riding the wave of populist anger has been done before

by problembear

Barack Obama is the worst President in history.” — Ben Quayle, son of former US Vice President.

“The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.”– Adolph Hitler

“I am just so fearful that this is not a man who sees America the way you and I see America.” – sara palin

Upon hearing the Republican VP candidate’s concern that Sen. Obama might be a terrorist, a voice in the crowd cried out ‘Kill him!’

“The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.” -Adolf Hitler


“As a Christian, I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice… And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people.”

Adolf Hitler

  1. Big Swede

    A sure sign of desperation is when they start bringing out the Nazis.

  2. Moorcat

    Can Godwin’s rule be applied to an entire blog?

  3. mr benson

    Too funny, Swede. It was my first reaction as well. Just an example of how low the dialog can get around here.

    The funniest thing is, problembear is the biggest defender of populism on this blog.

  4. drew you guys in like moths to a flame…. like yellow jackets to a bleeding elk rib cage…. like, well you get the idea.

    but seriously, where do you think all this linkage of government to religion is going to lead if the tea party is successful in sweeping into power on all this anger and fear?

    religious anarchy sponsored by corporate lobbyists, instead of hypocrites pretending to represent the people also sponsored by corporate lobbyists, that’s what.

    and as bad as the hypocrites in power might be now, it could get a lot worse with the likes of newt gingrich and sarah palin calling the shots to congress full of a bunch of obedient tea party drones.

    • mr benson

      Well, pb, it will lead to more extremism in politics, just as the last, as in last election, populist movement did. Ayers and Wright, et al?

      • mr benson

        the harder you shove the pendulum, the farther it swings, you understand, until the wild swings no longer make the clock work correctly.

  5. The Polish Wolf

    Yeah…but the Hitler thing is a bit of a stretch. Hitler may have spoken religiously, but his writing reveals that he didn’t have a religious worldview. He was Catholic, but he preferred Protestant or neo-pagan Germans to Slavic or ethnically Jewish Catholics. The TEA party may include some racists, but it is not a racist ideology, in that they don’t care about the color of anyone’s skin, but rather about their embrace of conservative culture. Hence, they disagree with a lot of black people, but not because they are black, etc. It can’t even really be said to be a religious ideology, either, since Glen Beck is a member of the third least-trusted religious group in American society today, after Muslims and atheists. Also, the biggest difference – Nazism was based around the political and for them spiritual necessity of a strong leadership organization. The TEA party stands for the opposite – look how quickly they turn on their own members who slip up (if they were liberal, this would be called (throwing them under the bus).

  6. same intolerance for difference of opinion….
    same motivation that unless you believe as they do, you are the enemy. and you are wrong about extremist christian teachings not taking over many of the tea party groups. it may have started secularly but it is trending toward christian identity very quickly because those people tend to dominate any small group they encounter.

    maybe you don’t see it because you are not around it enough mr wolf. i make it my business to know and speak with all people regardless of lifestyle and i know many previous tea partyers who are worried about the direction it is heading in now.

    • Moorcat

      The intolerance of a differing opinion is not just the pervue of the right. As this blog and Cowgirl’s blog has blatently shown, there is just as much intolerance on the left. In the 30+ years I have been old enough to vote, I have never seen this level of partisan hatred – ever. The rhetoric has become so over the top that the issues are secondary to the hate.

      • This blog and Mtcowgirl are very different. That blog’s sole purpose is to destroy any non-democrat.

        We don’t do that here. For one – we criticize Democrats here. For two – I have, on occasion, praised certain Republicans.

      • what hatred? i am stating facts as i know them to be true. people who have left the tea party recently are as appalled as i am at the obvious trajectory of the future of the tea party.

        sorry i told the truth moorcat. what do you want me to fight hatred, racism and homophobia with? should i send them flowere instead?

        i don’t genuflect for groups that tolerate that kind of behavior and i never apologize for telling the truth as i see it. you should know that much about me.

        if you have a differing opinion, let’s see some credible posts telling me and all of us just how wonderful the tea party is. i am listening.

  7. We don’t control the pendulum anymore goof. Corporate lobbyists have the key now. they swing it where they please.

    Right and left is a punch and judy show to keep us occupied while they rob us blind.

    • problembear, corporate lobbyists may be responsible for the rise of voter anger, but they aren’t responsible for the resurgence of the fascist right. On that score, they don’t control the pendulum either.

