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by jhwygirl


Remember these type of “antics” as you all receive your mail-in ballots. Will you toss it aside?

These Cascade Republicans are idiots, for sure – but think about the other Republicans that (a) are smart enough to keep these ‘jokes’ private and (b) don’t speak out against those amongst them that incite such violence.

Your liberties are at stake.

While I’m at it – VOTE NO on convening a Constitutional Convention.

Read former GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Brown tell you why a Constitutional Convention is not needed.

by lizard

We seem to be surrounded by Orwellian newspeak as imperial overreach continues unabated. How else to explain the US Chamber of Commerce becoming a front for foreign corporations to sway our elections?

Critics of Neoliberalism have long known how groups like Human Rights Watch can be used as tools for billionaire tools like George Soros to exert their self-interested influence. Over at Counterpunch, Cockburn lays it out. Here’s a peek:

Soros the international financier made his billions as a currency speculator; he could destroy a country’s reserves, hastening its social disintegration. Then Soros the philanthropist could finance HRW’s investigations into the abuses his operations helped to induce. He offers in his single person an arresting profile of liberal interventionism in our era, in which direct economic and political destabilization (mostly calibrated in concert with the US government) has easy recourse to the moral and political bludgeon of a human rights report, which is in turn used to ratchet up the pressure for a direct imperial onslaught—whether by economic sanctions, covert sabotage, aerial bombing or a blend of all three. The role of human rights NGOs in NATO’s attack on the former Yugoslavia is a prime example.

Well put. And despicable.

No critique of American foreign policy is complete without considering the mechanism of Neoliberalism. The nefarious use of seemingly altruistic NGO’s abroad is war by other means, and must be opposed. Otherwise American Imperialism will rip this country to shreds.

As the election approaches, folks are trapped by tunnel vision. But the immensity of the problems we are facing can’t be caught by sloganeering and soundbites.

Poetry, though, has a better chance of capturing and distilling that immensity for general consumption. Here is one of my recent attempts to do just that:


we find no tale but a severed moment called now
rotting curbside while the ghosts of plastic shine on

and it’s most unfair how the crude blood we need
gurgles and burns raining hellfire from above while

massive plumes of thick density murders the sea
as the wolves of plutocracy in sheep skin snicker

as hapless factions bicker and gnash stupid teeth
and would you believe letting go is now preferable

or would you prefer their imposition of hard breaks
jolting to slam our soft bodies flying through glass

providing a glimpse of a jeweled highway sparkling
before meat hits concrete and that spark of spirit

transitions from earth cage to sky song exposing
how the severed moment extinguishes like flame

reducing human casualty to moves in a great game
as everywhere darkness comes to blot the sun

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