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most of us now realize that max’s plan didn’t work out very well, did it?!

by problembear

the next citizens initiative i would like to see in the 2012 election cycle is for: Montana Public Option health care insurance. check this site out and let’s get the ball rolling here:

first order of business:

we should start drafting legislation that will enable employers of this state to pool their health insurance premiums into a public option insurance policy that actually uses the money for paying for health care for the insured rather than simply create more profits for private health insurance companies who are raising our rates and increasing our deductibles with impunity since max baucus’s gift to his friends in the health insurance lobby.

montana could enact legislation to develop a public option health insurance program which would:

  • lower most insurance rates by 33%
  • guarantee coverage for all insured who opt in
  • provide stability to employers tired of searching for decent HC plans
  • attract businesses to MT who want our plan for their employees.
  • increase participation of all health care providers who want in.
  • bring costs back in line with benefits for both insured and vendors
  • take away the uncertainty of dealing with private insurers.
  • make private insurers who do business in montana more competitive

now who can argue with that?

(besides max and his friends, i mean.)

by problembear

the citizens of montana take their right to vote very seriously, and we don’t like it much when somebody tries to take that right to vote away from us.

if the citizen’s initiative process has taught me anything it has taught me that the people of the state of montana know better than their leaders how to lead. i am assuming a huge thing here, given that payday lenders are determined to try to rob montanans of the opportunity to vote on I-164 to cap the rate on payday lenders via the courts. i am assuming we will be successful in defeating the payday lenders no matter what the courts decide.

why? because the payday lenders have gone too far by suing us to prevent us from voting on this issue. no matter what , the people of this state do not appreciate special interests getting in the way of our voting rights. so i assume that the increasing anger toward payday lenders will only become more vehement if they are temporarily successful in stopping this measure.

the bipartisanship support exhibited by montana’s legislators toward passage of this measure also gives me hope  because no matter how the courts rule, the legislature cannot help but see the 85% support accross montana for this initiative and pass a similar bill in the upcoming legislature.

payday lenders have gone too far in montana with their legal shenanigans and questionable tactics.  it may or may not delay passage of this much needed bill, but their arrogance has earned them even more anger from the citizenry and leadership of montana over an industry which is already despised in this state.

one way or another, the people of this state will finally rise up and demand that the predation and greed which is victimizing the most vulnerable of our seniors on fixed incomes and our low wage workers must stop. the payday lenders are simply sealing their own doom with their army of out of state lawyers trying to get between the citizens of this state and our voting booth.

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