Rehberg Runs For His Lawyers – Again

by jhwygirl

Suing the City of Billings and its fire department isn’t enough, Dennis Rehberg’s gotta set to serving papers on his opponent for Montana’s lone congressional seat – Dennis McDonald.

First – You have to see the ad:

You know, I really have no problem with this ad – Rehberg did do “all of the above” – that and more.

Rehberg may not like that there is an ad that says these things, but truly, who’s fault is that? He’s the one who made an embarrassment out of himself and Montana when he was in Kazakhstan. That’s well-documented in a variety of news sources.

The ad doesn’t mention a 2008 expense account claim – which he later amended – that billed his campaign for a couch that he slept on in the basement of a Washington DC bar……

Keep that in mind when you think of the claim that he sleeps on a couch in his office in DC – all of the above of which are also well-documented.

Is his office the bar? Or is it the other way around?

Then there’s that pesky boat incident. His friend Greg Barkus has managed to keep the trial off until after election day. Convenient for Rehberg to not have to testify during a campaign.

McDonald’s ad, apparently, is a distraction from the campaign for Mr. Rehberg. Considering that it really isn’t untrue, Rehberg mighta been better to let the ad play itself out for whatever McDonald spent on it….but Rehberg and his darn staff of fools went out and are now trying to lawyer themselves out of a public embarrassment.

Making it, not-so-ironically, a public embarrassment.

  1. As said in the parlance of FipiLele:

    [This is Good]

  2. sure hope all those billable hours are going into montana lawyer pockets and not washington dc’s

    but mcdonald should be very pleased. when you get a reaction from an opponent as arrogant and as confident as rehberg it means that someone has hit a nerve with the public and the reelection team is panicking here.

    very good news indeed. like watching the thick black smoke signalling a torpedo has landed in the engine room. good to see those rehberg minions scrambling…

  3. mr benson

    Well, he wasn’t driving the boat, so there’s a lie.

    And “reportedly drunk” would take some proving too. Where’s the report he was drunk? I missed that. Don’t use montana cowgirl as a citation. He’s just not credible.

    That picture of dennis pulling a jackass around behind him is a physical analogy of the democrats and their candidate for congress.

    In an unrelated comment, cara w looks beautiful as always.

  4. of course rehberg will still win but some reelection team members will have to postpone those lazy afternoon naps for a while now.

  5. Pancho

    Maybe Rep. “Tort reform” is channeling Tea Party candidates.

    Christine O’Donnell, U.S. Senate candidate in Delaware sued her college for $6.9 million for alleged “gender discrimination.”

    Joe Miller in Alaska outdid her. He’s used Sarah Palin’s shyster to sue virtually everyone who’s disagreed with him in years.

  6. Pogo Possum

    A last desperate TV ad by a candidate that Montana voters are going to reject by large margins.

    Here are a few “Jimmy The Weasel” Clips have carried a lot more weight in this election staring mob lawyer Dennis McDonald. Get out the popcorn:

  7. lizard19

    it’s a catchy ad, but probably too little too late.

    i must say, though, i did appreciate McDonald smacking Bill Clinton’s economic team in his Missoulian article that ran a month ago. he even criticized the repeal of Glass-Steagall.

    so i guess i’ll vote for the millionaire Dennis with a D next to his name instead of the millionaire Dennis who is a drunk, litigious ass.

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