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by jhwygirl

I’ve been hampered in my blogging since Tuesday when I (feebly) installed a new wireless router and ended up with a laptop that won’t connect. Tonight I cave and plug in the damned ethernet.

In between that time I got one of those neat ereaders. Fun.

All of that being said, Jay, the founder of this blog 4&20 blackbirds and principal blogger over at Left in the West, gave me a call Wednesday morning to tell me that he was moving on. It was a busy day for me and I have to admit I kinda didn’t think it was actually going to happen..I guess?

But then the post went up. Or I should say the emails started. Either way – whoa.

It was something that was briefly discussed when he moved to PA, but I guess I never saw a need for it…even though I knew that Jay was involving himself locally – which is a great thing.

But then the next day the other foot – Matt Singer – drops? Seriously, I was like WTH?

I have more admiration and regard for Matt Singer than I can put into words. Or if I did, I’d embarrass him or at least make his face all red. Though that hasn’t stopped me from trying every once in a while when he was extraordinarily newsworthy, and you can search our Matt Singer archives here for posts.

Here are two guys that have made an indelible foot-in-the-ass imprint on the politics of Montana. For more than half a decade.

Then tonight I find out that there is a going away party for Matt. So his heading to Oregon isn’t happening in a while, it’s happening soon – and all of this becomes so much more real.

For me personally, both Jay and Matt are the reason I blog – so ya’all can pretty much blame them both equally there – and for Jay’s part, when he headed on to take the helm as COO of Left in the West, he handed the reigns over here.

So the blame on Jay can be spread on a little thicker, I guess.

And Jay made it a point in our conversation on Wednesday to say how much he enjoyed the writers here….always the cheerleader for opinion and discussion. Always.

Wulfgar! wrote his own thoughts about Matt and Jay’s goodbye to Montana politics. Wulfgar! is another one who can whomp some darned fine progressive blogging out, and I have to say I am somewhat relieved by reading his posts that he doesn’t show any of the same indications.

Montana progressive politics will never be the same – but they also wouldn’t be what they are without the imprint of Matt Singer and Jay Stevens.

Go be famous elsewhere. The world deserves it.

Photo of curly bear wagner -courtesy Montana PBS

by problembear

time for an open thread discussion about something that has nothing to do with politics…..

what bothers you in general?

i will kick it off with my own personal two conundrums:  bears don’t understand two things about humans…………..

1. why rake leaves? i mean, you don’t see us animals out in the woods raking leaves. it is a natural cover of protective mulch and a great source of nutrients for whatever plants come up in the spring. so why rake?  i see my neighbors raking madly away and bagging it all up to go to the dump with lots of wasted  energy and plastic bags. why? and then they have to go to missoula ace hardware in the spring to buy fertilizer……why?

2. many humans have nothing but disdain for someone that they call goody-two-shoes? what the hell is wrong with having two shoes?

please answer these questions for me and please let us know what is bothering you today….. preferrably nothing to do with politics. thanks

discusss away.

also, i would like to leave you with a piece of wisdom from an old friend…

“If you hate people, you are controlled by those people.” – Curly Bear Wagner, late great Blackfeet leader

by problembear

last tuesday, the super-majority of montana voters of all political parties gave our verdict on payday lenders 71% to 29%. it was a whitewash which included overwhelming support by both democrats and republicans. now i am getting indications that out of state slime devils/vampires are gearing up to bribe our state legislature to override our decision on allowing businesses to charge our working poor 300 to 650% interest. i am writing an open letter to the legislature…….


dear legislator for the people of the state of montana:

congratulations on your election/re-election to represent the people of the great state of montana. just a friendly reminder. before you begin to pack for the trip to helena, be sure and stow this away……

the people of the state of montana already decided for you on the payday/vehicle title loan question.


now good luck on your next session and remember we will be watching and making sure that you represent our interests in helena this winter, not the interests of well-heeled out of state interests who want to profit by fleecing us. and this stands for lots of issues. but especially payday lenders.


71% of the voters of the great state of montana.


now, where did i put that wooden stake?

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