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by jhwygirl

Pogie is the Master. Read it here.

I’m also flat-out saying this right now – I’ll be using that (R-Marbut) too. Poached.


by lizard

Of the 100+ comments in the wikileak thread, the commentary I find the most disturbing comes from the perennial defender of American Empire, “The Polish Wolf.” I was so dumbfounded by the lengths to which this person is willing to defend the indefensible, I figured a closer look at (his?) rationalizations was in order. so here we go. Continue Reading »

by jhwygirl

It seems to me that Montana’s Sen. Jon Tester can show an independent progressive populist position here regarding the tax cut issue and say that he will not vote for anything that includes a $700 billion dollar increase to the deficit on the backs of 98% of Americans.

He should stand on the floor in campaign mode – because this is really we are talking about here. He is going to have to stand up and be the Jon Tester that Montanans elected in 2006 – and look to his Republican colleagues and ask them why they call for compromise yet insist on holding unemployment benefits hostage in order to restore all of the Bush era tax cuts, including those for the richest 2% of this nation?

Why they call for compromise yet hold up middle-class tax cuts for 98% of America while increasing the deficit by $700 trillion to benefit less than 2% of Americans?

All of those in Washington need to look around. America is hurting. We are concerned about the deficit We need prudent choices that keep the economy moving and provide a good return. Ya’all up there in Washington have been acting a little too long like you are the one that matters.

It’s getting old. Believe it.

And if that kind of common sense doesn’t get him, Sen. Tester should take a look at the numbers. Montana ranks something like 45th in median income in the U.S. The poverty rate here in Missoula, at least, is 25%. Nationally, 60% of those polled favored ending the tax cuts for the rich.

If we’re going to add to the deficit – and if Tester wants to be able to talk tough on the deficit in 2012 – now is the time to step up. He needs to cast his own path. Get out that Carhartt jacket, walk down on that floor and speak up for working Montanans that worked to put him there.

The rewards would be thousandfold.

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