slime devils to the rescue!

by problembear

the slime devils who are paid to spew lies about payday lending have finally arrived to convince us that citizen’s initiative I-164 to cap the rate on payday lending is unfair to the people who pay them for their lies. let’s give them all a rousing montana welcome.

these asshat social spin doctors for hire sitting in their air-conditioned high rise offices next door to las vegas casino operatives,  have descended from their desert gremlin perches to tell us how to vote in montana.

huh uh, paydevils. this here’s montana. we don’t cotton to outsiders tellin’ us what to do. so take your little talking point sheets and roll them up real tight and sit on them and twirl. we in montana intend to abolish bad behavior in lending institutions who target our working poor. we intend to enact  this measure with an interest rate cap of 36% that honest working folks can afford to pay back.

next will be the cornball commercials on tv telling us how we are depriving our citizens of the opportunity to stick their heads into the payday noose with each twisting victim paying interest rates of 300% to 650% !

these mercenaries are desperately trying to keep us from voting on citizens initiative I-164 this coming nov 2 because all the polls are showing that montanans favor capping the interest rate for these loans to 36%  by huge margins ( in some polls 85% to 15% ) we should not tolerate out of state interests trying to hi-jack montana’s right to vote on this issue. stay tuned on more news of the outcome of this trial in the next few days.

get ready montana for the biggest shovel full of manure you have ever seen. and if you would like some help sorting out the steaming hell manure served up by the slime devils from the truth, these guys can help.

for up to date info follow them on twitter too!

  1. mr benson

    pb, I couldn’t do as much as I’d hoped. Still signed up.

    It would be good for you to lay out the case, in a post on 4&20. Some of the things I think people would like to know, or maybe it’s just me that would like to know, are:

    Who are in the demographics of the customers?
    How long do customers take to pay off loans, for example, 50% pay off the first time, second week etc’ How many keep paying for six months to a year? What’s the average size loan, and the average, or median, size fees/interest charges?

    It seems to me to be a spiral of debt that attracts young adults, single parents, elderly, the desperate! But is that true? I always thought it was a sidekick to gambling, but that may be just my impression, and it would mean an entirely different demographic.

    I think people will vote yes, but they’re doing it mostly because it’s “post date a check” and “check for a check” and “payday loans” and the kind of storefront titles that scream “this is a stupid idea”.

    I’ve pawned stuff, which isn’t much better. I’ve got empathy. I don’t have facts.

  2. thanks goof! pawn shops won’t be affected by this bill. i have too, (back in the salad days)

    these guys lay out a pretty good case on their website;

    and from personal experience my daughter was trapped by these guys when she was younger. she was too ashamed to admit to using them. (which is a very common thing you hear from parents about this product) and by the time i tried to help her she was very much damaged by them credit wise and ended up paying about 1600 bucks for what amounted initially to be a loan for 325.00 i hired an attorney to take them to court but the state of montana’s laws are so screwed up he couldn’t help her.

    needless to say she learned her lesson but i don’t think many parents would enjoy seeing their kid roasted over a spit and bled dry by vultures. i went to the guys office and was immediately surrounded by gorillas who look like they live at gold’s gym. definitely not the kind of business you ever want your kid to go to or your grandkid. and definitely not the kind of business montana needs. nevada can have them. we don’t need this kind of malevolent business supported by montana’s laws. it is not the montana way in my book.

  3. I worked the doors in 1996 on the Clean Water and Minimum Wage initiative, to great success. I collected hundreds of signatures, and feelings were good.

    The came the TV ads. You have to understand, these PR people are very good, and they have lots of money. I came to realize that there was only one way to defeat them: Inoculation. People had to be warned in advance what was coming, to make them immune. Have you done this?

    Otherwise, your only hope for passing initiatives is the Motl model, the sneak attack.

  4. It's Good to Know

    True, there are a lot of bad, out of State owned Title and Payday loan places doing business in Montana but there are also many locally owned, good businesses that will be hurt by this initiative. This initiative is designed to shut them down, not bring them to a reasonable interest rate that will afford the company to stay in business as well as serve a need.

    PROBLEMBEAR…looks like your kid not only has made terrible finanical choices, she also chose the wrong one to go to. I’ve used a store in Billings that has helped me many, many times when times were hard. I have horrible credit, no bank account and had no where to turn. They don’t charge 25% per month and anytime I’ve missed a payment they have worked with me and never took my car.

