Welcome Aboard B-Birders!

by jhwygirl

4&20 blackbirds is pleased to announce the addition of two very fine writers, each with their own style and perspective.

Lizard, a frequent commenter, has finally agreed to join us and I (for one) couldn’t be more pleased. I find his strong sense of social justice and extensive knowledge of subjects that are not on the front page – yet alone the last page – of most main stream media news especially enlightening. He’s promised to bring some artistry to our pages too, with his poetry. I think that’s great, as Missoula certainly is an art town, and that is one aspect we don’t do very much on these pages.

Until now.

Our other addition is Patrick Duganz, who has long been one of my favorite Missoula writers who simply doesn’t write enough. He comments here fairly regularly on a myriad of subjects, and his ability to get to the core of the matter with an economy of words is a skill I’d love to have. I have to admit I tried luring him back in 2008 (around the same time I first approached Lizard, too). Pat’s an Anaconda boy who is wicked smart and fearless in his writing.

Welcome aboard Lizard…Pat! Can’t wait for your first posts!


  1. lizard19

    thank you for the warm welcome, j-girl. as you can see, i’m a lizard with wings now. i just have to figure out this tech stuff. stay tuned…

  2. Don’t tell people I’m from Anaconda, you’ll hurt your Butte readership! (Not to mention scare people into thinking I’m my own superfund.)

    Looking forward to this.

  3. Well done, jhwygirl!

    You couldn’t find two more politically astute, slightly snarky, and wonderfully beautiful, social justice activists. I’ve followed both lizard and Duganz for a long time, and I’m thrilled they’re taking the leap… or, should I say, taking the leapin’ lizards!

    Welcome. You can usually only find me (faithfully) lurking around, but today I felt compelled to write: THIS B-BIRD APPROVES.

    • Oh my… just read lizard’s first blog post and poem. Let me follow up my above glowing endorsement, by again saying, “leapin lizards!”, and while I appreciate his passion and civil discourse, I don’t always agree with his content. Ha!

      That said, forge on, my brother, and keep pushing the boundaries.

      Also, nice addition with poetry. (JC, give me some more music!)

  4. JC

    Alright! About time we get some new blood around here. Welcome lizard and Duganz! I gotch yer back, so don’t worry too much about the flak from the RWC crowd when you let it loose.

  5. petetalbot

    A belated welcome to Duganz and Lizard. To paraphrase JC, a (blood) transfusion is always a relief — especially seasoned writers and a poet! Since my poetry consists of words that rhyme with Nantucket, this is indeed good news.

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