UM Grizzly Coach Pflugrad Allows Hoodlum Jimmy Wilson to Practice

by jhwygirl

Setting a fine example and a tone for the season, Coach Pflugrad allowed hoodlum Jimmy Wilson back to practice today after a one week suspension since his “not guilty” plea to biting a woman on the leg.

Wilson has been sitting in prison in California for the last two years awaiting a second trial on murder charges because the first one ended in a hung jury. The second trial acquitted him.

But why was Jimmy Wilson suspended? It was because of pending citations from the city for a late night incident August 5th. This, from the Missoulian’s fine court and crime reporter Tristan Scott:

According to court records obtained by the Missoulian, the alleged offense occurred on Aug. 6 at 2:15 a.m. near the intersection of Park Street and Southwest Higgins Avenue. The ticket alleges Wilson committed “assault by biting (name redacted) on the right leg, causing pain and visible injury.”

Ryan said the alleged offense occurred inside a vehicle occupied by Wilson and five other individuals, including the alleged victim. The woman did not report the incident to police until later.

“There were six people in the car and nobody else saw what happened. What occurred was either unintentional or it was playful,” Ryan said. “He’s pleaded not guilty, and he deserves a fair shake until all the facts are compiled and the investigation is completed. It’s a strange allegation.”

So Jimmy’s back in town, dancing and having fun on the field as I saw from KECI’s clips on tonight’s evening news.

Pflugrad, for his part, justified putting Wilson back on the field saying “we’ll let the legal system play out.”

I’m sure he’s just a misunderstood youth, just looking for a break…and all of these incidents are just a bunch of mistakes. All of ’em.

It’s a great discipline message sent to the gang of Grizzlies, no?

Coach Pflugrad is setting quite the tone there in his new haunts. City residents better buckle-up – this is just the beginning.

Wh00t! Wh00t!

  1. even i don’t bite people and i’m not even house-broken…. people just don’t taste that good.

  2. It could well be that Pflugrad is doing exactly what he should do. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ doesn’t work differently for sports figures than it does for anyone else, especially not at the amateur ranks. At the pro level, it makes sense that one would deny profit from making the sport ‘look bad’. See Ben Rothlithsberger. In college, that would be wrong, on both a legal and image level.

    Personally, I don’t think Wilson is worth the effort. He’s not a future Champ Bailey. I don’t think Pflugrad thinks he is either, not after two years out of the sport. But the coach is doing the right and legal thing. We’ll talk again when this “hoodlum” get’s convicted and still gets to play.

  3. i don’t think mr wilson is necessarily a hoodlum wulfgar. but i feel pretty certain he may not be making exactly the right kinds of choices that people with kids and grandkids who admire the grizzlies would want to see splashed all over their daily newspaper.

    my feeling about the odd culture being tolerated beneath the stands of grizzly stadium is this: why can’t we expect young men who are enjoying a free ride through a good college to act decently both on and off the field? why can’t we expect our coaches to serve notice that even the appearance of impropriety on the part of any team member in their extracurricular activities will be met with severe measures up to and including expulsion from the team?

    seems to me there needs to be a little different attitude regarding the after-hours events of all the griz. maybe then our police could catch a break from dealing with all the loose ends of our student athletes and deal with real crimimals in this town.

    • klemz

      Football is state-sponsored entertainment for the fallacracy, and I say that in the most loving sense.

      I think what needs to happen is all of you parents and grandparents need to dispatch this silly notion that football players are suitable role models. Then the rest of us can enjoy the gridiron free of talentless psalm poppers like Tim Tebow. Give me Brett Favre, Jack Tatem and Michael Irvin any day. Also, Rasheed Wallace, Pete Rose and, yes, even Alex Rodriguez.

      Obviously, there is a line; with OJ Simpson, Ty Cobb and this guy, if he’s guilty of the murder, on the other side of it. Until he’s convicted, I really don’t care.

  4. Yeah – that Jimmy Wilson is such not a hoodlum that he spent 2 years in prison awaiting trial. Was he offered bond even? If so, they set it so high (or no one would put the cash up) that it appears the community didn’t think he was safe enough to let out.

    But he gets invited back to Missoula with open arms.

    I guess we should let the Grizz and all sports alone just like Exxon and BP. What’s a little oil spill assault on the gulf a member of the community here?

    She was just a woman. Boys will be boys.

    This incident is the first or the second or even the fifth in the last several years – but it’s all about the game, and the Grizz, isn’t it?

    As for Roethliberger? He’s a rapist and jackass who got off on a technicality. He doesn’t like to be reminded of it either – he’s blocked me from following his twitter account.

  5. ayn rand

    now if you could hold Pam Walzer to the same standards.

    • petetalbot

      I agree with Wulfgar! that you’re innocent until proven guilty. But Ayn, to compare a late-night DUI (Walzer was originally pulled over for not using her turn signal) to murder and assault charges is ludicrous. I guess you didn’t think this through.

    • JC

      Standard? What standard is that?

      Pam broke the law, pleaded guilty, and is paying her dues. None of us advocated that she should have been given any preferential treatment.

      You’re pulling straws here, Ayn.

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