the last straw….

by problembear

i don’t expect any better from the republicans either. this country is now officially a plutocracy. open rebellion against the entire corrupt system is the only answer left to those of us who lack enough funds to bribe our representatives.  working within the system and trying to effect change from within only plays into the hands of the corporations and the wealthy elite who now run our once proud nation. as of this date, my every act, thought and written word will now be in open revolt of the corrupt plutocracy of traitors who have stolen this republic from the people of the united states of america.

turns out i am not alone in my disgust.

  1. Pogo Possum

    “. . . . open rebellion against the entire corrupt system is the only answer left. . . ”

    Hope that doesn’t mean using weapons PBear. If a Republican or Tea Party member said that you would be calling the Secret Service by now.

    • i never called a cop in my life pp. and just for future reference, this old republican vs democrats childish game of yours does not interest me anymore.

      i once thought republicans were the disease but now i realize that you guys are as manipulated as we are. fire is the only cure when weeds choke out liberty.

      • Pogo Possum

        “Childish games”????……..Once again PBear, I encourage you to read your own comments sometime.

      • The Polish Wolf

        “fire is the only cure when weeds choke out liberty.” Frightening talk, Pbear. Lets not forget, the weeds provide us with what we think we need. We water and feed them with our consumer culture. We needn’t burn them out -its been tried in other countries, and the result isn’t more freedom. We need to starve them.

  2. Pogo Possum

    But then again, I think Alan Foos comment hit the nail on the head.

  3. lizard19

    this says it all:

    After first receiving billions in taxpayer aid, and now ultracheap funding from the Federal Reserve, Wall Street banks are on track to wrap up two of their best years ever.

    this is class war, plain and simple, and political apologists on both sides are too invested in the system to be able to admit how totally absorbed they’ve become in the plutocracy.

    i don’t want to say i told you so, but Obama’s feigned or real ineptitude (i haven’t decided which) was easy to predict when he started trotting out his Clinton redux lineup. for those who understand the equally destructive shadow-punches of neoliberalism, Obama made all the signals the corporate sell-out of the democrats would surge forward, unabated.

    and it has.

    so what to do?


    the spark that ignited a global flare on November 26th, 1999, in Seattle, is still smoldering and fans to life around the world more often then we know.

    but like so many things, the BATTLE IN SEATTLE has been reduced and reworked in the minds of most people as present distractions and future worries consume their thinking.

    people forget how it wasn’t just people in the streets in Seattle bringing the WTO meetings to a grinding halt. dock workers around the world acted in solidarity, shutting down ports. it was a global insurrection.


    as pictures of royalty in Britain getting caught up in the rabble rioting over the tripling of tuition costs dominate the corporate coverage, who is making the connection between the protests in the UK with the revolt that recently erupted at the massive university system in California?

    not many.

    but the connection is there, and we need to start making those connections ourselves instead of sitting back and allowing the narrative to be injected into our pliant minds.

    i think there is a similar global moment coalescing around the growing wikileaks saga. it might be overplaying it to call it a paradigm shift, but it’s clear we have entered a new phase in the authoritarian descent of this country to control as much physical and virtual space as possible, and the internet is a vast frontier those in power are trying feverishly to limit.

    now i’ve been called an isolationist, but that is truly the farthest thing from my thinking. isolation, separation, division; these are the tools of a divide and conquer strategy that keeps mass dissent from happening.

    instead i think we need to see the connections. eleven years ago lots of different groups made common cause against the corporate push behind the blanket term “globalization,” but the national trauma of 9-11 destroyed that momentum.

    there is a chance that momentum could build again. but for that to happen here in the states, we’ve got to see the two party charade for what it is.

    • There is a reason why America remains one of the only two-party countries in existence. And that reason is that we, possibly more than any other culture since Rome, can eat a ton of shit before being full; (see also: Cheez Whiz).

      • Spoiled by plenty certainly plays a role in creating an apathetic citizenry but deprivation of spirit in this country troubles me much more patrick.

        American middle class and working classes have lost faith in our government. They have watched those who steal and lie rewarded and those who are honest and work hard punished.

        America’s spirit is being auctioned off for ten cents on the dollar by power brokers for short term commissions.

        • It’s not being auctioned. It was sold sometime ago. We are everything Jimmy Carter and Eisenhower warned against, and everything Reagan wanted–a society of malaise, too scared to ask questions, and too comfortable to rebel. We’re a perfect mix for exploitation. But it won’t last forever, the tide will turn. There is always hope.

  4. the resistance grows as the traitors greed and corruption increases liz. as j-girl said in my other post, ponderosa pines thrive in fire.

    this country is consuming itself. keep your branches high and be patient.

  5. au contraire, my fuzzy friend. Attempts to organize outside the parties are futile, and even narcissistic. Haven’t you learned? Our best hope is not to be egotistical and short-term minded, but rather to take a long look, be clever negotiators, and know that gradualism will eventually bring about the results we all hope for.

    Any fool can look and see that we are better off now than in 1992, when Bill Clinton took office, and it’s because Clinton took the long view and skillfully manipulated the right wing to to do his work for him. He was a clever negotiator. When he eliminated welfare as we know it, he was energizing the traditional Democratic base of poor people to become more active, as they now are. When he deregulated banks he was setting up the right wing for financial catastrophe, knowing that a popular rebellion would ensue in which a Democratic administration would step in and restore normalcy.

    And it has all played out just as Clinton imagined. Your task now is to hold steady. Stay with the Democrats. It’s about loyalty now. Keep your eye on the prize. You’ll see a payoff down the road. Maybe it’s not visible now, but know what Clinton knew in the 90’s – it’s out there, baby.

