blood suckers never quit…..

by problembear

last tuesday, the super-majority of montana voters of all political parties gave our verdict on payday lenders 71% to 29%. it was a whitewash which included overwhelming support by both democrats and republicans. now i am getting indications that out of state slime devils/vampires are gearing up to bribe our state legislature to override our decision on allowing businesses to charge our working poor 300 to 650% interest. i am writing an open letter to the legislature…….


dear legislator for the people of the state of montana:

congratulations on your election/re-election to represent the people of the great state of montana. just a friendly reminder. before you begin to pack for the trip to helena, be sure and stow this away……

the people of the state of montana already decided for you on the payday/vehicle title loan question.


now good luck on your next session and remember we will be watching and making sure that you represent our interests in helena this winter, not the interests of well-heeled out of state interests who want to profit by fleecing us. and this stands for lots of issues. but especially payday lenders.


71% of the voters of the great state of montana.


now, where did i put that wooden stake?

  1. I think more random business should be put out of business through the initiative process!

    • Don’t get that much support to cap interest rates for any random business rusty.

      This one is heinous and reviled in any decent society. 20 states and counting. The people have spoken loudly on loansharking.

  2. “the people of the state of montana already decided for you on the payday/vehicle title loan question.”

    The irony of that statement is awesome.

  3. Actually, Rusty is making a decent point that is being ignored because he isn’t all that appreciated around these parts – it is the same point that many here have already said they are uncomfortable with. The point is that – with payday loan companies deserting Montana for greener pastures, those that are “credit impaired” have no option when you need a few bucks to make it to the next paycheck. Don’t get my wrong, I voted for the initiative too – for very personal reasons – but the point is still valid.

    As far as legislating changes that have hurt specific businesses, the payday loan initiative wasn’t the only one. One of my neighbors has already had three of his customers cancel for next year. Guess what business he is in….

    • My guess is that your neighbor is an owner of *INSERT BUSINESS THAT PROGRESSIVES DISAPPROVE OF HERE* and deserve what’s coming to them!

      Those damn evil people trying to be productive members of society!! WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?11!11!

      • i would say that at 71% quite a large portion of those votes were by republicans as well rusty. in fact since republicans turned out more voters than democrats in the last election, i would venture to guess that perhaps half of those votes to cap the interest rates were by republicans.

        as far as the outfitter initiative goes, i voted against it and i am sure that party politics played little or no part in that election either.

        same goes for I-105

        your attempts to bait me and vilify and exclude people who differ from you are the very essence of party politics rusty and i want no part of it. if you want to relate to me with respect as a fellow citizen with my own opinions then i will engage you in discussion, but i will no longer play along with childish party politics. it is simply counter-productive and gets this country nowhere.

        i simply refuse to respond to partisan baiting.

        • no party politics, just pointing out that fact that through the ballot initiative process you progressives were able to shutdown private business. well done. who’s next?

          • lizard19

            luckily republicans would never dream of shutting down private business, like, say, a private doctor performing abortions in his private practice.

            right Rusty?

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