Pat Williams to Run for Governor

by jhwygirl

Via @dpogreba of Intelligent Discontent, news that Montana’s 9 term U.S. House of Representative Pat Williams is considering a run for Governor in 2012.

If we can’t have Carol, I’ll take Pat without reservation.

Like Pogie, all I need to know is “Where can I donate? Where do I sign up to volunteer?”

  1. when i and the s.o. visited with him briefly out in the parking lot of ekstroms last monday about miniature aussies i couldn’t believe how good he looks. he looks strong and ready to fight for us again. good for him.
    this is great news for montanans who work for a living and are tired of watching corrupt politicians vote against them.

    pat williams will fight for the people

  2. Are you teasing me? Are you?

  3. Doug “has it on good authority he’s looking at it.” I’ll wait for something more substantial than a rumor, thank you very much.

    Then I’ll get behind him.

    • I don’t know if he’ll run, last time he made an election decision (1996) he waited until way late in the cycle.

      But I do have it on what I consider to be good authority that he’s looking at.

      If he does run, like you, I’ll get behind him. But while he’s considering the decision, I don’t think it hurts to remind him how many people would walk through fire for him if he ran.

      I also know that even talking about it must give Rehberg massive heartburn. If Denny were thinking about running against Tester, you’d think he’d be banking federal (transferable) cash this cycle instead of blowing a million so far when he barely has a race in a Republican year. But there’s no point in banking money if you’re running for governor as it isn’t transferable. So if he’s thinking of running for governor, the smart move for him is to spend like a drunken sailor and try to buy as much goodwill possible out of his federal account. But Rehberg can’t beat Williams. So going broke for no reason makes it far less likely he’d challenge Tester and with Pat at the top of the ticket he could have a tough time even getting re-elected.

      • “…with Pat at the top of the ticket he could have a tough time even getting re-elected.”

        The problem with that statement is that Montana can’ seem to focus energy on anything more than one big ticket race at a time..otherwise, Dem’s would have beaten Rehberg in 2006. Not that I have any real complaints about Tester winning, but all energy was focused there, despite Rehberg not getting off his arse (as if he ever does) and Monica running around the state doing whatever she could, both traveling and gaining as getting plenty of press.

        • I don’t think that needs to be try in the future. The problem with Lindeen was the campaign she was running was so little compared to Tester that he was simply on a different level.

          I think 2012 can be different, even if Obama doesn’t invest in Montana as heavily as in 2008. For one thing, Democrats have an embarrassment of riches for potential candidates and the GOP has … Rehberg. Their bench is so thin Democrats may only need to beat Rehberg in whatever race he runs and turn out the vote for a full sweep. In 2006, energy was focused on dislodging a US Senator which is never easy while in 2008, energy will be on retaining seats plus winning a house seat that national interests don’t care nearly as much about as a senate seat. Plus, in 2012, the money situation for the coordinated campaign looks far better than when Tester was a state senator and the governor’s race wasn’t on the ballot.

      • Doug

        Thanks for the response, Bob.

        We’ll see what this trial balloon produces going forward.

        • Indeed.

          But if it were a trial balloon, I think you’d have read about it from Chuck Johnson instead of on a blog. I think he’s really just thinking about it, knowing that whether he’s governor is more about his decision to run than the reaction of the chattering class.

  4. Jose Soplar

    Sorry, but I won’t be voting for the dude. He quit once, and that soured me on Williams. He essentially gave up his seat so that Denny could take it. When the going got tough, Pat ran. We can do better. Maybe he could run with Palin on a split ticket? More his style. He should stick to his smarmy editorials on the radio. It’s what he does best. He might even be the new Paul Harvey some day.

    • “He essentially gave up his seat so that Denny could take it.”

      That’s simply not true. First, he didn’t give up his seat so anyone could take it, in fact a never before candidate won the GOP nomination. And it wasn’t Denny Rehberg (it was Rick Hill), Rehberg was too scared of Williams to challenge him as Lt. Gov the previous cycle and was busy losing to Baucus in ’96.

      • Jose Soplar

        He quit! When the going got tough, HE QUIT! I don’t quit, and I don’t like quitters! And now, he wants back in? Nope, no way. The dude had his chance. Again, he can run with Palin. They have a lot in common. They both let their respective states done. We can do better than a retread that now wants to be in politics again. This is an insult to the young people of this state. We don’t NEED an old fart. Let’s get an young turk in there. What’s with Pat? Is he bored? Is he not making enough on his retirement? Does he want to let the state down again? This is no state for old men!

        • Again, that simply isn’t true. He didn’t quit, he served every day of his 9th term in congress and simply didn’t run for re-election.

