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Killers & Poets

by lizard

With such a wide swath of Americans serving in the military, it shouldn’t be surprising our armed forces are comprised of cultural extremes, like killers and poets, serving side by side in extreme chaos and extreme boredom.

The killer aspect of American soldiering has recently sprung up in a creepy kill squad involving at least a dozen soldiers, and led by a sergeant who is suspected of participating in similar activities in Iraq.  These soldiers even collected trinkets from their kills, like fingers and bones.

But I wonder if it’s fair to hold these soldiers accountable for their sadistic behavior when the larger war effort regularly blows up women and children along with the militants and terrorists.  After all, indiscriminate killing of innocents is indiscriminate killing of innocents (right?).

To contrast that disturbing extreme here’s Brian Turner—an infantry team leader for a year in Iraq with the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team—who tries to translate his experience of war into poems.  They are not easy poems to read.

16 Iraqi Policemen

The explosion left a hole in the roadbed
large enough to fit a mid-sized car.
It shattered concrete, twisted metal,
busted storefront windows in sheets
and lifted a BMW chassis up onto a rooftop.

The shocking blood of the men
forms an obscene art: a moustache, alone
on a sidewalk, a blistered hand’s gold ring
still shining, while a medic, Doc Lopez,
pauses to catch his breath, to blow it out
hard, so he might cup the left side of a girl’s face
in one hand, gently, before bandaging
the half gone missing.

Allah must wander in the crowd
as I do, dazed by the pure concussion
of the blast, among sirens, voices
of the injured, the boots of running soldiers,
not knowing whom to touch first,
for the dead policemen cannot be found,
here a moment before, then vanished.

While this kill squad is probably an aberration, people need to realize there is an entirely new broken generation of American soldiers ravaged by a decade of (by now obviously unjust) wars, coming home then back then home then back and some of them are time bombs waiting to go off.

Because the true cost of war is incalculable.

slime devils to the rescue!

by problembear

the slime devils who are paid to spew lies about payday lending have finally arrived to convince us that citizen’s initiative I-164 to cap the rate on payday lending is unfair to the people who pay them for their lies. let’s give them all a rousing montana welcome.

these asshat social spin doctors for hire sitting in their air-conditioned high rise offices next door to las vegas casino operatives,  have descended from their desert gremlin perches to tell us how to vote in montana.

huh uh, paydevils. this here’s montana. we don’t cotton to outsiders tellin’ us what to do. so take your little talking point sheets and roll them up real tight and sit on them and twirl. we in montana intend to abolish bad behavior in lending institutions who target our working poor. we intend to enact  this measure with an interest rate cap of 36% that honest working folks can afford to pay back.

next will be the cornball commercials on tv telling us how we are depriving our citizens of the opportunity to stick their heads into the payday noose with each twisting victim paying interest rates of 300% to 650% !

these mercenaries are desperately trying to keep us from voting on citizens initiative I-164 this coming nov 2 because all the polls are showing that montanans favor capping the interest rate for these loans to 36%  by huge margins ( in some polls 85% to 15% ) we should not tolerate out of state interests trying to hi-jack montana’s right to vote on this issue. stay tuned on more news of the outcome of this trial in the next few days.

get ready montana for the biggest shovel full of manure you have ever seen. and if you would like some help sorting out the steaming hell manure served up by the slime devils from the truth, these guys can help.

for up to date info follow them on twitter too!

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