thanks montana


by problembear

for doing the right thing and passing the measure to cap the interest rate at 36% and giving the boot to payday lending and vehicle title loan sharks.

  1. mr benson

    I was surprised a couple of times last night, but not at the margin of victory for this thing. “Post date a Check” and “Title Loans” said all that needed to be said to the people of Montana.

  2. Don’t forget to thank the voters for sending Denny back to Washington, for supporting a GOP working majority in the Montana House, a majority in the State Senate and for the GOP majority on the PSC – those things will impact our lives more than reigning in the payday lenders.

    I hope Dennis McDonald shaved close yesterday before he was bitch-slapped LOL!

    • lizard19

      yeah, i’m excited to see what they do. add trillions to the deficit with tax cuts for the wealthy? repeal health care? maybe pick up a tea party issue, like privatize the VA? and privatize social security? maybe they can expand and empower more big government to go after illegals. or maybe they can pass some legislation to make sure the only matrimonial action in the bedroom sanctioned by the state will between a penis and a vagina.

      yeah, good times for America for sure with rational Republicans scraping back a little power.

  3. Pronghorn

    What a distasteful picture. One would hope that on a typically enlightened blog one would find enlightened attitudes toward animals–in this case, a predator who has roamed the seas for four million years and who literally keeps the ocean ecosystems in balance. I understand that the term “loan shark” is in common usage in our culture, but am saddened that, even here on 4&20, attitudes that revile predators, perpetuate hatred toward them, and celebrate their bloody demise continue. Wolves, sharks…both are victims of human fear and ignorance. Or, to give the benefit of the doubt in this case, maybe just a lack of both awareness and creativity.

    That said, I too am glad that the initiative passed. Greed-driven humans who prey on the economically disadvantaged of their own species are simply unethical–a label we don’t apply to nonhuman animals.

  4. i am aware that this would elicit a mixed response pronghorn an do apologize for dissing this paleontontologically magnificent predator but i just couldn’t resist in the last post i will be doing for quite awhile….. what with being a problem and all.

    back to reality now and real stuff that i have been putting off for the payday lending campaign. time to hibernate. thanks everyone for all the support on this.

  5. Pogo Possum

    While we are thanking people, let’s thank the wise voters in HD 100 who elected Champ Edmunds and rejected Willis Curdy for the second time in a row.

  6. petetalbot

    Kudos, p-bear, on the I-164 win. You worked hard on that one.

  7. skym

    Glad the initiative passed, but the pictures disgusting. It isn’t much to be proud of-killing animals for “sport”.

  8. Chuck

    Thank you PB. 2 Billings loan sharks have closed already.

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