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Well, as long as it is PSA Tuesday, I’ll throw in my favorite event of the week! I hope you all can turn out wednesday night for the premiere screening of Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison.

I’ll have to admit that this PSA comes with a bit of personal investment. I have seen the rough cuts for this documentary, and it is a kick ass, definitive production! There are also many friends of mine in the video, and the production team includes many Missoulians, with the documentary being produced right here in Missoula by our own High Plains Films. I also may have a little bit of my own time invested in both the production and issue, too… So hop on down to the Wilma and check it out!


Montana Premiere of FACING THE STORM: STORY OF THE AMERICAN BISON. New documentary feature highlights the abundance and breadth of local Montana talent

Where: Wilma Theater, 131 S. Higgins Avenue, Missoula, Montana
When: Wednesday October 6, 2010 @ 7 pm Tickets: $8

High Plains Films presents the Montana premiere of FACING THE STORM: STORY OF THE AMERICAN BISON, an ITVS/Montana PBS co-production. The film also had local support from Humanities Montana. The screening is a fund-raising event for Missoula’s Big Sky Film Institute (parent organization for High Plains Films & the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival). The feature documentary is the result of the collaboration of diverse Montana talent. Review copies are available on request.

Full Press Release below the fold. Continue Reading »

by problembear

this is a community announcement for all those interested in honing their writing skills from an excellent organization here in missoula.

Dear Writers:

Katie Crouch, bestselling author of Girls in Trucks and Men and Dogs, is coming to Missoula to do a micro-workshop on employing dangerous choices in writing. She will also be giving a reading at the 2nd Annual 406 Writers’ Workshop Party, where you can (win a chance to) read your work with Katie.

Workshop: Saturday, October 23rd, 2-5pm

Reading: Saturday, October 23rd, Time TBA

Workshop Details: The workshop will be limited to 25 participants. Tickets for the workshop are $25. Included in the fee is a free copy of Katie’s bestselling book, Girls in Trucks, which Katie will be referencing during the workshop. Students are invited—but not required—to submit work, which Katie will discuss in the workshop. For workshop specifics, visit our website here.

Tickets for the event must be purchased in advance, and are available only at Shakespeare & Co. (located at 103 South 3rd St. West).

Reading/Party Details: On the night of Saturday 23rd, we will be hosting the 2nd Annual 406 Writers’ Workshop Party, at which Katie will give a reading from her new book, Men and Dogs. If you are interested in reading with Katie, we have a little contest we’re running, which we think will be kind of fun. For the contest, we’ll provide you the first and last line from Chapter 1 of Katie’s new book, and ask you—in 500-600 words—to fill in the rest. More details will soon be available on our website.

Our thanks in advance to Garth at Shakespeare & Co., and Barbara at Fact & Fiction, for helping out with this event. Please support your local booksellers!

For questions, e-mail Brian Buckbee and Elizabeth Urschel at, or call Brian at 493-0746.

by jhwygirl

They’ve got an exclusive franchise with the city to provide water. They’re pretty ineffective and managing their business – or at least that’s what they’ve been told by the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) multiple times One large example would be failing to upgrade water mains or even have a plan to do so – water mains which are over 100 years old in part of the city and which leak massive amounts of water, increasing costs for water treatment to all customers. They’ve had their wrists slapped on this more than once.

So now Mountain Water has its britches in a scritches over a recent PSC ruling that requires regulated utilities to disclose salaries of top executives.

So now I NEED to know more…and I want to thank the PSC for looking out for consumer’s interests.

Are we going to find that their salaries are ridiculous? That staff is underpaid? That water infrastructure is going to rust and rot while a handful of execs are living high on our water bill payments?

That there’s such mismanagement that the city needs to figure out how to make our water system a public service?

Because that would really suck. For them.

by jhwygirl

Compassion & Choices is a nationwide organization, with a chapter in in Montana, advocating and educating on the subject of end-of-life care and choice issues.

It’s not something most people are comfortable about…but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. In reality, end-of-life care is something that is far better to be discussed and thought out before the torment comes to you or your loved ones.

Here in Montana, a 2010 Supreme Court decision – Baxter v. Montana guarantees the rights of a Montanan to seek doctor-assisted death as part of their end of life care.

Does that make you uncomfortable? It’d be weird if it doesn’t.

The shame of this all is that the only guidance Montanans have in this matter is the Supreme Court decision. Laws here do not set forth guidance, nor do they protect doctors or patients. They should.

Sickness and pain-tormented days are not the time to be fighting these things out in court, as Robert Baxter had to do in 2008. Baxter died, suffering, the day of the Supreme Court decision.

Dr. Tom Preston, a Washington physician and medical director for Compassion & Choices of Washington will address current issues and answer audience questions here in Missoula next Tuesday, October 12th, from 12 to 1 p.m. at University of Montana’s Todd Building, Room 210.

Preston has worked with Washington’s Death With Dignity Act and is knowledgeable on how aid in dying fits into comprehensive end-of-life decision making. He regularly consults with patients, families and medical providers, helping them to explore available end-of-life options, which results in a peaceful end to terminal illness and unbearable suffering.

Advocates and opponents would do well to inform themselves on this issue. Montana law needs to address this – as the Supreme Court ruling assures it as our constitutional right.

True conservatives would want the government out of the doctors office, and would want to protect doctors from unnecessary and undue influence that political agendas can push upon patients, families and loved ones much like what happened to Terri Shiavo back in 2005.

Montanans – Republicans and Democrats – overwhelmingly support supporting individual choice when it comes to death with dignity. A recent poll, in March, 2010 confirms this. Democrats – 69% support with 16 in opposition…Republicans 53% in support with 35 in opposition, and 61% of Independents, with 23 in opposition.

Where does your legislative candidate stand on this important issue? Will they stand in the way of protection for individual rights? Will they refuse to protect physicians from political agendas? Will they want to come between you and your doctor and your private choices?

by Jamee Greer

Montana Human Rights Network hosts “Rage on the Right: Combating the Politics of Fear and Resentment” at the University of Montana-Missoula University Center on Saturday, October 9th. The event will look at the resurgence of right-wing organizing in communities across Montana and how local communities are responding.

While Cowgirl might be the first blogger to write about the actual event happening this weekend, she’s not the first to mention the extraordinary uptick in right-wing anger, bigotry and organizing taking place in Montana — and around the nation:

If you’ve been wondering why here, why now, or just wtf, this weekend’s conference from Montana’s premier trackers of extremist activity in out state seems like it will be fascinating indeed.

Keynote at the event is speaker Devin Burghart, vice president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. Burghart has been researching and writing about the right since 1992, including groundbreaking investigative work on the militia movement and white nationalism. He’ll discuss his most recent publication, Tea Party Nationalism: A Critical Examination of the Tea Party Movement and the Size, Strength and Focus of Its National Factions, during a special presentation during the day.

The conference will also feature an overview of right-wing organizing in Montana, and workshops on lesbian, gay, bi and transgender equality, comprehensive immigration reform, reproductive freedom and the United States Constitution. The day will conclude with a panel featuring local activists discussing how they’ve been addressing right-wing organizing in their home communities.

The event is co-sponsored by UM Students for Choice. Cost to attend is $25, or $10 for students. For more information, call the Montana Human Rights Network at (406)442-5506 ext. 11, visit, or e-mail

You can also register online here.

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