “professional left,” the tea party gears up for a takeover of the GOP. If ever there was a time when the democratic party needed the support of its far left, that time would be now.

Unfortunately, it seems that Obama is willing to hunker down in a receding political middle ground, leaving the left to reorganize in disgust as they lay out strategy for moving forward with their progressive vision, in lieu of any coherent leadership from the President.

Democrats are going to find themselves in a precarious position if they don’t realize that they are getting flanked from both sides, and begin to act accordingly. American politics is on the way to becoming far more polarized, with a vapid middle political establishment being attacked from both sides for being a visionless and corrupt tool of special interests.

The winner in this battle will be either the far right tea baggers or the far left radical progressives. Whichever one can get better organized and find the hearts, minds and souls of middle america, which no longer trusts the political establishment to do what’s best for the country.

Time for the left to reorganize and find a leader who is willing to recognize the threat, and challenge D.C. orthodoxy and the tea bagger uprising. Either that, or it is time for the left to move out to pasture, and throw in the towel.

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