    Keep the faith.

    • Mark- it is well understood that you are dead inside. Spare us all your pedantic sarcasm.

      • Why do I feel so alive? Why does political intrigue excite me? Why do I jump out of bed at 6:00 AM every day with enthusiasm, hit the books, do some writing, try to understand events – it must be that deadness inside of me! Again, you’ve nailed it.

        Honestly, fuzzy one, no one likes to be told that they lack depth or understanding of politics. I should be more careful in the way I do it, as you and Kailey and others don’t take well to any undoing. But that’s ego. Not mine.

        There’s an old saying that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. It’s true. If I were nice to you and inflated your ego, you’d be kinder to me too. Problem is, you still would not understand politics.

  6. Turner

    I don’t pretend to know a lot about politics. But what is all this despair among liberals getting us? Are we simply going to roll over and give our country to the corporations and the people they choose to elect? Do we try to pull the Democratic Party back to the left where it belongs or do we refuse to support them at all?

    Taking to the streets isn’t about to happen. Not until things get a whole lot worse. Even then, I wonder what the targets of all these righteous demonstrators would be. The post office? Walmart? Who gets the first rock chucked at them?

    • JC

      HOw do you propose “we try to pull the Democratic Party back to the left”?

      That’s what people thought they were doing in 2008. Didn’t work out so well then, so what makes you think another try will do any better?

      And “taking to the streets”? What makes you think things aren’t going to get a lot worse before we have a political revival of the dem party?

      Target? Those who bought and own America’s political system and it’s servants (elected officials). Rather simple, really…

      • Turner

        So we head down to Wells Fargo and break their windows? I’m having a hard time imagining what effective resistance would look like.

        I think the State Democratic Party can be pulled to the left by county-level groups refusing to go along with their mealy-mouthed “moderate” messaging.

        We need to get local Democrats talking more like old-fashioned New Dealers again. We need to find candidates who want real reform, who see large corporations and their government toadies as the problem.

        We can start by primarying Tester and Baucus. They don’t deserve our continued support.

        It sounds corny, but we need to locate real champions of the people, candidates with grit, charisma, intellect and energy — Hughie Longs of the left, if you will.

        We’ve lost the old-leftist message. If we revive it, voters will listen and respond to it. Especially when times get even harder.

        For starters, for those who want to do something specific right now, we need to blanket newspapers with letters explained how corporations and the wealthy have declared class warfare on the rest of us. We need to build class-consciousness without necessarily calling it that.

        • JC

          I’m not advocating violence. Protest and resistance takes many forms. Like going down to the Wells Fargo and withdrawing all your money and closing your account, and opening up an account at the locl credit union.

          “We’ve lost the old-leftist message. ”

          No, many of us still live and breath the “old-leftist” message. It’s the democrats–particularly nationally elected ones–that have lost it (if they ut remember, here in MIssoula whever had it to begin with).

          Sure, work on local candidates and state-wide. That’s important. But it isn’t going to do anything to influence the national situation. And when the state leg is a virtual super majority, what can you do? Demand Schweitzer veto every bad bill? Good luck with that.

          • economic boycotts are definitely doable once the people are fed up with being treated like atm’s by the very companies who looted us for their bail-outs.

            personally i would like to see the first targets = big banks along with health care insurers.

            just to start.

            but the time is not quite right yet…. must be patient and wait until the people are finally fed up. at the rate they are screwing us all in washington, that shouldn’t be too much longer.

            they can’t do a thing to hurt us if we quit paying them. then stand back and watch their flimsy house of cards come tumbling down, along with all the corrupt politicians who do their bidding.

        • those are certainly good goals mr turner and i applaud your patience with democrats. i also think that doing something is preferable to doing nothing so more power to you.

          as for me, i lack the patience to wade in and support another candidate who is firmly entrenched within the plutocracy.

          and the two party punch and judy show is getting old. the problem is that once they are elected and introduced to power the character’s costumes are interchangeable.

          • That’s why I have only in my life voted for three Dems: Tester, Brian, and Obama (Guess which ones I regret?).

            Welcome to the third-party fold, PBear. You’ll feel like you’re throwing a vote away, but at least you can sleep at night.

  7. Lucky

    “Target? Those who bought and own America’s political system and it’s servants (elected officials).” Yeah, Don’t Tread On M…..

    Oh My God! What am I saying? The Tea Party Mentality is infectious and we’re all headed for oblivion!

  8. I’m sincerely curious, problembear. What’s your plan?

    • who said i had a plan? others i have cited have started in their own ways. personally, i feel it is too early to act. the people are not fed up enough yet.

      and i doubt there will be a plan rob. most successful revolts start spontaneously. it could start with anything. but until the people are ready there is no revolt yet.

      i just sense it out there. nobody feels good about the direction we are heading with either party. the see-saw game between dems and repubs just serves the plutocracy. i think people are just beginning to wake up but after 200 years plus of relative prosperity compared to rest of the world, the hangover may take a while to come out of….

      when it wears off, and reality of what our so called representative government has allowed the wealthy to do to us, there will be hell to pay.

  9. as i have said before, i will not tolerate any comments on posts i author which are solely made for the purpose of attacking anyone personally here.

    since rob’s comments do not seem to me to be very abusive or aggressive but mostly defensive i have left them up. it is up to you rob if you want me to take your responses to mark down.

    they don’t make a lot of sense without mark’s original attacks though.

  10. petetalbot

    A quick aside. Notice who’s frame right in the photo? It’s Jim Messina, former Baucus chief of staff. Draw your own conclusions.

  11. printer bowler’s letter sure hits a home run today…

    i think he is swimming with the flow of the river.

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