Tea Party/GOP Nominee Christine O’Donnell is a Witch… Really!


Ok, this is too good to pass up. You can’t make this s*#$ up. The wacky gets whackier. The crazies get louder. Then the mainstream starts buying into the legitimacy of these loony candidates. What gives?

Seems that the conservative movement, republicans and tea partiers are all aflutter this week about the ascension of one of their own to the ranks of nominee for major political office. As in the U.S. Senate.

Yes, the Tea Party sponsored candidate nominated by republicans in Delaware is a witch. As in she admitted to Bill Maher on Politiclly Incorrect:

“I dabbled into witchcraft… I never joined a coven, but I did, I did. I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn’t know it. I mean, there was a little blood there and stuff like that.

“We went to a movie and then had a little midnight picnic on a satanic altar.”

So for your viewing pleasure, and discussion this weekend, I bring you Christine O’Donnell’s admission to being a witch:

In related news, Christine O’Donnell canceled all of her scheduled appearances on major media this weekend–including her Sarah Palin suggested megaphone moment on Fox News.

The GOP is Dead! Long live the GOP

  1. mr benson

    I bet she isn’t the nominee by the end of the week. Republicans aren’t going to support a witch. Maybe a guy with funny underwear, or a guy who anoints himself with oil, but no witches.

  2. You might be surprised, jhwygirl. It depends on the strength of the redemptive narrative. Bobby Jindal participated in an exorcism; so much for him being an anchor baby to the GOP. Look at the Grifta from Wassila. I imagine a new redemptive narrative will be spun around how her dalliance with the Dibil lead O’Donnell to TRUE faith. That little tale could make bank in a hurry.

    If you’ve never heard the name Mike Warnke before, now might be a good time to look it up.

  3. Turner

    O’Donnell’s idol, Sarah Palin, once had an African preacher purge devils out of her. It’s on video somewhere, maybe YouTube.

    They same preacher bragged about driving witches (old women he didn’t like) out of his village.

    To state the obvious, the crazies of the Hard Right embrace all kinds of irrationality.

  4. lizard19

    don’t the rich and powerful worship a stone owl named Moloch and participate in a ceremony where the effigy of a child is burned every July in the mystical woods of northern California?

  5. Big Swede

    Should then be easy for you guys.

    All you’d have to do is throw a bucket of water on her.

    • JC

      She’s ot our problem BS. She’s yours.

      Would you vote for her if she were running in Montana?

      • Moorcat

        She isn’t Swede’s problem either as the woman is not running for office in Montana. To answer your question, I would not vote for her based on her issue statements and stance on a number of key issues. The fact that she has bastardized four seperate religions (probably in an attempt to garner votes the way Wulfgar has pointed out already), I find sick and sad.

        Please keep in mind that Paganism is a growing religion in America and is protected under the Constitution just as much as Christianity is. This isn’t about Paganism (or Satanism). It is about a media circus to stay in the limelight.

        • JC

          BS tried to make it our problem, Moorcat (“Should then be easy for you guys”). I just threw the ball back into his corner.

          I’m not going to get into an argument with you about what form of “worship” exactly it was that O’Donnell was engaging. Nor whether or not it was protected under the constitution. That’s irrelevant here.

          What I want to know is if tea partiers support O’Donnell’s candidacy in light of her self-proclaimed admittance to having “dabbled in witchcraft?”

          It’s easy to poo-poo the woman and your non-support for her in light of “her issue statements and stance on a number of key issues,” and thereby avoid the question of whether or not the Tea Party supports, in general, candidates who have practiced witchcraft.

          The Tea Party movement has produced crackpot candidates and nominees. Don’t any of you tea partiers want to speak up and defend them and give them your support?

          Or is all of this tea party nonsense just a coverup for the same old conservative and right wing GOP drivel that has been around for the last 30 years, and you don’t really care about the sorts of candidates it produces because the whole goal is just to shake up D.C.?

          • The Polish Wolf

            I for one don’t think dabbling in witchcraft makes her a bad candidate – I find her conversion experience and the actions that followed (like deciding that, through masturbation, you can commit adultery without even being married). I find it comforting that the TEA Party did ‘forgive’ her for her actions and welcome her with open arms – it’d show some sort of tolerance on their part. I agree with Moorcat – it’s a bad positions I fear more than her bad decisions.

            • JC

              “I find it comforting that the TEA Party did ‘forgive’ her for her actions and welcome her with open arms”

              I’ve yet to see any evidence the Tea Party knew anything about O’Donnell’s dabblings in witchcraft, pre-Maher video release.

              I think if she had talked about that at the Value Voters the other day, we might have an inkling as to how that crowd would respond.

              But all I hear is crickets from the right and the TP…

      • Big Swede

        Sure, we need a good witch.

        Especially when the house falls on Pelosi.

        • JC

          How do you know she won’t be the wicked witch of the west?

          If you were a Delaware resident, would you vote for her BS?

          • Big Swede

            With out a doubt. Even more so given the alternative a bearded Marxist.

            More importantly consider the teachable moment this provides. Ya got a eastern state chuck full of blue voters and she’s behind by 11%.

            11%!! They’re throwing the kitchen sink at her from both sides, right and left and yet she still has a chance.

            What does that say about the Dems message?

            • JC

              “Without a doubt”

              Then you guys forgive Obama for dabbling in Rev. Wright’s church? Or being a make-believe Muslim?

              Or is it easier to forgive (ignore, forget, ho-hum… etc.) because she has the correct political ideology?

              • Big Swede

                Here’s a better question.

                What’s worse? Being a recent passenger in a boat where the drunk driver runs aground injuring passengers during your term as congressman or playing Samantha as a private citizen 10 years ago?

              • The Polish Wolf

                JC – I think the deal is, they can’t NOT forgive her. Wulfgar is right – there is nothing the Christian right likes better than a good redemption narrative. She admitted to having promiscuous sex in college, precisely to create that narrative – the Mary Magdalene narrative, really. The witchcraft just adds to it. The promiscuous witch turned abstinence proponent is almost good as a ‘recovered’ homosexual or a converted Muslim to them.

              • Big Swede

                Last time I looked it took more than the Christians to elect somebody.

  6. Big Swede

    With Eye of Newt and Tail of Coons

    Tongue of Lizard and Cash of Rubes

    The Cauldron Bubbles with Potion’s Brew

    To Stop your Faping and fill Biden’s Shoes!

    Yeah, I stole it from AOS

    • mr benson

      funniest thing I’ve read on the internet in a while, swede.

      It’s like debating jimmy dobson.

      and she’s still the candidate so wulfgar was right.

  7. Pogo Possum

    “. . . playing Samantha as a private citizen 10 years ago”

    Minor correction Swede. She was talking about it on the Maher show 10 years ago but said the Samantha experience happened when she was beginning to date in high school. So that makes it more like 25 years ago when she was around 15 or 16.

    The was approximatly the same time a 20 something year old Obama was in college choosing his “friends carefully. . . the Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.” and “discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy” while he ground his cigarette butts into the hallway carpets to “resist bourgeois society’s stifling conventions.”

    Wonder what JC was into when he was 15 (or 20) years old.

    • JC

      I was a geek at 15–learning how to program Fortran at the age O’Donnell was discovering the ways of the witches. ;-)

      A mondo geek at 20, I was tutoring college graduate students in SPSS, among other things.

  8. Swede wins the prize for most hilarious comments…bucket of water and house falling on pelosi along with the interview kept us in stitches out in camp around the campfire. Thanks BS.

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