Quick LiTW update

by Pete Talbot

The death of the political blog Left in The West has been greatly exaggerated.

While it’s hard to do to justice to the writings of Jay Stevens and Matt Singer, there are some new posts up that deserve your attention. Matt Koehler, someone named Rustin (who follows Bozeman issues) and 4&2O’s own problembear have been filling the void. Rob ‘Wulfgar!’ Kailey has a post up and is also administering the site. This is all good news.

So, if you thought that LiTW had bitten the dust, think again, and pay the site a visit:


  1. mr benson

    I like commenters as well as blog entries. Unfortunately, LitW is infected with at least one of the worst.

    • As a registered user, you are welcome to rate comments at LitW. Those ratings have consequence. I’m certain this isn’t lost on you.

      (Unless you mean me, in which case, I’m sorry … ;-)

      • mr benson

        It is not at all you. You, I will change names just to argue with. Nope, it’s the ‘mental ranger.

        PS, note comment below, although I suspect you’re already ahead of me on that subject

  2. mr benson

    Funny, I’m checking out “The Walking Dead” even as we speak. It’s appropriate, for Wulfgar! and as a response to this post.

  3. Well mr benson – LK is LK – and no matter how wild his raving and rantings get you have to admit that he’s been consistent, for a very long time – LOL

    • As have you, Eric, no disrespect intended. I am continually impressed, that given the amount of dialogue we exchange, it is extremely rare that anyone absorbs new information and processes it, and even more so that anyone actually changes outlook or opinion on anything.

      And yet we are told that we must be nice to one another, otherwise no one will listen or change their minds about anything. Nonsense. Influence is a form of subversion wherein new ideas don’t light up the brain, but seep in through the leaks in the roof and cracks of the foundation. A heated exchange seems pointless, but in the end does far more good than the gentle fluffery that passes for dialogue. Heat and passion are not only fun, but useful.

  4. Mark – you are correct – this imaginary world that we occupy, the Montana Blogosphere, doesn’t change anybody’s mind, does it?

    LITW, as we know it, died the day that Matt left.

    I don’t know why Rob is determined to try to keep a dead blog going, it’s just postponing the inevitable.

    • So is your breathing. You’re welcome to stop anytime you like.

      • Hey Rob – I expect Mt Cowgirl to go dark any day now, maybe you could beg the Dems to admin that site too – LOL –

        And Pogie has been hinting around that he might hang it up too, so there’s another possibility!

        I’ll faithfully show up and kick sand in your face, because you’d be disappointed if I didn’t show up!

        Besides, I really enjoy being called a pissant every time I prove you wrong!

        Best of luck!

        • petetalbot

          Attention, Coobs:

          1) Last time I looked (as in today) Mt Cowgirl was still going strong.

          2) If you had actually read Pogie’s piece, you would have discovered that after he contemplated giving up blogging, he decided not to quit and is cranking out some good stuff.

          3) Rob is doing a fine job administering LiTW — providing diaries, posts, links … the works.

          Three strikes, buddy. Your average is approaching that of the Texas Rangers in the World Series (.190) — wait, that seems a little high for you.

          • Strikes?

            I’m encouraging him!

            Having Rob as a blogmeister over at LITW will do more for the conservative cause than another conservative blog would.

            It’s only been to weeks since the election Pete – and if Mt Cowgirl is still there in 2 more weeks I’ll be surprised.

            After all – that site was Dem astroturf, created for the purpose of slandering GOP candidates, and they lost their enthusiasm big time when the Dems got jap-slapped by the voters.

            If you recall, Rob had posted numerous times on the blogs about how well the Dems were going to do.

            How’s that working out for ya Rob?

            • If you recall, Rob had posted numerous times on the blogs about how well the Dems were going to do.

              Your recollection is not real. You made it up. How’s that working out for you?

    • In American politics, Eric, you and I don’t matter. We are considered “base” voters, you right wing, me left. No money is spent to convince us to vote in any particular fashion. The vast sum of campaign spending is spent to buy advertising to reach “undecided” voters. These people really are swayed by those 15-30 second messages, shallow as they are. If those ad did not work on undecided voters, other techniques would be used.

      Blogging? It is, at this time, a side rail for partisans. I do it because I like to write and to argue. I have no illusions of influence.

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