    I’ve watched this initiative come to this point and can’t believe the rediculous hate that has come from some of the proponents. They obviously don’t have all the facts and they only want to spread hate.. I agree with the post above, I’d like some hard facts to make my accurate choice…I wish the voters had the facts too instead of all of the negativity that has been spread in their ears.

  5. yeah yeah yeah. whatever. i’ve heard all these “personal” testimonials by you slime devils before. brushing on another coat of cheap paint to try to cover up the stain….

    you all talk about what a friendly business you run and lower interest rates a little bit when you are in danger and then jack them back up to the limit as soon as the coast is clear.

    it’s not gonna work this time. this time, if a judge in polson rules for the people of montana, the people of montana will regulate your interest rates to 36%.

    tell me again how my daughter made poor choices.
    how do you feel about your choices?
    and how old were you when you matured into making perfect choices?

    oh yeah. that’s right. you haven’t yet….

    “I’ve used a store in Billings that has helped me many, many times when times were hard. I have horrible credit, no bank account and had no where to turn.”

    first of all. i don’t believe a word you say. you’re just another paid slime devil mercenary spinning lies like the rest of them. nice try, genius. i have access to your location. and it is nowhere near billings mt.

  6. Onourside

    Keep up the derogetory name calling…we’ll hand it right over to the judge. We know you are one of the guys bad mouthing and spreading lies there. He’ll be glad to know fools like you have spread your crap all over the State.
    Sorry your daughter was raised by such a looser who couldn’t teach her to count money let alone instill some common sense in her.

    • my right to free speech is guaranteed under the first amendment. so is yours. no judge in this country can change that.

      you guys are paid mercenaries for the payday lending industry attempting to take away the right of the people of montana to vote on I-164. i owe none of you slime-devils any courtesy whatsoever.

      a vast majority of montana’s citizenry has nothing but contempt for your predation on our working poor, no matter what that judge says.

      • lizard19

        keep up the good work pbear, it appears to be working. it’s common sense initiatives like I-164 that keeps me encouraged and hopeful about voter-initiated local/state politics.

        hell, i’ll probably even vote for McDonald. despite my near-crippling disillusionment, i don’t really want to see the rightwing claw their way back with their intellectually bankrupt public money funneling wealth redistribution schemes.

        i just wish establishment democrats didn’t pander to the same set of unamerican, tax-dodging corporate assholes the right services.

  7. mr benson

    just to be clear, I’m for this initiative. But I have not studied it sufficiently to be an expert. just a voter.

    and for sure, “onourside” is the “looser” he ignorantly accuses others of being with his “derogetory” remarks.

  8. must really be grating to the companies writing checks to these morons that a bear in montana of only moderate intelligence and in his spare time after working days can literally tear these guys to pieces for free.

    you would think that better competition would be available given the unemployment rates in the country

  9. this is a nice letter of bipartisan support for capping the interest rate of payday lenders in montana….

  10. Pogo Possum

    I have no love for the payday lone industry and am happy to see discussion of the topic to help achieve further reasonable regulation of that industry. However, I find it interesting that Problem Bear has so quickly forgotten his earlier post on the need for greater courtesy and fewer personal attacks on this blog.

    On September 26th, Pbear wrote, under the headline “more stuff to think about”:

    ”maybe we could develop some guidelines so commenters as well as editors here have some way to guide us in keeping this site useful and relevant. . . “

    “In regards to tone/style, those that are excessively negative tend to provide a basis on which to delete in a principled way. Examples of negative tone/style include being needlessly hateful, needlessly condescending, or needlessly hostile. As others have noted, being negative (or, to be more technical, an ass) out of proportion to the provocation seem to provide grounds for considering deletion.”

    “. . . when i am posting a response to a comment or making a post if the word YOU is used in any sentence, take a minute and pause before posting it and make sure it is necessary to make my point. when i take the time to do this, i have found that it never is.”

    Now, in reference to ‘It’s Good To Know” ProblemBear writes:

    “. . . you slime devils”
    “. . . you’re just another paid slime devil mercenary spinning lies”

    ‘You’ may want to go back and re-read your earlier post Pbear.

    • slime devils are paid mercenaries for one of the most heinous and vile industries this nation has ever known.

      and i never follow rules pogo. not even my own.

      my post was simply an invitation to a discussion opportunity – not a rule making committee. in fact i believe i said i had no interest in making any rules. to date, there is no real rigid structure here that i know of. just plain old fly by the seat of the pants stuff.

