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Above The Law?

by lizard

Usually when I hear the term “above the law” I think of a person or corporate entity who has the money to circumvent our judicial process. But after following the news reports about a woman who has been reeking havoc in our community since last March, it appears I need to broaden my thinking about how some chronic law-breaking individuals don’t receive the same degree of enforcement as you or I would.

The individual I am talking about is the notorious “Meter-Reader Scooter” bandit, Carey Sterling. According to this article, Ms. Sterling was released from jail about 10 days ago. Before being released, judge Deschamps stated “You’re about as free a spirit as anybody I’ve ever run into, but somehow you’re going to have to keep yourself under control.”

Well, it appears Ms. Sterling is not capable of controlling herself. Read this account of her recent behavior and tell me whether or not this woman should be allowed on the streets. Here is the gist of the situation:

Carey Sterling was sentenced just last week for stealing the Missoula Parking Commission’s scooter and the judge gave her credit for the time she already served in jail and she was given a deferred sentence.

“Please don’t do anything in the next six months except pay this off,” Missoula District Court Judge Dusty Deschamps said when he sentenced Sterling last Tuesday and told her to pay off her fines.

But sometime in the last week Sterling got out of jail and then on Wednesday she went into the Missoula Police Department to confess to an arson.

Prosecutors say in court documents that the officer she was speaking to told her she didn’t have enough details about the crime and that it needed to be investigated further.

The officer also thought Sterling was trying to get back into jail and he told her he wouldn’t arrest her at that time.

Sterling then told him “Well I guess I will just have to assault you then.” She then kicked him in the shin, punched him in the face and sat down waiting to be arrested.

The officer went in to talk to his supervisor and when he came out he saw that Sterling set a garbage can on fire in the entrance of the police department.

Sterling is being charged with assault on a peace officers and negligent arson.

So, this recent behavior should ensure that Carey is back in jail. Right? Wrong.

According to the Missoula County Jail Roster, Carey was booked on November 17th, at 5:27pm, for negligent arson, which is a misdemeanor, and felony assault on a police officer. Pretty serious, right?

I guess not serious enough to warrant a full day in jail. Carey was released from custody the following day at 2:46pm.

So, if Ms. Sterling continues her law-breaking behavior, which there is every indication she will, be sure to thank Judge Orzech.

I guess some people don’t face the same sort of consequences for their illegal behavior as the rest of us. This particular individual seems to be confounding local law enforcement. And instead of dealing with it, they are simply shirking their responsibility and putting a dangerous woman out on the streets to do God knows what next.

Hopefully she doesn’t kill someone.

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