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by problembear

one of the first things you learn in screenwriting is to know your character. you must know the character’s likes and dislikes, fears and desires. to understand them better, you should know their past, and you should know their motivations for what they do. because if you don’t know these things well, the character will come accross as inauthentic and your audience will lose interest

this gentleman has turned a shovel into the underbelly of conservative politics in montana today and unearthed some online murderous thoughts and  homophobic rants which reveal much about the character of some of the leaders of the republican party and the tea party movement in montana. it has our attention because it reveals the violent and murderous character  of montana’s ultra right wing leaders of the montana tea party movement.

what drives homophobia in the first place to cause respected leaders of a political movement to espouse such murderous leanings? how do we get into the head of the character so that we can understand the motivation for such thoughts and words against law-abiding peaceful citizens of this state?

what do these leaders fear?

if i were scripting this, i would say that the characters calling for the death of gays were fearful of being tempted. what other motivation can possibly explain an emotion so powerful that you would risk your political career?  some might say they were simply pointing fingers at the murder of a peaceful member of this  minority to pander to the base leanings of the majority of the tea party movement. but to me that only says something about having no integrity, which is pretty much the definition of politicians of all stripes. no. the only explanation that satisfies the criteria and makes the character believable is that he is fearful of his own hidden desires.

by problembear

montana cowgirl is digging up some interesting stuff about the unholy alliance between over the top right wing tea-baggers and the montana republican party these days.

by problembear

for a measly 100,000.00 and expenses of course, you too can hire your own authentic frontier gibberish….

coming soon to missoula.

happy labor day weekend

by problembear

don’t forget your purple haze! i am prejudiced of course but this bear thinks the best time for doing anything fun is in september-  a  montana pre-autumn fishing trip on the big hole is world class enjoyment of the highest order…… if you want the trip of a lifetime, call these guys. they’re the best.

glenn beck

by problembear

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