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“payday lenders lost their appeal for me when they trapped my daughter at the age of 20 in an endless cycle of debt which destroyed her credit, sucked up all the money she made at wendy’s pulling double shifts and spit her out when she lost her car, her job and her self esteem. she borrowed about 300 dollars and ended up paying over 1400 over a 12 month period. before this happened i didn’t think anything like this was legal. she would have been better off being mugged. at least then she would have only been out the 300 dollars. yeah, i will sure as hell sign your petition” – Denise- a mother who signed a petition for me last may in front of Orange Street Food Farm.

“I am no more a fan of lending institutions that gouge consumers, especially those with lower incomes, than I am of people who charge for the ‘sport’ of shooting defenseless penned animals – indeed, the two compare favorably,” Nelson said, referring to the 2000 voter-passed initiative that banned game farms.

so apparently according to the above passage from justice Nelson, it appears that the business dealings of payday lenders do not appeal much to at least one of the two Montana Supreme Court justices who dissented on a technicality regarding language.  the article by charles johnson is here

by a 4 to 2 majority the supreme court of montana has ok’d ballot measure I-164 for this november’s election. seems like payday lenders are very fearful of allowing this citizen’s initiative to go to the voters. and with good reason.

if i were a payday lender i wouldn’t want denise voting against my evil enterprise this november either. that is one mad mother grizzly who doesn’t want any more of her cubs near those places.

i am predicting an 80% to 19% majority vote for I-164 this november even after these jerks start flooding our televisions and newspapers with millions of dollars of advertisements telling us all what a fine service they provide for our downtrodden low wage workers.

i will be happy to introduce them to denise.


I’m not going to delve into the controversy surrounding Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s use of “the word that no white person should say for fear of having their career ended,” for lack of tact and not really caring about all the Mediawhores talking heads getting a chance to shout about something for five minutes before moving onto the next sensationalized story that’s not really a story.  Rather I would like to take the opportunity to share a clip of my favorite comedian, Louis CK’s thoughts on the subject… Enjoi.

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