School Board Member Nancy Pickhardt Resigns, Blames Missoulian Reporter

by jhwygirl

Last month, the Missoula County Public School District voted a 20% pay raise ($ + bonus’) for superintendent Alex Apostle, while holding teacher raises to one half of 1% and acknowledging that staff lay-offs were going to occur.

News is News:
Criticism reached a crescendo immediately as news of the pay raise made it out into the community – teachers, students and taxpayers alike weren’t very happy. Letters to the editor were plentiful…more than one school board trustee could take.

Potty Mouth:
Trustee Nancy Pickhardt, an elected official, apparently didn’t like the criticism. She left a voice message for friends of hers who had written a letter criticizing the board’s pay raise decision amidst the current economic situation of giving the teachers only .5% – stating succinctly that Apostle works no harder than the rest of the MCPS system.

What Did Nancy Say?
Go fuck yourself.

What Happened Immediately?
The roar of the dirty masses (i.e., teachers, taxpayers, students and staff ) became louder. At the very next monthly school board meeting (August 10th) a standing-room only crowd protested the raise and scores of people – the dirty masses – spoke in public comment, many quite eloquently, of (1) the board’s misplaced decision regarding the raise (2) Nancy Pickhardt’s potty mouth and the poor example it set for the students, and (3) the need for Nancy Pickhardt to resign.

What Happened Today?
Nancy Pickhardt resigned today. When contacted by the Missoulian to confirm the authenticity of her emailed resignation, Mrs. Pickhardt screamed at the Missoulian reporter (unnamed in the story), saying sarcastically “No, it’s not real. You must be very happy. You’re the one who fomented this. Have a great life.”

Shame on you unnamed Missoulian reporter – you made baby Nancy Pickhardt cry.

I truly hope that is the last we ever hear of this undignified piece of a human being.

  1. alice

    Good. We tell our children not to bully and this woman thinks she can throw her weight around and not be held accountable? I don’t think so sister. Hasta la Vista – our schools can do better. Thank you for covering this.

  2. Thank you. It’s been a depressing kind of day, and this post actually puts a smile on my face.

  3. Lizard

    ditto wulfgar. now it’s up to apostle to do the right thing.

  4. Jose Soplar

    Add me to the cheered up group. You see, the rightwingers learned long ago to start at the most basic level to cause trouble, and that is with the local school boards. They must not be allowed to dominate in any way, shape, or form the public discourse regarding our schools. Wheny pigs choose to wrestle in the mud, ya got to get a little diryt with them.

  5. Works no harder? Good God, the admin people in that district are paid like rock stars, yet their credentials represent absolutely no real achievement, they disappear for weeks at a time, eat like starving pigs, and basically figure out ways to discredit victims of sexual assaults or even rapes while piling up bogus extortion against sincere teachers who really do knock themselves out. At least their proteges aren’t paid much, but they’re also arrogant, obnoxious pedophiles who think they’re the champions of science but have no legit credentials of any kind. School districts everywhere are plagued by this, but Missoula is probably the worst in the state. The entire school board should resign in disgrace. Clear out the nepotistic garbage and get some administrators in there who want to do some real work, meaning help teachers deliver legitimate instruction.

  6. Smokey

    Well done JHgirl…

  7. this is good news for missoula…….. now…..
    if we all check our voice mail for any expletive messages from dr apostle, maybe we can clear the deck and start fresh with some local talent at the superintendent’s position.

    like say, maybe someone who could afford to live within their means at less than $100,000.00 per year.

    i filed this guy under u for underachieving blowhard a long time ago. cross-filed of course, under a for arrogant bastards who take credit for the hard work of underpaid teachers when something goes right accidentally.

    dr apostle is simply a well tailored suit masquerading as successful. beneath the thin veneer of expensive raiment and bluster however is simply another entitled intransigent incompetent which the taxpayers are supposed to genuflect to every school year because he steals a couple of phrases and repeats them. it is not hard to see that dr apostle has browbeat missoula’s school board into rubber stamping his every whim. he is privately abusive toward those who disagree with him. we have ample evidence from the teachers and principles who have dared to call any of his edicts into question.

    that is not leadership. it is simply bad behavior. and missoula should not be expected to continue to reward it.

    missoula needs less dictatorial tyrants and more collaborators to get us through the tough times ahead. someone who utilizes and welcomes new ideas from the talented people around him. someone who rewards talent rather than silencing it would be a start.

  8. carfreestupidity

    Delusional much? She has only herself to blame for her behavior. As a public official it means that she is under that much more scrutiny for her behavior… now a school board member might not usually get much attention for her actions, but its still a political type gig and she her actions basically dismissed the outrage of those she served… “shut up, I know best!”

    In an age of blogs, facebook, and twitter this women is not long for this world in any type of professional capacity… especially since the first two full pages of a Google search produces only this story before finally coming to her LinkedIn account.

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