Kos Calls Jon Tester “The Blanche Lincoln of 2012”

by jhwygirl

Montana Senator Jon Tester voted against the DREAM act today. Kos is pissed

So am I.

(Looks like Baucus voted NO too.)

  1. Turner

    Tester, Baucus, and three other Democrats joined the Republicans to kill the vote. If they’d voted with their party there would’ve been 60 votes and the “Dream Act” could’ve been voted on.

    This is unacceptable.

    We need to primary Tester in 2012 and Baucus in 2014.

  2. lizard19

    wow. i have to admit i’ve been holding out to see if Tester is really as big a disappointment as he seems to be.

    i guess he made a calculation that this little fuck you to immigrant children won’t become election fodder in Montana. i think it should, and i agree with Turner.

    makes you wonder what in the hell he was promised down the road if he went along with this.

    • I bet there’s some train of thought that feels that his yes vote for repealing DADT will drown out the noise – that we progressives will forget DREAM when DADT passes.

      Whatever. Voting by polling is never the way I like my candidate to operate.

  3. ayn rand

    I’ll bet the Republican Party would be helpful in finding a primary opponent for Tester the Jester. He only represents Harry Ried and the soon to be, former speaker. BTW speaker “Poke in Your Eye” will now be flying on Southwest Airlines, Where bags fly for free.

    • JC

      Represents Reid? He voted against Reid on the DREAM Act.

      Try again Ayn. Your smokescreen is showing.

      • ayn rand

        Yup, that why he deserted your man McDonald and traveled to Nevada to “cam the pain” for little boy Reid. Catch up on history. Ooops, that is intentional isn’t it. Sorry for overestimating you.

  4. CharleyCarp

    He only represents Harry Reid and the soon to be, former speaker.

    By voting against the DREAM Act?

  5. Turner

    This isn’t the only vote of Tester’s I find unacceptable. There was an earlier one this year in which Tester and Baucus joined only 2 other Democrats to kill a bill that would’ve rewarded American companies for hiring Americans and punished them for moving abroad and hiring foreigners.

    So much for all the rhetoric about jobs, jobs, jobs.

    Oh, and I wasn’t crazy about their “not in my backyard” position that prevented Guantanamo Bay detainees from being moved to the empty prison in Hardin. They’re partially responsible for Gitmo staying open and making Obama look bad when he promised to close it.


    • Bullock needs to stay put. all 4 of those offices (AG, Superintendent, Auditor and Sec. State) need to stay put and run incumbent in 2012.

      Focus on Governor (which is going to be tough), go for Denny’s seat (because there won’t an incumbent there).

      As for Senate – I can’t even think about it. But please – please – let the Dems have the goddess-given sense to stay put and funnel energies strategically in 2012.

      • Twohundertseventy

        I’m not very sure that incumbency helps that much in lower-tier races. It would be worth doing an extended analysis, but for example in Kansas, which was heavily polled this election season for some reason, the incumbent Dems lost by 30 points or so, just like the Democratic challengers, no difference there.

        I doubt people like Juneau or Lindeen have any name recognition among non-political hacks, and that’s pretty much the only advantage of incumbency, given the low max donation limits for such races.

        • Missoula Gal

          None of the JV Team have the skills, or the name recognition to run for a Tier A office right now. Bullock is the closest, but he’s too smart to run for a higher office at this point. Juneau – She is fantastic, but she’s a political novice without the skills to pull it off. Can’t raise money, can’t strategize, career bureaucrat. McCulloch could maybe do it – she’s the only Tier B to take out an incumbent, but I don’t see her doing it.

  6. i hear from jon’s home town moles that they’re not too happy with jon at the mint bar in big sandy either over his food bill amendment and his recent end run attempt to pass conrad burns’ wilderness/mandated logging bill…..

    makes you wonder just who in the hell jon is looking to for support in 2012. he pisses off the right wing and he pisses off the left wing. and it’s getting pretty thin in the middle too.

    i think jon listened to baucus a little too much. that old forest service strategy of working the middle only works when times are better. when times are tough everyone expects results, or else back to big sandy in a couple of years and he can expect a cool reception at that…

    • JC

      “pisses off the right wing and he pisses off the left wing”

      Called triangulation. All the dems are trying to figure out how to go all Clintonian on us now.

  7. as i said jc, the center is getting pretty thin. people tend to polarize when the economy crashes. seems like bad strategy.

  8. The question is: Was he disingenuous about his beliefs when he ran for office, or did he change his attitudes once he got to DC (or some shade in between)?

    Here’s what they quickly learn once in DC – there are few rewards for good behavior but many for doing the wrong thing. Tester probalby learned that his base doesn’t have a lot of money, and that he’d be a six-year man if he didn’t change his ways.

    Power means making people behave as you want them to. It changes people. Tester should probalby be turned out of office now, replaced with a fresh face from either party. He’s not going to be useful ever again. He’s Baucused.

  9. Pogo Possum

    Your analysis, for the most part jhwyGirl, is spot on. The Democrat’s chances of winning the Governor’s race in 2012 are indeed “going to be tough”.

    While many Democratic insiders know their only hope lies in Bullock, many of his confidants are encouraging him to stay out of the Governor’s race and run for reelection as AG. It is the wrong time for him both personally and politically. It is very doubtful he will be in the governor’s race in ’12.

    With a very weak bench going into 2012, Democrats have to turn to their B and C players in the governor’s race – Wanzenried and Lynch. Both are politically “Dead Men Walking.” Juneau, McCulloch and Lindeen are junior varsity at this point in their careers and are not competitive for this race. Look for Rick Hill to be the next Governor of Montana.

    You are wrong though on predicting the US House race will not have an incumbent. While anything is possible, it is unlikely Denny will run against Tester. With the GOP controlling the US House, Denny will likely be offered key committee assignments. That and other factors have insiders telling us he will run for re-election in 2012 and stay out of the Senate race.

    The Senate race will be where most of the action and opportunity will be in 2012 with a Tester/Daines line up. Liberal bloggers dismiss Daines too easily. He will be exceptionally competitive and will give Tester a run for his money. A continuing slow economic recovery and ample liberal snipping at Tester will help give an edge to Daines. This will be an interesting race to watch.

    As a side note to PBear, Tester’s neighbors were not overly enamoured with him in 2006 – he lost in Choteau county.

    • mr benson

      Dennis MacDonald would be the perfect opponent to run against Steve Daines for Jon Tester’s seat.

      Cogitate on that while dumping all over Jon Tester, who seems like a good man to me.

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