HD63’s JP Pomnichowski Endorsed by Bozeman Daily Chronicle

by jhwygirl

The Daily Chronicle editorial boards’ endorsements focus on anti-partisanship as an ideal qualification – they use the word partisanship at least 4 times in the piece. When an editorial board says Pomnichowski’s opponent Burnett “is too ideologically rigid to be effective in the Legislature,” had to hurt. Burnett.


And I gotta give credit here, too, to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. How many papers actually endorse candidates anymore? The Missoula Independent does…who else?

Now…getting back: Burnett aside, the focus on why to re-elect JP Pomnichowski is the task at hand, and the Daily Chronicle concisely put together the reasoning:

“…Pomnichowski deserves a return trip to Helena. Her reasonableness and experience is needed, and she was successful in her last two terms in carrying legislation that has done good things for southwest Montana, particularly downtown Bozeman.”

JP Pomnichowski has been a legislative fan favorite for me for her last two sessions, and being that I’m sitting at a computer, I can easily prove the stuff I’m saying. For one, Pomnichowski is one hard working legislator. I’ve known that – but checking the legislative website, I find that she’s successfully carried seven bills forward this last legislative session. 7? That is nothing short of amazing.

I’d say that at least meets the definition of effective.

Lest the loonies come out and say she is anti-property rights – that seems to be a favorite substantiated talking point from the right – Pomnichowski worked hard to protect private property rights by working to revise laws related to gravel pit mining – and issue that was impacting fast-growing Gallatin county pretty hard. The revisions in law enhance the public information process for permits, helping to give both property owners the right to be informed from the beginning, and helping to ensure that the mining operators know all the rules from the get-go and helped move the backlog of permits.

Protecting private rights from too-much government oversight? Pomnichowski successfully carried a bill that required government agencies to protect private information.

And that’s just a partial rundown of 2009, folks.

I like JP because when she talks about her work, she talks about it in terms of the people she represents. It isn’t politics for her – it’s about the people.

And her record shows it.

  1. Unless it involves some pretty egregious stupidity, I don’t tend to comment a lot concerning races I can’t vote in. But this one is near and dear to my heart. I’ve met JP, twice, and I really like and respect her. My beloved worked for Tom Burnett for 6+ years. He is a likable guy, but completely immersed in the good old boy network, and the Mormon network which often piggybacks upon the former. The Comical’s critique of him is pretty spot-on. When I read their endorsement of JP, I really kinda wanted to cry with joy.

    (Please don’t think less of me.)

  2. mr benson

    one of the closest races in the state. It’s a conservative area, but not as conservative as tb. So, a traditionally conservative district that jp has won in, barely, but this year with an aggressive campaign against her, and uphill campaign facing voter anger against big spending, big regulating, govt .

    Add to that her invitation to bringing up national news, like obamacare, by her trip to dc to work to pass obamacare. So, “all politics is national”, the new meme, is at work in this district which used to be a district of “how much do you support msu?”.

    she’s working hard, so is he. worth watching on election night.

  3. Pronghorn

    Last legislative session, I contacted her a few times regarding issues important to me. She responded every time, even though I live far from her district and will never be able to vote for her. I was impressed.

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    […] link to her campaign over there on the right. JP is a fine legislator, who has been endorsed by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. In fact, I’ve done quite a number of posts that have mentioned Pomnichowski. Check it […]

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