Want to Learn About Fracking?

by jhwygirl

Hydraulic fracturing gas extraction?

While I’ve written a little (and what the hell do I know other than what I read) about it – but one excellent Montana blog research is The Editor at to get some background on why you should be concerned about fracking here in Montana (and beyond, actually).

Because the what is Montana without its water?

Two Montana grassroots environmental groups watching over the debate in Helena over energy development’s continual encroachment on environmental rules designed to protect our land and water are the Northern Plains Resource Council and the Montana Environmental Information Center. Both of those links will take you directly to their information papers on fracking.

AND – to provide industry-sourced information on fracking (and even a little bit of background noise on the GOP’s cry about how there’s no drilling in this state), check out a major Montana oil & gas lessee holder in the Bakken Reserve: Northern Oil & Gas, Inc. This is their great video explaining the process.

And after watching that, I didn’t feel that it was any safer.

Northern Oil & Gas holds a pretty large number of leases in the Bakken – both here and North Dakota. Why would a company hold a whole bunch of leases and not drill them? Because there’s only so many drills to go around and only so many skilled laborers to go around. Not only that – but housing too. It’s a well-known fact that they can’t even hire people because there is no where for them to live. Companies hold leases because the price of oil is controlled on a larger scale and profit is always important so putting more oil out on the market only hurts profits. Because they have to work out agreements and permits with all sorts of governmental and private entities

So the rumbling that there isn’t any drilling going on in Montana and somehow it’s the fault of the Montana Enviromental Policy Act is a bunch of malarky from corporate welfare lapdogs and the companies that donate to them.

I see I’ve digressed. Blame it on the flu.

Inform yourself on fracking – check out “Gasland” which will be shown in Bozeman Tuesday, January 25th at the Emerson Theater at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $5, and it is sponsored by Northern Plains Resource Council.

  1. Chuck

    Does anyone know if there are any programs to help Missoulians come up with the cash to move to the Bakken for work?

    • Again, Chuck. Please re-read – there is no housing for these guys.

      I hear winters are pretty harsh. Kinda rules out tents and living in the truck, don’t you think?

      (I’m editing this…it was too snippy)

      Addendum: This problem is more complex than simply permits. That what I’m referring too below – it’s housing and infrastructure and labor and skilled workforce. It’s airports and highways and roads. Hell – basic services.

      When they’re done in North iDakota, the whole tribe will move here. No oil & gas company is going to saturate the market because its so controlled by the world stage that it only drives down their profit.

  2. Apparently North Dakota has all of the skilled laborers and places to live. The Montana Environmental Policy Act has NOTHING to do with the fact there is no drilling in our state. Wow, it all makes sense now. You really don’t know what you are talking about.

    • so diesel fumes and tainted underground water aquifers are a fair trade for a couple of (national use) minutes worth of natural gas?

      why don’t we ask the local water well users and ranchers nearby if they feel montana shouldn’t be protecting their interests in this matter.

      apparently simply handing over the resources of this state to any corporation or entity who desires to make a profit from us is de rigeur for the conservative blogger.

      most montanans feel that oversight is needed before proceeding with any undertaking that threatens our water resources.

    • Aww, don’t give me that crap. I listened to industry whining during testimony yesterday.

      20 days for a permit is too long? Unreasonable? They can’t do a little planning to figure out when they’re going to move multi-million dollar mega-ton drilling rigs in?

      I wouldn’t sign an access deed to my property for these guys in 20 days – what in the world makes them think they deserve a permit to drill or mine anything in this state in 20 days?

      Or would you rather be China?

      MEPA is written into our constitution. Let me say that again: Our CONSTITUTION. How do you get past that? Or is it pick and choose and ignore what you want when it’s convenient and politically convenient.

      I think there’s way too many lazy legislators up there in Helena that are too wrapped up in black/white, left/right, right/wrong to effectively move this state forward in any number of ways – including jobs and responsible energy development that protects our other resources too.

      Again – What is Montana without its water? Its rivers? Really? I’m asking that as a question – you conservatives please try and answer that. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

      Peace my friend. I’ll be listening.

  3. mr benson

    I want to know about fracking. Can it be used for storing water?

  4. according to a quote from one of the links listed in the article, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea, unless you have a thirst for contaminated toxic water goof…..

    “In natural gas fracturing, also known as
    fracking, 435 chemical products are known
    to be used. Out of that, only 5% of the specifi c
    chemicals have been publicly disclosed.
    Fracking fl uids have been known to travel 3,000
    feet away from a drilling well. While there is an
    effort to bring fracking fl uids back to the surface
    and properly dispose of it, between 20-70% of
    the fl uids remain underground.
    Out of the chemicals known to be used
    in fracking for which basic information is
    available, 96% provide warnings about eye
    and/or skin harm, 94% warn about respiratory
    system harm, and 49% warn about brain or
    neurological harm that can occur either when
    the chemicals are inhaled or when they come
    into contact with skin.
    For example, methanol and formaldehyde are
    know fracking chemicals. The side effects of
    methanol exposure include adverse reproductive
    and fetal effects, central nervous system
    depression, digestive tract irritation, respiratory
    tract irritation, liver, kidney and heart damage,
    blindness, and death. The effects from
    formaldehyde exposure include skin disorders,
    respiratory problems, and cancer.”

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