well here we are…

by problembear

i never met either matt singer or jay stevens but i am sure they are perfectly good guys. we differed to say the least on many occasions about many things which are not important to rehash here. but the fact that they pioneered this venture for montana back in 2006 leads me inevitably to respect both of them for their devotion to participatory government and for their huge contribution to giving otherwise powerless voices a stage upon which to vocalize opinions. and even more importantly they gave their vast audience of participants from all over the state the power to comment and to differ with them virtually without fear of being muzzled. many’s the time i have watched matt and jay get raked over the coals over at left in the west and wondered how long it would take for them to ban someone. but it rarely happened. that is very admirable.

i have learned what little manners i have in this strange world from watching j-girl’s even-handed but firm and spirited approach to her varied subjects; ….all out tooth and claw fights and then good natured ribbing and good lessons in logic from wulfgar,  ….lessons in humility and occasional clear-eyed views of the other side’s perspective from pogo and goof (mr benson) ;…. lessons in being a smart ass from big sweed (ingie) …. lessons by the way, which my s.o. says i did not need as my skills were far too developed in that regard before blogging….. but the best examples that could be found in how to clearly and articulately write a post in montana usually began with reading either matt or jay. they will be sorely missed.  i know both of those guys will do well wherever they end up. they both have good communication skills that are rare and difficult to find in this day and age. much success to you matt and jay.


onward and upward:

the voters have spoken and we must give up our petty squabbles now and give the political dust some time to settle while we wait to see what happens next. i have decided to no longer waste my time with inter-party political hissy fits anymore. i will concentrate on causes and as an independent i will attempt to cease to pick sides anymore in the political circus. this post today represents a break from blaming republicans for all of our troubles anymore, castigating democrats because they didn’t do what i wanted them to do, or bothering myself anymore with some silly thing called a tea party.

exit polls show that americans are sick and tired of all the parties. they just want jobs and some semblance of the country to start making sense to them again. i mostly blame the assholes like predatory banks who take our handout and then spit in our eye when we ask them for a little restraint in foreclosing on people’s homes, corporate ceos who use this country for a toilet while they hire workers off shore, and government representatives who ignore the clear majority view of their constituents in order to please those who finance their reelections. these are the main culprits in poisoning the well of american politics and underlining  the loss of confidence in the political process of our government by most americans……

i will be attempting to hibernate during the lull between now and the start of the montana legislature but should the need arise, what i will do is throw in my two cents when needed to help a cause i am interested in; whether it is human rights, homelessness, wilderness or simply attempting to keep creeps and criminals from infesting and swindling this country anymore, whether it is a lobbyist from Pfizer pharmaceuticals or a senator of any party running for reelection who turns his back on his constituents to please his corporate masters  or just some nut who gets his jollies  by intimidating homosexuals. while i won’t participate in any more partisan politics you can be assured that i will be there to greet the assholes with a swipe or two.


and if the rumor is true that payday lenders are gearing up for a legislative attempt to circumvent the will of the people of montana, you can be expecting me to hound you all the way back to the grave we dug for your predatory asses.  if there is one thing i have learned in this life the hard way it is that the assholes never quit so you better not quit either.

peace out ………for now.

  1. Sleep well, my friend.

  2. Chuck

    I am sick of the polarization of the left and right.
    I am also on your side on the loan sharks. Without sounding too “deep throaty” you need to know that some of the sleezeball loan sharks donate to worthy causes. That shouldn’t put you off your mission but it may cause some unintended issues.

  3. Chuck

    PB…ah sht. I read your post again and ya know , they are assholes. I’ll give ya names as soon as I figure out how to keep it anonymous.

    • no need for names chuck. the money that will be strewn around the state capital to pull the stake out of these heartless bastards hearts will be mostly out of state anyway.

      the payday/title loan industry will never rest so individual names hardly matter. just have to keep shining a light on their efforts so they eventually shrink away from the sunlight of public opinion.

  4. Matt Singer

    Problem Bear — thanks for the kind and honest words. You’ve been a great addition to the ‘sphere.

  5. thanks matt. have you and jay given any consideration to allowing wulfgar and pogie to continue your efforts to over at left in the west?

    maybe by sharing duties it wouldn’t be so burdensome for either of them.

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