Who wants Steve Daines for Senate?

By Duganz

Politico reports that millionaire, excuse me, Republican, Steve Daines will be the first pachyderm to throw his hat into the ring against Sen. Jon Tester in 2012. This of course stands against the logical idea most people had that Rep. Dennis “You drive the boat” Rehberg would be going after the seat (He’s accomplished nothing in the House, so it’s about time he try and accomplish nothing in the Senate).

But Daines is saying he’ll have a big announcement Saturday, and it may very well be this run for Senate. (Here’s a Facebook page promoting it…)

It would appear the Montana Democrats are readying for the challenge from Daines, a pro-life/anti-tax/”kill the Muzzlams!” candidate if ever they could find one. They’ve filed a complaint against Daines with the Federal Elections Commission saying that he is already running for Senate, albeit secretly and (the kicker…) illegally. Their evidence? This:

To quote comedian Marc Maron…. “What the fuck?!” That’s quite clearly a political campaign ad. From start to finish.

But wait, there’s more.

Common Sense Montana, producers of the above, are now running a new ad on Montana radio that is dizzying with just how much bullshit it is willing to dole out. Of course I couldn’t find a way to snag the file of the ad (see prior link), but here is a bit of the transcript:

SFX:[door open]

Norm:This the patent office?


Norm:I want to patent this [thud].

Bitsy:My, what a big question mark!

Norm:It’s a Tester-Tester. Push this button and it asks a question Jon Tester can’t answer…

…at least with a straight face. Like this…

SFX:[Mnemonic: Bzzzz + computer whirring + ding]

TEST:“Why did Jon Tester cast the single deciding vote in favor of ObamaCare?”

Bitsy:[breath]…He can answer that?


ANNCR:The way Jon Tester poses in manly Montana pictures makes you think we have a tax-fighting farmer working for us in Washington. Turns out he was the one vote the President needed to force us into ObamaCare…and he stood with Obama, not Montana. Jon Tester’s not running in November, but you can visit TesterTester dot org and ask more questions he…just can’t answer.

If you read that and said, “Wait. Wasn’t that *Rep. Bart Stupak who stalled the Health Care bill and then got what he wanted and was thus the deciding vote?” well, of course, you’re not the kind of person to vote for Steve Daines, or be led astray by such an ad. (Also, on a more personal note, how freaking sexist is it that the guy’s name is “Norm” and the woman’s name is “Bitsy”? Not the least bit, right? *Groan*) But how many people have already forgot Stupak’s name? I’m betting plenty, and so is Steve Daines and his cronies.


Who is Common Sense Montana? Good question. I can’t answer that. If you go to CommonSenseMontana.com you go directly to the Tester ad and are left without any explanation of who these folks are. However, if you move your cursor over either link on the page (“Home” or “Blog”) you see this:

So, that’s convenient. Montana is being manipulated by a Colorado group (so it appears… stay with me). Nice. An outside group adopts a homebase name and face and starts pushing an agenda. Perfect.

Common Sense Issues, the folks behind ideasforcolorado.com, represents the epitome of everything that is the rightwing scare base. The group is headed by Harold “Zeke” Swift, a rightwing ideologue from Procter&Gamble who helped push Mike Huckabee into the national spotlight. Here’s they’re mission, stated via GuideStar.org:

The organization’s primary exempt purpose is educating and informing American citizens about issues related to public policy and about working together to encourage opinion leaders and public officials to approach and seek solutions to the problems faced by Americans using basic common sense principles.

Again, to quote Marc Maron, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” How any of their ads are about “working together” is beyond me, I mean, my god, the above are anything but inclusive.

But the real kicker is that Common Sense Issues is based in Cincinnati, Ohio (That’s close to where Zeke lives), the Colorado connection comes via another Huckabee guy, Patrick Davis.

