bed bugs land in montana, pot holes approach swimming pool dimensions and end days approach

by problembear

while  the bold and the heartless continue to shamelessly show us peasants that they have no bounds when it comes to downright arrogance….

and while our somewhat reading challenged and temporarily stunned gop led legislature tries to bone up on the law upon discovering to their amazement that montana has a constitution…. (bet the bars in helena start really ringing up big bar tabs when they discover that the tea party can’t do everything it wants after all)

it seems that missoula has some bad news….  first- it seems that the infestation is now upon us. (everyone start itching on cue now) use the link below to find places to avoid if anyone still sleeps in motels or hotels anymore. (the s.o. and i always use our lance camper- in fact, i have heard that rv sales are booming with the fear of these critters starting to take hold in the usa… rumor has it that several places in our town have them. can’t name them merely on rumor though. sorry.

the size of the potholes exposed in missoula streets after the last melt is quite impressive, even to this bear. i drive BIG TRUCKS and even those wheels aren’t reaching the bottom of some of them. (anyone check to see if limestone caverns exist beneath missoula? because i swear i saw a le petite outre truck completely disappear on 5th street

and last but not least we have someone who really really believes in display advertising claiming the end days are near…..


  1. Craig Moore

    Pbear, some of those holes are so deep that if an outhouse were put over them it would take years to fill up.

  2. Well lucky for us Russell and Third as set to be fixed within the next five years.

  3. lizard19

    Baby Doc is back! that’s just what Haiti needs. of course, Aristide is still persona non grata, but anyone who pays attention to how the US rolls shouldn’t be surprised.

    anyhoo…where was that picture taken, pbear?

  4. if you followed me and j-girl on twitter you would already know the answer liz…. hint hint.. you’re missing the fun!

    • lizard19

      thanks but no thanks, i am staying away from the twitter, seeing as how i already spend too much time blog-flogging :)

      • it’s much less time consuming than blogging – actually get news much quicker from good sources like mother jones etc. i follow who i want and block the ones i don’t like or just don’t follow them. so it is overall a much more pleasant social experience since you don’t get the dingbats and ranty ones. makes quick conversations easy and news around town is essential.

        regarding homeless you should be following at least this guy…!/hardlynormal

        • his work with homeless is ground breaking work using twitter and a hand held camera. also …


          not to mention following sundance for scriptwriters, paris review, poetry review and mother jones to name a few other things that bring tiny bits of news to my blackberry that i use all the time.
          i hardly watch tv anymore because i get my news on twitter while i work.

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  1. 1 Pothole outbreak hits Missoula early « Missoula Red Tape

    […] photo editor Kurt Wilson shot the photo above. Here’s another picture at 4&20 Blackbirds, where problembear recounts the disappearance of  Le Petit Outre truck, possibly down a pothole. I […]

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