There’s No Warrant Out for Jake Eaton? WTH?

by jhwygirl

I know I’ve come across his name recently and I know he’s been back in the state for some time now – but when I read this comment from Left in the West’s Matt Singer, I got pretty pissed.

In a just world, election fraud of the sort perpetrated by Eaton wouldn’t result in termination. It would result in prison time.

This, by the way, is why I didn’t vote for Fred Van Valkenburg for prosecutor (without an alternate option, I left the race blank). When he decides to do his job, he’ll get my vote again.

Amen to that…

The Indy’s Alex Sakariassen got on the story first thing today…but I like Jay’s biased assessment just fine.

See – Jake Eaton committed fraud 2 years ago. Damned near exactly two years ago, actually. He fraudulently signed off on a document, swearing by affidavit that I had changed my address when I hadn’t. He had no information to support that, either.

I’m but one – but one should be enough to go looking at the rest of the 6,000 or so voter challenges he swore out by affidavit to counties around the state.

My opinion about this has not changed. Jake Eaton committed fraud. He disrupted an election. He cost taxpayers around the state quite a bit of money.

Far as I know, there’s no statute of limitations. Frankly, it should be an insult for any election officer in this state – and for any county attorney of any county that got these fraudulent voter challenges – to know that Jake Eaton is not only back in this state, but reinstated firmly with a working on Montana GOP election activity.

  1. when we reward bad behavior we just get more of it.

    judge malloy scolded this mangy jackal for attempting to obstruct voters (even going so far as to contest the vote of one of our soldiers in afghanistan)

    jake eaton should have been convicted of vote tampering and driven to the north dakota border by the missoula county sheriff and told to never darken montana soil again unless he wants to press vanity plates in orange work clothes.

    the only reason jake is here is because of his powerful friends; erik iverson and his boss dennis rehberg.

    oh and by the way, jake followed the money after the judge spanked him and took koch bros astroturf money in wisconsin to drum up opposition against health care reform.

    so if your health insurance premiums are high you can blame this political mercenary for whipping up opposition to single payer and public option and making it easier for baucus to make sure his friends in the health insurance are taken care of while we will all enjoy high premiums from the monopoly of thieves that jake worked for.

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