      • guilt by association is as true for tea partiers as it is for anyone else. if the tea party allow extremists to join their organization and embarrass it and the other participants with impunity then i believe the only honorable thing for an honorable person is to remove themselves from it.

        many are doing just that.
        (hence, the beer party) which is of course just a comical sidebar in order to illustrate the problem with trying to bring so many divergent viewpoints together under one banner of “i’m mad as hell, and i’m not going to take it anymore.”

        but of course you are right. we are all mad for a hundred different reasons which all flow from the same source- since nafta, multi-corporate interests have buried what once remained of representative government under truckloads of lobbyist dollars.

        what to do about it? now that corporate interests have all but choked off any last vestige of democracy i think we will have to wait until the thing plays out to see if there is anything we can do that might not be worse than what is going on right now.

  8. Big Swede

    Turnabout is fair play.

    “Tyranny is all about appetite and the means to satisfy it — every tyrant tells the same lies and uses the same tools and almost all (like Hitler and Obama) are the products of crippled childhoods. Thus, tyrants are all related, no matter from what time, place or race they originate. Under the skin, it is all appetite.” — Mike Vanderboegh.

  9. CFS

    Every successful revolution puts on in time the robes of the tyrant it has deposed.
    -Barbara Tuchman

  10. The Polish Wolf

    Bear – I don’t see the connection not for lack of contact with tea partiers, but because I have read Mein Kampf, and the TEA party is a different animal entirely.

    1. It has no racial ideology – Hitler was ruled by it (most Christians are of races he described as inferior). So even if it were a right wing religious movement, it would be a far cry from Hitler.

    2. Fascism of all stripes, even the less racist manifestations thereof, demands loyalty to the state as the embodiment of the society. The TEA Party does the opposite – it demands that the state be castrated so the people may be more free thereof (not, mind you, more free from other constraints, like the market and societal pressures).

    The TEA Party in that respect has most in common neither with Reds or Whites or Brownshirts, but with the Black Army -populist anarchists like Nestor Makhno – in that they have no concern for what they do to their country as long as they weaken its government. Bad for America? Yes. Fascist? Not by a long stretch.

    • many pretend to not see what the tea party is attracting for various reasons…… i don’t know what your reasons are and frankly i don’t care. you are entitled to your happy delusion. i see what is happening and know who the local players are. and it is definitely racist oriented, homophobic rabble whipped up by white christian identity brethren and sisters afraid of mud people taking their country away. there are tea party people who would deny this, but they are not the leaders. the leaders get real quiet and smile when you ask them.




      this is just the tip of the iceberg. drill down deep and you will discover much about the trajectory of the tea party that should sober up anyone truly concerned about the direction of american democracy.

      • The Polish Wolf

        Right…again, “anti-government” comes up quite strongly in all of these. TEA party members are not fascists, because the core of fascism is that state, which the TEA party abhors. The Tea Party can weaken our government and weaken our society, but that’s all.

        I have to emphasize this point because the way we must engage them is therefore different. Finding individual racists and conspiracy theorists will not work, because every TEA member sees themselves as an individual leader, not a follower, and thus we cannot disillusion them with their leaders. We instead must point out the ways government can help secure the society they are so afraid of losing.

        • is that statement “tea party members are not fascists” all inclusive or just most of them. knowledge of history does not necessarily foretell the future nor does it give me much assurance that white christian identity members who are currently members of the montana tea party movement are not fascists.

          if the nuance you are describing in your argument leads me to the conclusion that the german army circa 1940 is not in fact encircling our state it is cold comfort indeed.

          ed kemmick’s column in the billings gazette


          is a clear indication of what we are facing. i hate to be glib here but if the economy doesn’t improve fairly soon we are facing the mythical threshold of hell….

          • The Polish Wolf

            What I’m saying, as this reply section gets more and more narrow, is that TEA ideology is incompatible with fascism. And thus, unlike fascism, cannot be attacked by going after leaders or individuals. It has more in common with libertarianism or even Islamism than it does with fascism, because it claims traditional values combined with minimalist, borderline anarchic government. It may attract some Christian Identity folks, but Beck isn’t one of them – after all, Glenn Beck believes that the lost tribes of Israel came here and became Indians, or something along those lines.

  11. The Polish Wolf

    In other words, we’re not at the gates of Hell – we’re at the gates of national decline and insignificance, but we’ve been there before.

  12. you fight them your way mr wolf. i’ll fight them my way. we can compare notes when the dust settles.

    right now i want to avoid friendly fire and save my ammo for the enemy.

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