“These parasites should be put into a mass grave.”

by lizard

The title of this post was taken from a comment found at the Missoulian’s website. Who do you think this anonymous asshole is referring to? bank execs who gobble up our tax dollars? private mercenaries who kill with impunity? Health insurers who profit by denying coverage?

Nope, the parasites this commenter thinks should be put into a mass grave is homeless transients.

According to the article, the Poverello Center is looking for overflow space to house the people who won’t be able to stay at the Pov this winter because of firecode limitations.

For some people in this community, it doesn’t matter who these people are. Their stories don’t matter, and their lives don’t matter.

I have something to say to those people: homelessness is here, and it’s not going to go away. In fact, it’s going to get worse.

Why is it going to get worse? Because the wars aren’t going to stop, and the jobs lost overseas aren’t coming back, and state social services will continue to lose funding, and peddling liquor will always be profitable because there will always be a demand to escape to the bottom of a bottle.

It makes me sick Nazi-sounding assholes can make such hateful, terrible comments. Thanks Missoulian for providing a forum where such intelligent people can grapple with complicated issues like homelessness.

  1. The Polish Wolf

    Seriously, parasites? Admittedly, they do drain resources, particularly health care resources, but ironically homeless populations tend to cost us more because we don’t take care of them. If people who are involuntarily homeless had decent, warm shelter, reliable food, and basic medical care, they would cost us less in petty crime, police time, and emergency room visits. The hearts of stone end up ironically hemorrhaging more money than the bleeding hearts.

    Granted, there are many who are semi-voluntarily homeless – they prefer the streets to living in shelters or even homes, because they value freedom above stability or comfort. This is not a new phenomenon – famous people like Diogenes and St. Basil, Fool for Christ lived similar lifestyles. It is telling that in previous times they were called philosophers or saints, and people tried to gain perspective and wisdom from their radically alternative lifestyles. Frighteningly, the opinion that the homeless are just parasites is more widespread, I think, than just a few would-be euthanasists who think they ought to be dumped into a mass grave.

  2. lizard19

    you’re right, Wolf, the hardcore alcoholic segment of the street population rack up all kinds of costs the taxpayer, in some way, ultimately absorbs. and you better believe first responders get tired of responding to the same people over and over again. i could say more about that, but now is not the time or place.

    and i’m also afraid the venom and hatred that’s let loose every damn time the Pov is in the paper is becoming more prevalent among folks in this community. in this degraded and degrading economic environment, directing this dehumanizing hatred and rage toward “the homeless” will escalate, and a population that already experiences a significant amount of violence (which hardly gets reported, and if it did, not many in law enforcement would probably give a shit) will face more if these violent comments turn into violent actions.

    if that happens the Missoulian deserves a little credit for letting comments like the one i highlighted get pass their filter. it’s disgusting.

  3. If they have a good stash of porn, they should qualify for a computer job at MCPS. They could also get jobs at that research company next to the DOJ, if they’re excited about smoking crack on breaks. I don’t know how they pay for the crack on $5-$7 bucks per hour, but at least one of them managed to buy a farm after five years, so they must get a better education down there than I did in the Montana University system.

    • lizard19

      hey Alan Foos: knock it off. seriously, i’m tired of your crazy fucking comments as well. keep it up and i’m going to recommend your ass is banned from here for good.

  4. People always fear what they don’t understand.

    Spend a few hours volunteering instead of passing judgment on those we do not know. Everyone of them has a story. They are real people too.

    instead of feeding the anger,We need to find a bridge.

  5. Matthew Koehler

    Seriously crazy that the Missoulian editor would see these types of comments fit for approval on their on-line comment section. I mean, if the comments were submitted as a letter to the editor would the Missoulian print them? If not, then why does the Missoulian approve them as anonymous comments on-line.

    I’ve always been a big advocate for newspapers requiring people to register and use their real names to have the ability to comment on-line. The Missoulian won’t print a letter to the editor without verification, why should the on-line comment section be any different.

    The frustrating thing is that some of us use the on-line comment sections of newspapers to provide more context to articles and news stories, many of which, unfortunately, lack the needed context.

    The on-line comment section of any particular newspaper is only as good, or as bad, as the management wants to make it. Let’s hope the Missoulian’s management takes some needed simple steps to clean up the comment section.

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