Where Does Missoula Chamber of Commerce Stand on Attack Ads?

by jhwygirl

Where’s the money? That seems to be the question – and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has gone through great pains to defend itself against accusations that the U.S. Chamber is spending a documented well-over $20,000,000 a weeks almost exclusively attacking Democratic candidates across the U.S.

Attacks funded with foreign money.

It goes to reason that if the U.S. Chamber of Commerce isn’t spending the money it raises from foreign donors to fund attack ads, then it must be using revenue its raised from U.S. members of the Chamber of Commerce.

The U.S. Chamber needs that foreign money, I’m sure, for all those paid lobbyists that they have up in Washington DC.

So I’m wondering where our local Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce stands on their membership fees and donations being used to fund multi-million dollar attack ads to defeat Democratic candidates. Do they even know what their membership fees are being spent on.

The local CoC’s motto: “The mission of the Missoula Chamber is to provide community leadership and business advocacy while sustaining economic vitality.”

Maybe they’re OK with jobs being outsourced…because, you know, that working out well for local businesses, isn’t it. Smurfit-Stone, Stimson. Here’s a promotional video for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

Does anyone know?

Act locally, think locally.


  1. i know some local business owners who wish the chamber spent more time drumming up business for the local guys and less time catering to the big boxes and the big out of state corporations.

    this outfit has lost its mission and outlived its usefulness to us as well… http://missoulian.com/news/local/article_09e8183a-dd89-11df-a8c1-001cc4c002e0.html

    nothing says fail quite like an organization who’s mission is to create jobs for missoula laying off its own employees. time to quit wasting revenue with MAEDC and look toward better vision for missoula.

    there is a way out of this mess of multinational corporations undermining america’s economy and outsourcing instead of hiring american workers. we simply must stop supporting them. buy local and keep our money invested where our neighbors work. no multinational corporation, no matter how wealthy can survive long without customers. and america is the customer base for most of the conglomerates. we need to purchase, bank and invest locally.

    • JC

      That MIssoulian article forgot to mention that the Mayor’s “Best Place Project” initiative hired some consultants in the spring who said MAEDC should be disbanded and replaced with a new organization.

      It’s really too bad, because Missoula desperately needs an economic development team that is responsive to MIssoula’s needs, becasue the CoC sure the hell isn’t. The unfortunate thing about what MAEDC is doing now, it seems, is trying to preserve Dick King’s job as ED. As long as that is the strategy–that King is up to the job–then MAEDC is going nowhere, and all that money is just getting wasted.

      • mr benson

        Chamber of commerce is a member driven organization, not necessarily an “economic development” organization.

        The truth is, they’re quite protectionist in the same way jhwygirl is.

        I take it nobody here is a member of a local chamber of commerce?

        Missoula has huge advantages over most other Montana cities and towns in Montana when it comes to economic development. That is the objective truth, and the first one is its size, big enough to make federal lists and requirements for various economic development subsidies and incentives.

        Also, Missoula has great rail service and industrial spurs, the interstate, the airport, relatively affordable housing and commercial rentals, lots of space downtown, the university, it’s students and graduates providing a good work force, I could go on and on.

        But economic development does have to be a priority, meaning, when considering one choice or another, you choose economic development.

        • when we owned a business in missoula, i was pressured annually to join the chamber of commerce. (a 900.00 yearly investment) the better business bureau, (300.00) the national federation of independent businesses (500.00)
          the missoula building industry association (450.00) the missoula downtown association (400.00) and the sustainable business council (150.00)

          we elected to join the missoula downtown association and the sustainable business council, both of which reflected our mission and gave good value back to our business.

          we briefly joined the missoula building association but quickly and ceremoniously informed them that they did not reflect our values nor did they provide any value for our business. our customers were varied politically speaking because i did not believe in mixing politics and business. something that the c of c, the nfib, and the mbia all indulged in.

          i didn’t want any of my money going for lobbying.

          every business must make their own choices but i believe that target’s brief foray into politics taught it a very expensive lesson. businesses should not be in the business of lobbying for specific parties or philosophies simply because to do so, alienates many potential customers.

          i will say it again. what is wrong with the old and courteous tradition of “don’t mix business with politics or religion.”

          when i owned my business, i lived by that principle. and that is why i still have friends who are of all political and religious persuasion. we are courteous to each other and defferential when it comes to our own private beliefs. we know where each of us stands and we honor our common interests whether it is pheasant hunting, fishing, or just shooting the bull once in a while. we don’t go out of our way to make enemies with each other over things we do not agree about.

          that is what america is supposed to be about. not sniping at one another to see if we can crush the opposition. people like the koch brothers know that when we are too busy fighting each other to pay attention to what is happening behind the scenes in politics , that is when the big wealth and the big corporations win.

          • mr benson

            pb, mainly, the CoC people that I know are frustrated with regulation and taxes, regulation and taxes, regulation and taxes.

            So candidates that propose decreases in either or both get their support.

  2. mr benson

    They probably support jobs at the Conoco refinery in Laurel. High paying, good jobs, in blue collar small town Montana probably would get their support.

    Not here, though.

  3. mr benson

    Did Macy’s closure in downtown, Macy’s being a large out of state corporation department store, help or hurt downtown Missoula?

    • It hurt downtown..but I don’t get it. My point is that the local chamber is part of the larger U.S. Chamber – it’s money goes there. If the national chamber is supporting outsourcing of American jobs and services, isn’t that working directly against local interests?

      As for Macy’s – I’m not one to believe that Missoula needs a large anchor store. I’d like to see the old mercantile return back to it’s old mercantile roots of sorts, and break down into a sort-of year round farmer’s market. Open up a courtyard in there that could be shielded from weather, but have natural light and take advantage of the arts and micro-businesses around.

      A SeattleMissoula Market.

    • Also – any talk of that building being bought by the University should be met with strong opposition.

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