          Beyond you being wrong, I don’t see how you can say it was wrong of him to decide to teach college students what he’d learned in congress while saying that even considering running again is, “an insult to the young people of this state.”

          If Pat Williams runs for governor, I’d predict that he’ll own the youth vote in both the primary and general.

          • Jose Soplar

            My last comment. Look, we ALL know that things got real tough in D.C. with complete control by the Republican steamroller. Rather than do the noble, right, dutiful thing, Pat quit! When the going got tough, he quit!, thereby opening the shoe in for a Republican. My candidate needs to be made of sterner stuff. And like a buddy said when I told him that Williams planned a run, he said what the hell, Pat’s got to be a hundred years old. BTW, my buddy is seventy-five. How old’s Pat again? I like my governors to have their own teeth! Is that asking too much, Bob?

            • you got somebody better in mind jose?

              we’re all ears.

              • Jose Soplar

                Sure. Just about anyone! Hey, it’s a bigass state. Do we REALLY have not have another Brian Scwheitzer type individual out there somewhere? You see, I just don’t think that Montana is ready for four years of smarmy editorials. Can you even imagine his fireside chats! Good lord, I’d be asleep. Look, Pat was a fighter at one time, a damn good one. But as any fighter knows, if you try that one last comeback, it makes you look like a real loser. It’s kind of sad to watch. We can do better. It’s a bigass state. Give me a Rocky, not a washed up Duran!

              • i mean name someone you would prefer who can win.

                anybody is not a candidate.

              • A Rocky?

                Rocky held a press conference to retire in Rocky III, yet came back to beat Glover.

                He again retired, yet came back in Rocky IV to end the cold war.

                He again retired, yet came back to beat cornfed in a street fight in V.

                He’d been retired for decades when he went the distance yet again.

                If you’re going to be all ageist, saying you want a Rocky doesn’t exactly help your case.

            • I don’t get why you are so mad he didn’t run again. Knowing the cyclical nature of congressional control, the smart move is pass the torch upon losing control so the heir can have seniority when Democrats get back in charge. And Democrats were positioned to hold the seat when Pat made his decision and when Yellowtail became the nominee he was in position to hold the seat. It wasn’t until late in the race when the oppo dropped that Hill pulled away. While Williams should have assumed there was a chance the GOP would win the seat, it would have been silly of him to expect that. He tried to pass the reins in a Democratic year.

              If age is your issue, then I’m sorry for you. I’d rather see Democrats have the best nominee possible.

              And again, if Pat runs I predict he’ll own the youth vote. Not just win, but own. As in the state will send him letters demanding he pay property taxes. As in the genX voters next door complaining about all the noise.

            • Pat has worked steadily for Democratic ideals since leaving office. He hasn’t sat on his arse and he hasn’t sat behind the scenes.

              One doesn’t have to be in office to do good for Democratic ideals…hell, there are plenty that are in office, elected as Democrats, that barely espouse any at all.

  5. And he’s got my vote.

    • Jose Soplar

      The dude is SEVENTY-FRICKIN’-THREE years old! He’s liable to slobber on the Bible at his swearin’ in! You LIKE that, Duganz? Sorry, I lived through the Reagan years. We need a guv who is more than just Being There.

      • Pat Williams is the only decent, well-known progressive in Montana. Most folks who are progressive exist only in Missoula’s consciousness.

        So, age doesn’t really matter to me if you’re willing to stand up for truth, and justice. I’m not gonna hate a guy for his age.

        Hell, Jose, maybe he’ll save Social Security. (See? An age joke.)

        • Jose Soplar

          Duganz, with all due respect, amigo, GO EAST, YOUNG MAN! GO EAST! Look, Montana is a bigass state. People in Missoula only THINK the state revolves around them. It doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I too, love Mizzola. What a party town! But there really IS life in the outback. Pat would get his ass kicked. People in other areas of the state hate Missoula. And Pat has bought into the whole liberal Missoula scene. Hell, he’d have a pony tail if he had any hair left! And so would I!

          • I get this feeling that you got drunk all over the blogsphere…

            Regardless, my point was that Pat Williams is a good candidate. What Republican can you think of that’s worth our time?

            Get back to me when you have an answer.

            • Jose Soplar

              Drunk? One must be drunk to speak the truth? Interesting observation. Pat is seeking redemption for abandoning his seat in Congress. Some folks, for lack of a better candidate, forgive and forget. I don’t. I simply think we can do better than living in the past. Are we REALLY a bunch of Dinos, as in dinosaurs, living in the past? Get real, folks. Pat’s a dino. And I think he knows it. Napping one’s way to redemption. That could be his slogan.

