Bozeman’s Resolution in Support of Montana’s Same Sex Couples (Cont.)

by jhwygirl

This is just a quick follow-up to last week’s post about the City of Bozeman’s resolution in support of Montana’s same sex couples and their lawsuit against the State of Montana for its Defense of Marriage Act.

With Montana in the national news spotlight for the Montana GOP’s platform criminalizing homosexuality, this resolution highlights some of the things I touched on in that previous post – namely that to have the State of Montana defend an unconstitutional law (unconstitutional by both Montana Constitutional and U.S. Constitutional standards) is sheer lunacy.

I’ve preached many a time on the pyramid of laws that we have – the Constitution is the ultimate law of the land, and all others must comply. Shame on any legislator (or administration or attorney general) that does anything less than defend against those guiding principles.

Bozeman’s resolution is unique in that it is the first resolution directed towards state government telling them to put an end to segregating and treating same sex couples differently under government sanctioned institutions like marriage.

Montana has far more important things to address in court than to try and rehash an issue that has been resolved in our highest courts already. Not only has Montana’s Supreme Court resolved the issue, the U.S. courts have utilized Montana’s Supreme Court decision as precedent in many federal cases confirming the right to privacy.

Conservatives everywhere should be in support. Nothing speaks more loudly against the principles of small government and intrusion than a law that defines marriage.

Please take time to read the Bozeman Chronicle’s article on last Monday’s resolution proposed by Mayor Jeff Krauss.

Bozeman Mayor Jeff Krauss wants his city to set an example for other cities across Montana by being the first to pass a resolution supporting the seven same-sex couples suing the state for the same rights as married couples.

“These couples are really walking out on a limb to put their faces forward, to put their stories forward, and I think they deserve the support,” Krauss told the Chronicle.

Jeff Krauss, btw, identifies as a Republican. The Mayor’s office and City Commission posts are non-partisan.

Montana’s GOP might be nuts, with “over two-thirds” of its membership voting in support of criminalizing homosexuality – but not all of Montana’s GOP agree. We that support equality should keep this in mind, and not create an environment where the GOP members that want to come out in support of equality – that want to speak out and tell their party that they are wrong – have exactly that environment which allows them to speak in support of small government and against its intrusion into private lives.

Montanans for equality should constructively embrace the national attention being thrust upon us now and leverage it to allow the state’s GOP members that do support equality to do so without fear of repercussion. That one-third out there need the breathing room to take care of the business at hand.

  1. The Polish Wolf

    Great post – I think it can’t be pointed out enough that the MT GOP, far from defending the constitution, includes in their platform a demand to repeal a 98-year old amendment and unapologetically stand by a law that is clearly unconstitutional.

  2. petetalbot

    I should read your post before, not after, I write mine. Oh well. Since I just tarred the MT GOP for it’s lack of tolerance on so many things, it was insightful to read your thoughts about those in the party who may have differing opinions than those espoused by the far right in the MT GOP.

    Still, with the executive director basically saying that the anti-gay plank is no big thing, and so much of the leadership bending over backwards in support of the Tea Party … We’ll see what happens.

    • There is no apology necessary and Pete – we are all entitled to speak our minds. So I’ve no hard will.

      I do believe know that not each and every GOP member believes that homosexuality should be outlawed. I know that some think that the government has no business defining who can be married – hell, some don’t think that the government belongs in the marriage business (although I don’t know how society would deal with what that would all mean, as the institution is ingrained in everything from work to taxes).

      Where I get to in my last paragraphs is that this issue is important enough that I, myself, don’t want to flame away at all Montana Republicans. I think that has the potential of putting all of them on a defensive position, despite (again) what I know to be that there is a group of them that disagree with the parties official stance.

      They need room to work, and they need to be able to do so without feeling that they, too, are under attack.

      I really need to present this issue as it sits with the Democrats …. and I say that knowing that the Dems DID try and remove equality rights from the platform in the not-too-recent past. Right there from the floor. A scramble ensued and with the hard work of 2 legislators (one from Missoula), the attempt was quashed.

      I can’t get anyone to talk about this on the record, though…but I know that it happened, and I know the individuals involved, and I make no apologies for putting it forth here.

      Truth is truth. Reality is reality. Dems and 4&20 readers should not be so naive to think that the MT GOP is the only evil homophobes out there in the state. We got ’em amongst us, in our own party.

      So Dems are not pure on this. Has any Democratic party leader spoken up about this issue? They’ve had 3 months now, and not a gosh darn word from Governor Schweitzer (and boy – if ever there was a man who had an opinion on just about everything)…nor has our state chair Jim Elliot – and hell, not even the Missoula County Dems have spoken out publicly against the GOP’s platform.

      Have any county Dems? Lewis & Clark? Flathead? Gallatin? Yellowstone? Park? I’ve not heard anything.

      So I’ll take the flames and the grenades – but I won’t toss them onto one side of the fence. They’re everywhere, buried like minefield. I say watch your step, because the person you think is a friend may actually have been OK with removing it from the state’s Democratic platform.

    • Hell – come to think of it, Dennis McDonald who sorta has the floor now being that it is an election cycle and all hasn’t uttered a word on this issue.

  3. The Polish Wolf

    But here’s the thing – there may be Dems that oppose the plank, and certainly Dems aren’t going to make a public deal out of an issue they know they lose on. Nonetheless, as things stand, every time effort is made to equalize gay rights, we end up losing ground in the backlash. Lets not forget that a few pre-mature court cases in other states left us with an odious constitutional amendment against gay marriage. I think the struggle for equal rights has to be won in the cultural arena before the political one, because when political progress gets too far ahead of cultural attitudes, it creates the sort of phenomena we see with the TEA party, where old attitudes are simply reinforced by a sort of siege mentality.

  4. thanks for sex information administrator

  5. and one more 13-yr-old bullied to death
    —political expediency is a luxury these kids don’t have—

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