Defend Rehberg AND Public Workers: Can You Do It?

by lizard

It was very encouraging to read the passionate responses here, rushing to defend our dear Denny Rehberg and his of-course-not-hypocritical use of employer provided health care.

but I’m not sure if those defenders are capable of extending their cheerleading to other public workers, who are in the crosshairs (too early?) of the right’s incessant echo chamber.

here’s something from FDL

Public workers have become the new demons ruining America, with their greedy pay and pension benefits. As this video from Brave New Films makes clear, that notion is just a load of crap. Pension benefits are not all that generous for the vast majority of workers; the average benefit for the workers in Prichard, Alabama (who were eventually cut off) was pretty much the size of Social Security, around $1,000 a month. They signed a contract to receive those benefits, a contract singed by both sides, but contracts only matter when they have to do with AIG credit default swaps

so what say you, Denny defenders, can you do it?

  1. Craig Moore

    Lizard, I guess you are taking a shot at me given my comments.

    First, may I ask which words do you believe constitute defending Rehberg?

    Second, which words in that discussion constitute cheerleading for Rehberb?

    Please be specific and in context. Don’t go down that self-serving, bias confirming path paved with BS of what you think was meant.

    • lizard19

      ok, though there are a lot of comments to sift through, let me just toss this one out:

      Denny has EMPLOYER provided health insurance. His employer just happens to differ from non-federal employees that work in banks, manufacturers, etc.

      what i’m doing here is trying to shift this line of thinking toward other public workers who “just happen to differ” from non-federal employees.

      i got this from the nation:

      This decades-old assault on government employees has acquired new potency at a time of widespread economic suffering and populist rage. But the attacks have little basis in reality. A recent study by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence and the National Institute on Retirement Security finds that when such factors as education and work experience are accounted for, state and local employees earn 11 to 12 percent less than comparable private sector workers. Even when public employees’ relatively decent pensions and health coverage are included, their total compensation still lags behind workers in private industry. A separate analysis by the Center for Housing Policy finds that despite recent declines in home prices, police officers and elementary school teachers still don’t earn enough to buy a typical house in two out of five metro areas. Firefighters and librarians are unable to afford the median home in the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago metro areas. Nationwide, a school bus driver’s wage isn’t enough to pay rent on a standard two-bedroom apartment.

      and remember, craig, it was your defense of Rehberg that opened up this line of inquiry.

  2. Craig Moore

    Your limp response is exactly the bullshit I was referring too. How lame!

    Clarifying that Rehberg receives employer provided benefits as part of his compensation as a federal employee is NO defense whatsoever of him.

    Answer the questions — defending Rehberg, cheerleading for Rehberg, or just wear that BS on your face for grossly and intentionally misrepresenting the other conversation.

    • lizard19

      i am pointing out an emerging offensive against public workers by the right. do you contest that’s happening?

      you have defended big D as an employee deserving of his benefits. am i wrong in stating that?

      what exactly am i misrepresenting? do you stand by your words, or are you a shameless opportunist just shilling for your team?

  3. Craig Moore

    You are wrong. I provided no defense. I disagreed with Pbear’s characterization. I supported my pointed of view with specifics. That would be obvious to anyone not looking to pull the cheap stunt you tried to do.

    Again, answer the two questions.

    • lizard19

      ok, i reread the thread, and you are not cheerleading; that was a bit of unjustified hyperbole on my part, my apologies.

      but there is an emerging line of attack against public workers coming from the right, and i think it’s absolutely shameless for elected officials to reap the benefits of their office, like health care and pensions, while going after those same benefits that other working professionals in the public sector enjoy.

  4. mr benson

    Public workers have their credibility problems. What is yellow and sleeps six? The county road crummy.

    For those who put in a day’s work and a day’s initiative and a day’s thoughtfulness and an efficient, creative day of work, of course they deserve the wage, benefits and pension that they’ve agreed to work for and you agreed to pay them.

    As long as they earn it and aren’t simply waitin on that thirty, But requiring flexibility, efficiency, accountability, and yearly increases in productivity and meeting the metrics that measure those prior to a raise, eliminating automatic raises and cost of living raises, going solely to a merit based raise system, and requiring competitive bids from divisions versus their private provider counteparts would all be ideas I’d be open to. Not just unions, either, the managers are some of the most egregious busters of the pension plans and sick and vacation pay.

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