            • If you want a Republican, I’d vote for Jeff Krauss, Bozeman’s mayor.

          • Sounds like you have a problem with someone that isn’t a Helena insider.

        • Jamee Greer

          I’m just jumping in here, and perhaps it is addressed later, but there are other decent, well-known progressives in Montana – Pat. What about Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau? And, for the record, Missoula isn’t the only place in Montana where progressive elected officials and voters exist. Some of our most progressive elected officials, delegations and voters in the state are actually living in other cities! Some of the most progressive policies are coming from elected officials, at all levels, from other communities. Missoula is a leader, it is progressive, not denying that. But Montana has a rich progressive history that people fail to take into account when they claim Missoula is the only progressive place – the most progressive place – in the state.

          That all said, I’m happy to hear rumors about Pat. He’d have my vote, and my time and maybe money, if I have any to give.

          Something happens to politicians, even the strongest of progressives, when they go to DC. Maybe I’m getting a little cynical, but the era of Mr. Smith is a shadow of the past, if it ever really was a reality. Folks can’t worry about re-election if they’re going to make policy that really works for real people. Not that long ago we had more officials sent to Washington who didn’t care if their decision was unpopular, so long as it was right. That’s changed: and we’ve seen it with our own delegation in Montana.

          I don’t know where Pat was at at the end of his years of service in DC, if he had changed like so many before him. But I know from conversations with him, talks he’s given and actions he has taken in our communities, that he is a strong leader and a solid progressive.

          • I’d welcome Denise, too. You are absolutely correct – another true Progressive that well deserves to be mentioned in the same category as Pat Williams.

          • And I probably shouldn’t have generalized so much. All I meant by my comment was that Pat Williams is a name known throughout the state. I’m not sure everyone knows the name of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

            And, for the record, Denise Juneau does indeed kick ass and would be a great candidate for Governor.

  6. Jose Soplar

    I suggest that if Pat SERIOUSLY want a career change, he could take Bob Dole’s place on the Viagra commercials. He’s at the age, the inbetween age where one is too old for public office, but young enough for public service commercials. Guess I better leave now before I lose my posting priviliges. But before I go, I must be serious for a moment. Get over this idea NOW! Williams is too damn old! And it’s not just me. Listen to my buddy who is seventy-five. Pat would be freakin’ SEVENTY-SEVEN after his first term was over. And hell, I’ll probably be dead! So for Christ’s sake, Dems, stop being STUPID!

  7. I work with volunteers over eighty all the time. Depends on the person.

    Just visited with pat last monday and he looks great.

    Age isn’t a problem for pat.

  8. petetalbot

    I can’t think of a better governor. Run, Pat, run.

  9. Big Swede

    Can’t wait for Pat to come on board.

    And turn off some lights.

  10. Jose Soplar

    I must explain. I really, really hate to speak ill of a true Montana hero. Pat Williams is a great man in my estimation. But the bottom line is that he left, or quit, whichever you prefer, when the going was REAL tough in D.C. If you remember right, there were LOTS of Dems leaving in droves at the time. They were whipped, and they threw in the towel. I’ve not got much respect for any of them. And then, Pat joined the club. That was it for me. A kid from Butte running from a fight was more than I could abide. My perception of my hero was forever altered. It’s hard to explain. The letdown was overwhelming. That is why I like the idea of Denise Juneau or some other young up and comer running. I hate to be reminded of those who cut and ran during one of the most troubling times in our country’s history. The runners allowed Newt Getrich (the next Pope) and co. run roughshod over the goverment unopposed. You see, I’ve always believed that if a fight is inevitable, by GOD go down swinging if you have to lose, but let the other bastards KNOW that they’ve been in a fight! This Pat did not do. And this is why the Dems have been getting their asses kicked every since.

    I will vote for Pat Williams shoud he be the candidate. But he won’t be my first choice. The stakes are too high. I remember the words of Norman McClean’s father when he found out that his son Paul had been murdered. He asked, “Can you tell me anything more”? Norman replied that all the bones were broken in his hand. I wish I could say the same for Pat Williams! He broke no bones in his hand.

  11. mr benson

    The democrats have the Governorship, and both senators and good representation in the legislature. I also think they’ve got most of the statewide offices. How is that getting their asses kicked?

    This state has been, for most of my decades here, in the democrat column. However, the economic losses in the 80s revolving around the decline of logging and mining and manufacturing and railroading seemed to have given republicans the occasional winning issues.

    • Jose Soplar

      Wow, dude! You’re quite happy with the Dems at the national level? Well then, there’s really nothing more to say. You just GOTTA be a big Maxi fan. Good for you.

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