these things bother me…..

Photo of curly bear wagner -courtesy Montana PBS

by problembear

time for an open thread discussion about something that has nothing to do with politics…..

what bothers you in general?

i will kick it off with my own personal two conundrums:  bears don’t understand two things about humans…………..

1. why rake leaves? i mean, you don’t see us animals out in the woods raking leaves. it is a natural cover of protective mulch and a great source of nutrients for whatever plants come up in the spring. so why rake?  i see my neighbors raking madly away and bagging it all up to go to the dump with lots of wasted  energy and plastic bags. why? and then they have to go to missoula ace hardware in the spring to buy fertilizer……why?

2. many humans have nothing but disdain for someone that they call goody-two-shoes? what the hell is wrong with having two shoes?

please answer these questions for me and please let us know what is bothering you today….. preferrably nothing to do with politics. thanks

discusss away.

also, i would like to leave you with a piece of wisdom from an old friend…

“If you hate people, you are controlled by those people.” – Curly Bear Wagner, late great Blackfeet leader


  1. JC

    1) Why rake leaves and bag them up? That’s easy. So I can come by and collect them from your alley and compost them for my yard and garden!

    2) It’s not the shoes, but the “goody” that is smeared all over them. You know, that stuff that stinks so bad that you can’t be around it–that makes you want to wash your hands after shaking someones hand who just put their goody-smeared shoes on with.

    And what’s bugging me today? The coming of Daylight Losing Time tonight. Why-Oh-Why must the late-risers give up an hour of sunlight to those early birds? It’s just not fair.

  2. 1) I’m with JC. We compost our leaves. I’ll put up a post soon about the epic coolness of our new composting system.

    2) I already posted about that.

  3. lizard19

    here’s a good one: commercials being louder than the actual programs. it drives me crazy how amped the decibel level gets when the commercial break starts.

  4. i re leaves: in the interest of full disclosure, i should mention that around the house i have managed to achieve the much coveted fourth level of laziness on weekends thanks to the bemused if not skeptical tolerance of the s.o.

  5. bothers me…

    1) The lack of a decent single person Fantasy roleplaying game for the computer. With the success of WOW, it seems no one wants to program a decent single person RPG with a decent storyline and decent graphics. I miss the days before online gaming and uber consoles.

    2) Along with above – games that now require you to log into the game seller’s server each month to “renew your license” (the new starcraft for example). I shouldn’t have to “check in” with the manufacturer.. I paid my money and want to left alone to kill things. There are rumors that the new Diablo will require it to.

  6. mr benson

    It bothers me that I’m posting on the internet. Seriously; it’s an addiction. It IS a first person roleplaying game, Moorcat.

    • For some of us, it is an addiction. I freely admit it. “Hello, my name is Kenneth, and I am a blogger addict”. They say if you are going to be an addict, though, you should enjoy it. I say “Hell Ya….”

    • It bothers me both ways sometimes – sometimes I’m bothered because I’m on the intertubes too much, and sometimes it bothers me when I’m away from them too much.

      And yes – it certainly is a first person roleplaying game. The pressure!

  7. How refreshing to hear sane words from a human being (I mean an Indian, or whatever we’re calling sane people these days). My best friends in Montana were Indians; in fact, I really couldn’t trust anyone else. Can I add my own point of view, having a BA in Botany/chemistry from UM and MS Soils/chemistry from MSU. Why do white men grow all that nice grass, then rather than sell it for profit or graze it for good steak, or even mulch it to replenish the soil; instead, they spend more time and money to rake it up and more yet to have someone come and throw it away? I guess I just said the same thing Problem Bear did, but that’s a problem that always bothered me. I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut and say no more, but there’s no shortage of other curiosities, like maybe declaring a war on drugs and then coercing kids into using them next to the DOJ building, or… anyway, I pray that my friends no better than to fall for such white man tricks, including booze, and that they delve back into their roots and rediscover Jesus. I pray for that.

  8. Chuck

    It bothers me that Missoulians bitch about oil sands and then use earmarks and grants to build their bike trails with asphalt from the tar sands. All of your bike trails are built with tar sands asphalt from Canadian owned Montana Refining. What’s good for you…

    • JC

      Missoulians bitch about the lack of an effective and comprehensive energy policy that allows multinational cartels like Connacher Oil and Imperial Exxon to garote dissent stateside.

  9. another thing that bothers me…. On a farm It’s good practice to feed your livestock first, then you eat. most of our politicians have apparently forgotten this tradition.

    public service is now me first and then if i have time after working on my reelection i may get around to helping my constituents if they are influential enough.

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