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By Duganz

I’ve been quite busy this week with work and a family illness, so I haven’t had time to update anyone on responses from Sen Max Baucus, Sen. Jon Tester, and Rep Dennis Rehberg about my simple question: “Why are we fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?”

So far it’s been seven days, and not much has happened. This is the scorecard:

  • Baucus: Sent a form letter the day after my post went live.
  • Tester: No response so far of any kind.
  • Rehberg: No letter, but (for some reason) is now following me on Twitter.

That’s it. That’s the amount of response I’ve received from my simple inquiry into why we’re pissing away money and lives on armed combat in two countries that never attacked us. At all.

I know my hopes were idealistic, but regardless of that they were from a place of honest concern for this country and its people.

But still, it’s been a week and…nothing. It’s like high school again, I keep waiting for girls to call me (in this scenario played by the Three Wise Men) and they never do. The difference is that this time it isn’t about my weight or acne––they just don’t care.

Tester and Rehberg could have at least had someone in their intern pool send me a form letter. I don’t agree on most things with Sen. Baucus, but at least he was willing to placate me with a carrot on a string––”See it? See the carrot? Yeah. Good. That’s me caring about your opinion. No. No. You don’t get to eat the carrot. It’s just there to placate your juvenile desire to have your opinion matter. So you stay here and keep chasing that carrot you myopic, hayseed piece of shit…”

Well, anyway, after a week of patiently waiting for my BlackBerry to receive thoughtful letters from Rep. Richy Rich, Sen. Tester and (more than a slapped together form letter) from Sen. Baucus, democracy is dead to me.

How pathetic of a country do we now live in where only one elected official out of three can take the time to have an intern press “send” on an email? I wasn’t asking much, and I got even less. While some of you may say that it’s only been a week, and that they are busy men (this country ain’t gonna destroy itself––we’ve got conflict to fund, and tax cuts to bicker about, and health care reform to destroy after all), this is not the age of men on horseback shuttling parcels across an untamed land. It’s 2010 and information flows at such a rate as to be almost too much to process.

A week and only one form letter only vaguely addressing my question in that it uses the words “Iraq” and “Afghanistan.” My god, what the hell’s the point of a representative democracy if no one can take the time to care about those they represent?

If you care to read the Baucus email, click here: Continue Reading »

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