No Horsetrading Senator Baucus, President Obama

by jhwygirl

Unemployment benefits expired for millions of Americans at 12 a.m. Wednesday morning while congress debates whether to spend $56.4 billion for the near 10% of Americans that are unemployed or $700 billion in tax cuts for the top 2% of Americans?

Each week, more millions will be added to that number of people that will have no source of income. Think about what that’s doing for the economy.

I’m of the mindset that President Obama has already compromised on the tax issue by saying he’s willing to extend the expiring Bush tax cuts to ninety eight percent of Americans. It shows some sensible restraint with regards to deficit spending. At a time when our government can’t afford to expend money without great assurance that virtually 100% of it returns back into the economy, keeping more money in the hands of ninety eight percent of Americans is a smart thing to do.

GOP Senators, on the other hand, have said that they are going to filibuster the current tax cut proposal to hold out for tax cuts for America’s richest 2% even though it is going to increase the deficit. They won’t talk START treaty, they won’t talk unemployment benefits.

Baucus, for his part, is once again sitting high. He’s the Democrat’s representative in the Group of Six put together by Obama.


Baucus has also brought a bill to the floor last night that will extend unemployment benefits for one more year.

So I got a little panicky….

….but I’m breathing a bit of a sigh of relief tonight – because Baucus’ bill is the product of the Gang of Six, and it extends tax cuts to 98% of Americans. It extends Making Work Pay credit, the research and development credit, and lower tax rates on investment income.

Sure sounds like compromise to me.

If Obama or if any of our representation in Washington thinks that extending $700 billion in tax cuts for the top 2% wage earners in America is a “deal” well, they have the wrong idea of how to cut a deal. The current proposal includes tax cuts for businesses and investment income. It extends cuts to 98% of America. What’s to grump about?

Rabble Rouser Republicans like Boehner, McConnell and Cantor have, for the most part, toned down their rhetoric (although they were reluctant to do so as they were doing so):

One can’t help but to see how much the Sun Tan Man seemed to love the limelight, with Cantor a close close second. Yet we have yet to see offer of a compromise.

Big Swede likes videos. I don’t know how to capture this one (but a friend-of-4&20 has offered to work on it), but I hope he (and those folks up in Washington) can see this video from NBC’s KECI Missoula. What would they tell this man if they were standing there?

What will they tell 10% of America?

Would Boehner stand there with his my way or the highway and tell that Montanan that he’s without any income in the middle of winter? 3 weeks before Christmas?

I dare him.

(Big Swede? I don’t know why you can’t post under your Big Swede name. I can’t figure it out, but it isn’t because of any setting here.)

  1. There won’t be any trading I think –

    The Dems made a symbolic vote in the House today, and tomorrow after the Senate rejects it they will extend all tax cuts, for everybody – the only question is how long they’ll extend them for.

  2. Ingemar Johansson

    You spam filter was not letting me post under the Big Swede name so I changed it.

    Maybe i was using to many links and UTubes.

    Same thing happened at ECW, MTCowgirl and Intelligent Discontent.

  3. Ingemar Johansson

    Back to the post (spare me topic police).

    Maybe this is the reason we’re not extending.

    • Here’s the thing IJ – it simply isn’t that simple.

      Ignoring that doesn’t make it go away.

    • For once I agree with the J-Girl – Swede, if your thinking really is that reductive, if things really need to be made so simple for you as this link suggests, then I suggest you take some time off and bone up a bit on topics that occupy your mind. You are certainly curious enough, and I do not mean to insult your intelligence, as you would not travel the liberal blogs without it, but like Natelson and Budge, you seem to approach everything from pre-formed conclusions.

      One small point from your link above that could lead you down a whole new path of discovery: Social Security is not “unfunded”, and has reduced past deficits by about $3 trillion. In fact, it is illegal for Social Security to operate in the red.

      Ah-one-and-ah-two … tap tap tap … take it Swede! Learn something, report back.

  4. Wrong party … wrong party. Everything you want would be in your lap if your own party leaders wanted those things too.

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