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by jhwygirl

Mail-in ballots are out. There’s what? 25 days left to vote? Multiple initiatives – so many candidates.

Montana Women Vote has published its 2010 Voter Guide.

MWV not only sent out questions, but their webpage is filled with informative external links like the Secretary of State’s Ballot Issues Guide.

They’ve got a rundown on the two Supreme Court seats.

And they’ve broken down some of the larger cities like Great Falls and the Bitterroot.

Lots of good info there.

by problembear

this little tidbit floated into my inbox today and i have been working all day trying to help people who are suffering  most egregiously in this recession. so pardon me if i am late to the party but i have a few things to share with ed kemmick about the predatory practices of payday lenders and it’s awful effects on our working poor, our seniors on fixed incomes and on the families and the nonprofit charities who must step in and help these people after payday lenders have sucked them dry with unconscionable interest rates…..

angie mcneil took out a payday loan for $300.00 in august to pay for her kid’s emergency room visit. the admitting nurse told angie that she would have to at least pay the $250.00 co-pay on the bill to get further treatment. angie makes $8.50 per hour working night shifts as a cashier at a truck stop. angie is a single parent. the father pays little or nothing in child support and is currently unlocatable. angie takes home $587.00 every two weeks. her rent is $529.oo per month. her utilities another $130.00 in the summer. double that in the winter months. her car is a 1986 toyota corolla with bald tires, needs brakes and barely runs. she pays $95.00 a month for gas and insurance. this leaves angie with $420.00 for groceries, emergencies, and extras. on august 20 the payday loan check of $360.00 that angie had written to the payday lender was deposited and her check was now reduced to $227.00 after  the payday lender’s check cleared.

angie had to pay for utilities and medicine for her child which would leave her with no grocery money or gas money to go to work. oh yeah, and her car insurance was due also for $58.00. so angie went back to the payday lender and took out another loan of $300.00 to make it to her next check on september 5th. it is now october 11. so far, angie has paid $240.00 to these vultures to borrow the original $300.00 and that is still unpaid. angie doesn’t know what rock she is going to turn over to come up with an extra $300.00 until at least she can submit her taxes and get a small refund which the payday lender is more than willing to file for her as long as she signs it over to them.

and please tell me ed that you do not really support these thieves? please tell me that someone broke into your blog account and wrote that sorry apology piece for this evil industry while you were out hunting? please tell me that at the very least you were suffering from a high fever and are not responsible for anything you wrote here in montana’s largest daily newspaper?

i am appalled at anyone seeing any reason to allow these spawns of satan to continue doing business in montana. much less anyone using the story of a very well paid (by montana standards) person who sees no damage done by this type of loan.

good god ed. i am too shocked at your oblivious piece to respond. it is simply too wrong of you to take your experience and extrapolate from this brief and painless transaction and apply it accross the board to all montanans. please get out and visit with some real working poor ed before your piece gives these contemptible bastards the right to condemn people to their heartless system of squeezing the last drop of blood from those who are most vulnerable.

by lizard

I think we’re about done. We may sputter on in some fractured form of gangster capitalism, but any hope public-driven democratic principles can survive our converging political/economic/environmental crises, at least for me, is virtually gone.

The most populist thing Obama could do right now to save his party and (though many would never admit it) the majority of ALL Americans is slap a moratorium on ALL foreclosures and convene the biggest goddamn investigation of the fraudster big bank lenders and semi-privatized institutions (like Fannie and Freddie) this country has ever seen. And take it primetime!

But no, this administration can’t even muster supporting a temporary foreclosure moratorium(fuck you, Axelrod).

I guess they would prefer people kicked to the streets no matter how much evidence of fraud is bubbling to the surface. I guess there’s still some drops of liquidity to squeeze from us peons as our politicians use foreign cash to sell us their various flavors of bullshit.

I guess they’re not done with us yet.

Well, I’m done with them. If the next two years proceed like the past two, the party must be abandoned no matter what the cost.


Sometimes I day dream and the craziest thoughts float into my brain.

Like, I imagine a president with guts. I Imagine Obama saying he doesn’t give a damn if he’s not elected if it means saving us from this sinking ship. I imagine him demanding these predatory lenders produce physical documentation that they own and can thus foreclose these homes. Any bank without hard evidence (because they played the derivative casino and lost) must null and void the mortgage.

Imagine a president that says:


And do you know what the beauty of this would be? If the banks couldn’t absorb the consequences of their fraudulent lending and trading practices because they were grossly overleveraged, and they go broke and are forced to sell off their assets at fire-sale prices, and they complain like the little petulant entitled delusional sociopaths they are, this is what my imaginary president with guts would say to them (and their howling political sycophants on the right):


But it’s not just American citizens who are getting screwed. Michael Hudson, my favorite economist, explains how Wall St. and The Fed are taking their insane fiscal clusterfuck global. Are they idiots, insane with greed, or is this economic warfare like the article suggests?

I don’t think the answer matters.

They just have to be stopped.

by jhwygirl

The Daily Chronicle editorial boards’ endorsements focus on anti-partisanship as an ideal qualification – they use the word partisanship at least 4 times in the piece. When an editorial board says Pomnichowski’s opponent Burnett “is too ideologically rigid to be effective in the Legislature,” had to hurt. Burnett.


And I gotta give credit here, too, to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. How many papers actually endorse candidates anymore? The Missoula Independent does…who else?

Now…getting back: Burnett aside, the focus on why to re-elect JP Pomnichowski is the task at hand, and the Daily Chronicle concisely put together the reasoning:

“…Pomnichowski deserves a return trip to Helena. Her reasonableness and experience is needed, and she was successful in her last two terms in carrying legislation that has done good things for southwest Montana, particularly downtown Bozeman.”

JP Pomnichowski has been a legislative fan favorite for me for her last two sessions, and being that I’m sitting at a computer, I can easily prove the stuff I’m saying. For one, Pomnichowski is one hard working legislator. I’ve known that – but checking the legislative website, I find that she’s successfully carried seven bills forward this last legislative session. 7? That is nothing short of amazing.

I’d say that at least meets the definition of effective.

Lest the loonies come out and say she is anti-property rights – that seems to be a favorite substantiated talking point from the right – Pomnichowski worked hard to protect private property rights by working to revise laws related to gravel pit mining – and issue that was impacting fast-growing Gallatin county pretty hard. The revisions in law enhance the public information process for permits, helping to give both property owners the right to be informed from the beginning, and helping to ensure that the mining operators know all the rules from the get-go and helped move the backlog of permits.

Protecting private rights from too-much government oversight? Pomnichowski successfully carried a bill that required government agencies to protect private information.

And that’s just a partial rundown of 2009, folks.

I like JP because when she talks about her work, she talks about it in terms of the people she represents. It isn’t politics for her – it’s about the people.

And her record shows it.

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