Sen. Verdell Jackson Lies to Serve His Own Idealology

by jhwygirl

Looks like it’s official – State Senator Verdell Jackson whipped up a tale to suite his agenda – or, as Pete posed, perhaps Gary Marbut, leader, lobbyist, and one-man-band of the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

For all the criticism all kinds of people on both sides of the aisle took on, most of that was in the heat of the moment. Jackson spun his tale Monday morning, two days after the tragic events of Saturday morning. What’s his excuse?

Capitalizing on a tragedy to further a pro-gun agenda for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Beyond reason, really – remember, Verdell is against having metal detectors in the Capital.

No need to go figure. Just remember that as he and his buddies justify their actions this session.


  1. Craig Moore

    Really, he lied to serve his own ideology? Possibly. Also possible that he heard the story from a Utah legislator.

    If the latter, his is quite the duffus for repeating it without checking the facts. That alone should earn him ridicule and scorn. I would never vote for this guy.

    Thanks for following up the facts. However, your opinion is over the top without something more to prove that it is a lie. But who cares, right?

  2. jim

    I think he lied cause he’s just a bonehead and truth can’t get in the way of the way things might have been wished to have been.

  3. I’m definitely in the “utter bullshit” camp on this one. Since reading Pete’s post. I’ve spent a chunk of time researching in the, shall we say, more rabid regions of the second amendment supporters online. If there was an ounce of truth to this story, it would be reported, repeated and hailed by those folks. Even if it were a lie the same would apply, and it would have been retold somewhere. It never happened. So either Jackson is the most stupidly gullible ant on the Helena hill, or he just made it up. Considering that he never repeated this story to anyone in a decade before his legislation hit the docket, and I’d say that Occam carries the day. It’s utter bullshit, and Jackson knows it’s utter bullshit.

    The same can be said for all the “death threats” he claims to have received, yet went unrecorded by any media source. Notice his whine about it “never making the newspapers”, but he never clarifies whether or not he bothered to call a cop. The only way these death threats would have remained a dark and evil conspiracy is they were never reported to the police. Does anyone truly believe that a frightened little rabbit like Jackson wouldn’t have reported even one of these dire threats to his and his families well-being? How much allowance for stupid is anyone truly willing to give this known liar?

    Finally, slightly to the side like, I’m kind of confused about Jackson’s proposed bill. According to the Missoulian what he proposes is:

    Under the first draft of the bill, any legislators or Capitol security guards with concealed weapon permits could bring their weapons into the Capitol.

    Why just legislators or security? Why not anyone with a C&C permit? According to Jackson, the Capitol is very dangerous place. So what of the reporters, the interns, guests, tourists, IT professionals, janitors, secretaries and all others who work or have occasion to visit that building? Are they supposed to provide the fodder for a gunman so that the legislators have time to prepare? I’m certain that some will boil this down to “just my opinion”, but here it is regardless. Jackson is a coward and a liar. He wants to enable his cowardice by packing heat where others are not allowed, simply because he’s the special little snowflake. He has no real concern for the safety of any but himself.

    • mr benson

      More guns, more security, all bullshit. If you’re gonna serve, you gotta stand up. There has to be a thousand occupations more dangerous.

      Second, these days, how can you think you’re not gonna get called on a lie?

      Third, lying as an excuse for more calling for more guns like you’re scared makes you a er, well, offensive term for er, um, well exactly.

  4. Yeah, it seems awfully inconsistent with Jackson’s Second Amendment absolutism to only allow legislators and security to carry. As a former tour guide at the Capitol, I know everyone would have been safer had I been packing heat while I talked about the paintings and statues.

  5. The Polish Wolf

    My money is on Marbut telling him the story while he was taking his concealed weapon classes and Jackson repeating it without realizing it was just propaganda. Just a theory.

  6. Maybe Marbut sent a MASS e-mail to the entire membership of his organization. Both he and Jackson enjoyed it immensely.

  7. my money is on marbut telling this silly heart some wild tale. but anyone who has ever met marbut with any sense wouldn’t trust a word out of his mouth.

    good god.

    but hey, what about the spittoons?

  8. petetalbot

    Some folks suggested that I should email or call Verdell Jackson and ask him where the courageous Utah legislators story came from. I was getting ready to but then jhwygirl linked to the Deseret News story and saved me the trouble. Thanks.

