Hero Greg Mortenson on CBS Face the Nation

by jhwygirl

For those of you who might of missed it, CBS News’ Face the Nation has posted the video of Bob Schieffer’s interview with Bozeman native Greg Mortenson.

Don’t miss it. There’s lots to learn there.

Nicholas Kristof, one of NYTimes best, had a column recently where he lamented the war as it juxtaposed upon the wisdom of Mortenson’s best-selling book, Three Cups of Tea. It’s a must-read.

One thing that’s been stuck in my head from watching Mortenson’s interview this past Sunday?

The U.S. spends $1 million per soldier, per day, for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan

Imagine if we’da built schools over these last nearly 10 years? Imagine if we’d bring 246 our soldiers home today and build a higher education system for all of Afghanistan?

  1. The government never, ever tells us anything true about these wars, but your point is obviously true. Yes, we could invest in people, both here and abroad.

    But we don’t.

    Why? Serious question, worthy of some thought. Why? Don’t say “insanity” or “corporations” or the “M.I.Complex”, and I don’t presume to have the answer.


    • So … You don’t have an answer but you’re going to dictate what someone else can answer in response? Does that really make sense to you?

      We’ve read many of the same works on authoritarianism. You don’t find what you just commented troubling on that score?

      • Mark T

        You so often so wrong and yet think yourself profound. From this day forward I dub thee The Claven.

        I eliminated the painfully obvious in hope of gaining some insight. Then you came along.

      • Maybe you don’t have the answer because you eliminated the “painfully obvious” in quest of the pompously goofy. Just suggesting …

      • And just to find out how wacky you’re being, Mark, have you read Three Cups of Tea, or heard Mortenson speak, or met the man at all? Ya’ see, I have. All three. And he does blame your “painfully obvious” ideas for the lack of investment in third world education. He also points to consumerism, lack of education on our part and a misplaced sense of safety. No doubts, you’d tell him ‘DON”T SAY THAT!’ Apparently it’s not what you want to hear.

      • Dude -I lived in Bozeman for nine years. Everyone who lives in Bozeman has met Mortenson. Can you even begin to appreciate the man, however? It isn’t just that he is doing wonderful work, but also that he found himself, his life, his purpose in a village in Afghanistan.

  2. I too ask, Why? The only answer I’ve come up with is, “this is what we keep choosing”. Peace, if you want it, you have to BE it. That means I-me-you-us-them-we, each one of us need to choose it personally in our lives. What could I have chosen differently, what could I have chosen that was more peaceful today?

    Imagine the possibilities.

  3. I’ll imagine a possibility here: The change of leadership to Obama’s people has not resulted in any change in foreign policy. The reason is because foreign policy is not subject to domestic politics unless the domestic population gets up in arms, so to speak, in which case the wars merely go underground and are fought in secret.

    Wars such as Iraq are about resources – our long-term access to oil, and also our ability to control the access of other countries to that oil. That second thing is more important than the first, since as a national security state, every country on the planet, including our “allies” is a threat to us. So we attacked Iraq because dealing with Iraq in a peaceful manner is not possible for us. The plans for that country were hatched in the late 1990’s with the fall of the Soviets, and while subject to fine tuning, of course, have been carried forward be Clinton, Bush, and now Obama.

    So war is a long-term policy for control of resources. The domestic population has to be brought along, usually by means of agitprop.

    Afghanistan I don’t get. It could be as simple as stopping that pipeline that Iran wants to build to Pakistan – it could be that Afghanistan is really about Iran. But that’s the best I can do.

  4. ladybug

    If we are simply standing in for the Brits (v. Russians), it goes back to mid-1980s, WWI and Europe’s taking and remaking of the Ottoman Empire. The French took Syria, Palestine and Lebanon (a League of Nations mandate, and the Sykes-Picot Agreement between Britain and France) The British took the Ottoman province of Mesopotamia (Iraq). What the Russians are doing seems to drive the nutjobs in the Pentagon. “The Great Game” continues.

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