Davis, as his page shows, has a big ol’ issue with our Senators Max and Jon.  He’s also (by his client list) a HUGE supporter of the Teabaggers. More than that, however, is Davis’ past: he was a Conrad Burns insider via the Republican National Senatorial Committee.

Yup, that’s right, one of ol’ Burnsie’s guys is coming back trying to oust the guy who defeated Conrad.

And these are the people backing Steve Daines. He is their ideological front man in Montana, an anti-personal liberty conservative who is going to fight to repeal or end any health care reform efforts, back corporate America, and ultimately move us further right. Having worked with Swift at Procter&Gamble, and with Davis during the Burns years, Steve Daines is a well-connected and well-financed Republican puppet; a businessman of high class and low morals.

In other words: Meet the competition.

Me? I’m with Jon Tester, a really nice guy who runs a Montana farm, and is the furthest you can get from being a political ideologue. He ran a campaign in Montana, with Montana voters.

Plus, he liked the jacket I was wearing in the above photo. You know why? Cause he isn’t just posing for “manly” photos. He’s a real damn man… missing fingers he lost farming.

And the best part: He’s not some puppet backed by nutty Christians from out of state. He’s just Jon.

Author note: This piece originally called Rep. Bart Stupak a Senator. Commenter “Doug” caught that.

  1. Ingemar Johansson

    Who wants Steve?

    How ’bout all those MTans who hate ObamaCare.

    MSUB 2010 October poll.

    “Nearly 61 percent opposed health care reform legislation enacted into federal law this year. About 27 percent supported it.”

    Looks like the “do nothings” did right.

    Denny won what % of the vote?

  2. He jukes left… He jukes right… he barely addresses any issues in the post…

  3. Did I take that picture? :-)

  4. Ingemar Johansson

    Swivel hips.

    From the WSJ.

    “More important, among those 23 Democrats who face voters in 2012 are a handful of incumbents from the kind of moderate to conservative states where Democrats took a beating last week: Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Jon Tester of Montana, Jim Webb of Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Joe Manchin, who just won a Senate race in West Virginia by separating himself from President Barack Obama and his party’s congressional leaders, also faces voters again in two years because he was elected only to fill out an unexpired term.

    Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, looks at this field and thinks he may see some votes for his side. He points in particular to his desire to roll back parts of this year’s big health bill.”

    Jon can guarantee re-election. Repent and change parties.

  5. Doug

    You title Stupak as a Senator, he was a House member. Am I missing something?

    • Nope. My bad. A classic case of the fingers doing something the brain isn’t thinking. However, the point remains that Stupak delivered on HCR, and not Tester. Without Stupak the bill was caught in the House. The Senate already had the votes.

      I believe ultimately they are making a much bigger deal out of Tester’s vote in the Senate to make it appear like he’s a lapdog of an unpopular President.

      Thanks again for the catch Doug.

  6. Ingemar Johansson

    Only ad that’s needed.

  7. ayn rand

    Doesn’t seem to pass the “tester tester” does It?

  8. cynic

    You are forgetting one detail with the Daines announcement. Ask anyone outside of political circles who is Steve Daines and you will get a blank face. Keep that the message. He is a nobody. Well except the whole money thing…..

  9. jim

    Jon is a good guy, good senator, etc. It’s too bad he screwed over the environmental community with his timber logging bill. If he continues down that road he is going to find the votes hard to come by even here in Missoula. He’s just looking and acting more and more like Baucus every day. He’s got to get back to being Jon. Get back to treating his constituents with respect and following his campaign commitments.

  10. mr benson

    Republicans know Steve Daines. Gallatin County knows Steve Daines. National organizations know Steve Daines.

    The people that kicked the Ds ass Tuesday a week ago and elected 68 Republicans to the state house of representatives know Steve Daines.

    Oh, and I know Steve Daines very well and would trust him with my kids, or my country.

  11. Forget Daines.Tester needs a primary opponent. He needs to pretend to be a progressive again, at least for a few months.

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