    A few more questions need to be asked, though: can we see copies of the threatening letters you received from angry gays and marijuana users? You tell Lee Newspapers reporters that the Utah event occurred recently but tell the Deseret News reporter that you heard the story “a decade or so ago?” And you can’t remember the Utah legislator’s name who told you the story? You tell the press that, “I think what happened (in Arizona) is exactly what could happen right here,” but then blame the media for putting the spotlight on your bill in the wake of the Arizona shootings?

    What a tangled web we weave …

    My favorite quote of Verdell’s in the Deseret News had to do with the threats he allegedly received from marijuana advocates who were upset with his efforts last legislative session to require drivers stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence to be tested for drugs, too.

    “There were a lot of scruffy people,” Jackson said. “It was another situation where you have a special interest group that may have some wackos in it.”

    Wackos indeed.

  9. mr benson

    Some marijuana users are dangerous. They may even be scruffy and have tattoos.

    Others might be 85 year old ladies with cancer.

    I’m guessin he’s scared of the latter because those are the ones who blow all his stupid attitudes out of the water.

  10. I have a question –

    are all you dissenters anti-Jackson, or anti-gun?

    And if you are anti-gun, please explain how legal concealed carry would be a bad thing in this case –

    • I’m not anti-Jackson. It’s nothing personal.

      I’m also not anti-gun. That’s guaranteed in the Constitution, right?

      What I am is anti-those-who-lie-for-their-political agenda. I’m also anti-liar-who-tries-to-advantage-a-tragedy.

      You could also throw in anti-hypocrite. Jackson is part of the pro-NRA crowd that has decried calls to downsize those 31-bullet clips on the back of this tragedy, while at the same time calling for more laxer gun laws in the face of this tragedy.

      Gabby Gifford had a concealed weapon permit. How’d that work out for her? I wonder how many others in the crowd did too.

      You can’t legislate insanity. Trying to legislate it with more guns is even more insane.

      • Craig Moore

        Gabby Gifford had a concealed weapon permit. How’d that work out for her?

        Unless she had eyes in the back of her head, not much. She was shot point blank. The predatory animal always has the immediate advantage. How did it work out relying on professionals to watch her blind side from predators?

        Perhaps discussing security is where the conversation need to move beyond analyzing the killer and weapons permits. Personally, I would always want a hard wall behind my back.

        • Matt

          “Personally, I would always want a hard wall behind my back.”

          That sounds a bit paranoid, Craig. Did you make sure to put on your helmet, before you left your house?

          • Craig Moore

            Matt, seriously?

            My point was if I were a prominent public figure like Gifford or Rehberg going to speak before a crowd.

            • Putting your hard wall behind your back – whether you are a prominent public figure or not – isn’t very wise, especially if you are speaking publicly about something controversial to anyone.

              I wouldn’t recommend it. Because when you are backed up against a wall, you have no where to go.

              But hey – that’s me. I’ve lived and I’ve learned, and I won’t be doing that again.

              • Craig Moore

                Like Gifford JFK, Lincoln, and Garfield all shot from behind.

                Where is the wisdom in allowing that open avenue of attack? Which way does such a mortally wounded victim turn and run?

    • Anti-lying. I doubt concealed carry by legislators would really cause any problems, but I don’t see it causing any solutions, either. There were armed people around in Tucson, but in a crowd of people during a confused circumstance, it didn’t make any difference – tackling & disarming the guy was the best option.

      The point is, Jackson is propagating a fantasy world in which Eastwood-esque legislators bravely defend themselves, rather than real legislators getting shot in the back of the head before anyone can do anything. I understand everyone wants to be King Zog (click to read about the only head of state to successfully use a firearm to defend themselves from an assassination effort) but that’s just not likely.

      • mr benson

        I’m just against lying stupid sacks of sh..uck and jive. Got plenty of guns, myself, bought a couple more this year.

  11. Turner

    Until we get serious about treating the mentally ill, these events will occur over and over.

    • mr benson

      “Until we get serious about treating the mentally ill, these events will occur over and over.”

      Oh, I agree, Senator Jackson probably could’ve been saved from his terminally stupid hoof n mouth disease with some proper treatment.

  12. the scariest thing about verdell jackson is that he was an educator!

    thank god he is retired.

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