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by problembear

for most of us there is no need to go into long explanations about why we need to vote for capping the interest rate for payday lenders. it is kind of a natural gut reaction for most people to hate sharks. but if you feel that it’s ok to charge 300 to 650% interest to dangle easy money in front of  folks who can barely scrape by and then trap them in a cycle of debt that reaps huge profits for predominately out of state loan sharks then by all means support the payday lenders.

payday lenders have reached out to touch family members and friends of most of us here in montana. we know from experience that these loans rarely help anyone in chronic poverty and they are even more destructive for people struggling to survive a recession.  in many cases payday lenders make a desperate situation for our most vulnerable low wage workers much more difficult.

only three more days to git ‘er done montana. let’s stop rewarding bad behavior and make these slimy merchants work within a reasonable regulated market place. please vote yes on I-164 and cap the payday lending rate to 36%

montana is just too good to allow this feeding frenzy on our poor anymore.

by problembear

just in time for halloween!

this is an easy post to make. i raised some hackles of fellow progressive friendlies in my last post about the elections by supporting MT I-105 but the grey falling off flesh and stinking corrupt and gruesomely decayed nature of the  zombies in charge of the Montana  republican party has this independent voting all democrat this ticket from dog catcher to congress. seems there is not much choice, especially after the party officials recently hired Jake Eaton (political trick and vote tampering specialist who was run out of montana two years ago), to be treasurer of the Republican legislative campaign committee.

also, by standing by and allowing the politics of negativism, obstructionism and downright pure unadulterated and uneducated ignorance of certain tea party activists, including their most racist and homophobic leaders, the republican party has tacitly and very clearly told me that they are ok with it.

i am, like most montanans, completely disgusted by all politicians and most government anymore. in fact, since bush left office my distrust of both parties has grown beyond mere skepticism and taken me to the realization that if this nation is ever going to find its true bearings again we need a third party – a people’s party, to represent the will of the people against the democrats and the republicans who only seem interested in representing big banks, big military business, health insurance companies, payday lenders, and any other trade group offshore or not who is willing to bribe them to vote for their industry.

until a viable third party is formed however,  my ticket will be straight democrat all the way, and i urge everyone who believes in fair elections, equality and taking care of our most vulnerable citizens, from social security to children living in poverty, do the same.

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