  11. well, thanks for your support of regulating the payday industry anyway pogo. at least i am big enough to say that.

  12. Pogo Possum

    “. . . in fact i believe i said i had no interest in making any rules. ”

    Do you even read what you write PBear?

    What you did say was:
    “. . . maybe we could develop some guidelines so commenters as well as editors here have some way to guide us in keeping this site useful and relevant. . . “


    “. . . Examples of negative tone/style include being needlessly hateful…”

    Seems pretty clear to me.

  13. It's Good to Know

    Thank you Pogo Possum…I couldn’t agree more. Problembear’s horrible hatred and negativity is so sickening that I am completely turned off to his blog from his negative, one-sided accusations and dialog.
    I thought a blog was a sounding board for opinions, facts and discussion, not for someone to be chastised and ridiculed.

    Despicable…..he’s only hurting the chances of this initiative passing because people are starting to see that he’s has a personal vendetta on the industry and is so stained by what has happened to him that he can’t see through his own fog to recognize both sides to the issue. I just pray that someone like this is never in any place of power. Makes me shutter.

    I do believe there is a need for change payday and title interest rates, just not at the level that will wipe out an entire business and send their employees into the unemployment line.

    • CFS

      Are you fucking kidding me?

      First, you place way too much power in The hands of PB

      Second, if you think one bloggers comments that hurt a slime ball’s feelings have any bearing on the .01% of the Montanans that actually read our drivel… let alone the general population… In forming an opinion on this issue then you need to go waste your time somewhere else.

      I for one, hope you never come back… And people in power have far worse opinions than what PB has expressed here… they just don’t share them.

      And if you can’t make any money @ 36% interest your an idiot.

  14. “Makes me shutter.”

    Hope so. That’s what montana citizens would like to do to an industry that targets our working poor.

  15. dear slime devil:

    “despicable” at least you know how to spell that word.

    that is exactly the right word to describe the industry you represent and defend…..

    today’s opinion page in the missoulian is written by a former military veteran and montana citizen who is equally incensed about what your industry does to our most vulnerable citizens and what it once did to our soldiers and their families before congress outlawed your incredibly high interest rates on our active duty military personnel and their families…

  16. It's Good to Know

    It’s already illegal to loan to active military and their families… Like I said before, get your facts idiot!

    • the depraved consulting firm who pays you for your services to defend the payday industry must be deeply disappointed that you apparently cannot spell, construct a coherent sentence or read.

      “…what your industry does to our most vulnerable citizens and what it once did to our soldiers and their families before congress outlawed your incredibly high interest rates on our active duty military personnel and their families…”

      how much do they pay these days for illiterate help?

  17. It's Good to Know

    I’m starting to cry….you’ve really hurt my feelings now. Like I said…this has been done long time ago…..Military are in an entire other class for a reason….

  18. yeah and the reason is congress regulated this sordid industry….

    just like montana is going to do to your bosses on nov 2.

    by the way:
    your poor sentence structure indicates to me that you are from an outsource firm. do you actually speak english? because you sure as hell don’t write english.

  19. It's Good to Know

    Sorry for my improper grammar…it’s hard to type and count money at the same time.

    And problembear…the Stop & Go called and was wondering if you could pull a few extra shifts this weekend.

    • “…it’s hard to type and count money at the same time.”

      especially when the money is slimy and slippery from the blood sweat and tears of the families and working poor that you help to further impoverish with unconscionable interest rates.

      even your much touted harrington charges what you like to describe as a charitable 15.00 per hundred. the average loan is for 300.00 so harrington makes 45.00 on that loan of 300.00 every two weeks. if it is rolled over, he makes 90.00 for that 300.00 for one month. 52 weeks per year and 26 two week periods later harrington stands to make 1170.00 for that single loan of 300.00

      mr harrington makes 390% interest on those loans. and i suppose you consider that reasonable?

      often the poor workers you loan to can’t ever pay the original 300.00 back without taking out another loan.

      by going back and forth from one payday lender to another
      this starts a cycle that eventually destroys paychecks, impoverishes the workers and ruins families.

      still proud of your shoddy defense of payday lending, igtk?

  20. many thanks to ray peck for a fine editorial on payday lending in today’s helena independent record ….

  21. more bipartisan support for capping the rate on payday lenders ….

  22. who supports capping the rate on payday lenders in montana?

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