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triage: animals vs people

by problembear

as usual, i am curious about something….

take a look at these two links and tell me if we have our priorities right here?

1. this outfit as described in today’s missoulian and all over our television news lately has needed much help this winter and the entire sorry episode has been getting a lot of media play lately – not to mention full use of our fairgrounds as provided by mr earle.

“When we heard about this we basically put our arms out and told them we would do everything we can to help,” Earle said.

now, just like everyone else, i saw the footage of the burros with misshapen hooves and animals who have been neglected for far too long and of course, nobody wants to see an animal starve to death and  i know that the mission of the people involved was good-hearted and all but, for god sakes -give me someone who can provide proper logistics and sustainable plans over a bunch of dreamers and feel gooders who collect discarded animals from all over the united states, and then fail to care properly for them when times get rough and then, at the worst possible time of year, drop them in our laps in the middle of a dead cold winter…..

when …..

2. shelters for the homeless are seeing unprecedented numbers of people living on the streets and not enough beds to provide shelter from below zero wind chills which are on the way as i type this. media wise, the coverage of the local homeless plight has been miniscule by comparison to the plight of the failure of this animal sanctuary.

someone needs to figure out what is important here. it is certainly unfortunate that over a thousand animals were in dire straits but we really need to regain some good old-fashioned common sense and realize that homeless americans need our attention during this cold snap in the middle of our protracted recession…..

i certainly don’t ever remember missoula county offering to provide shelter from the cold at the fairgrounds for the homeless even temporarily when the poverello is crammed to undignified and unsafe conditions. do you?

UPDATE:  yet Gallatin county manages to provide some temporary emergency shelter for their homeless…

by jhwygirl

All of these stories were available last night on the front webpage of Montana newspapers across the state…

In Billings, this gem of a guy was allegedly 3 times the legal limit when he nearly hit a police car. He had 5 minors, four under age 9, in the car.

Missoula, not to be outdone, has its own worse cretin – 33-year old Lolo resident Wayne Dale Munnell rolled his vehicle near the Buckhouse bridge on 93 south. He had 3 minors in his car, and a 24 year old who’s arm was nearly severed. Munnell, like the gem above, did not have the passengers in proper restraints or seat belts. His blood alcohol was measured at .149, but not before he snatched the syringe during the blood draw and threatened a state trooper. And a nurse. There’s more violent behavior – go read it.

That guy had a medical marijuana card. And there was “an odor of burnt marijuana on his clothing.”

Just an observation on what I know in life: It’s the drunks that cause the problems. Stoners? Pretty harmless.

Helena, of course, has its own special kind – Adam Wilson threatened to kill two women and a 16-year old, holding them hostage. There was a police chase, yadda yadda yadda. Oh – and a driving under the influence charge.

Frankly, when I think about it…drunks can be a pain in the ass. Mean too.

The Kalispell guy charged with double murder of his ex-girlfriend and her 15-year old daughter? The tragedy began to unfold at the Scoreboard Pub and Casino.

No flash on this story – just your regular ordinary Montanan with a 5th DUI. Nothing to see there, right?

Still more….over in Great Falls, we have a 29-year old male who drove the alleys hitting damaging over 100 garbage cans, along with fences and other myriad personal property.

So before I close this out, I’m heading over to check the Bozeman Chronicle and the Montana Standard…..

….looks like they escaped the banality that is Montana and its alcohol.

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